Second dates can be just as precarious an endeavour to approach as the first date. Sure, you are both over the initial bit of nerves and are more comfortable with each other now. But don’t get sucked into a comfort zone too soon. At this stage of courting, just like for a master chess player, every move still counts, and it’s imperative to make sure your queen feels well looked after. Having a few second date topics ready at the drop of a hat is always helpful.

No one wants to follow up a great first date with a boring date number 2. Both of you will be riding high off the initial excitement, your brains still rushing with hormones and happy endorphins. So jump on your social surfboard and carve this wave at the right time to set yourself up for an exhilarating tube ride - okay, that’s enough surfing references for now.

What To Talk About On A Second Date

One of the most important things to talk about is how the first date went. You can be a gentleman here and tell her just how much you enjoyed your time with her! It is the perfect time to find out more about each other, all while having fun doing it.

Question1: What About Our First Date Made You Want To Go On Another?

Knowing which of your many attributes she likes will help you with the confidence for your second date - and any following dates after this. Good communication is paramount, after all.

Now you might be looking for a silver bullet here to figure out how to make a girl interested in you. Well, the very fact that you have a second date means you are on the right track. Let your goofy side out and have fun with her, dates can be stressful enough, and you don’t want the second one to feel too serious.

Ask Her Something Funny

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You want to keep the mood light. There is an almost endless amount of funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh. Ensuring that she has a good giggle during your date will guarantee that she enjoys herself in your company. Remember, we want this date to be a really fun one.

Question 2: What Were You Like In High School?

Oh yes, we all had our awkward years in school, and recounting them with someone can be a good laugh. Compare to see who was the nerdiest or which of you played the most embarrassing character in the school play.

Question 3: What’s The Worst Pickup Line You Ever Heard?

Be ready with your own example here, but if she has a proper sense of humour she might even say that the one you used on her was the worst. There is nothing funnier and sexier than a guy who can laugh at himself too.

Ask Her Something Deeper

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The second date is a good time to broach a few topics that will tell you so much more about each other. Out of all the questions to ask on a second date, these ones should be done at the right time! After you’ve both had a good laugh - please don’t get too deep 2 minutes into the date.

Question 4: What Subject Or Activity Makes You Lose Track Of Time?

It opens the door for her to talk about something she is enthusiastic about and genuinely enjoys. Everyone loves to talk about their passions in life.

Question 5: What Was One Of The Most Defining Moments Of Your Life?

Allow her the space to open up about an important time in her life - whether it was a good or bad moment. Giving her the option to reveal this side of her will show her that you are someone that she can trust and confide in.

Ask Her Something Random

Cartoon woman with orange hair and yellow shirt blowing out candles on a birthday cake with party decorations behind her.

In the spirit of keeping this light-hearted, one of our best second date tips is to throw in a wild card. Ask one very random question that seemingly comes out of nowhere and ensures that the date stays interesting.

Question 6: What Kind Of Cake Do You Eat On Your Birthday?

Not only does this question come entirely out of the left field to keep things feeling fresh, but the answer will let you know just what to surprise her with on her next birthday. So guys, don’t zone out when she answers this one.

Ask Her Something Flirty

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It is a date, after all, you want her to know just how enamoured you are with her, so make her feel special every moment she spends with you. A flirty question will also be a great tool to let you know where you stand with her and if she is vibing with you as much as you are with her.

Question 7: Has Anyone Ever Told You That Your Eyes Have A Hypnotic Charm?

Here you can catch her a bit off guard by starting this question out with “can I ask you something serious”. You are guaranteed to provoke a beaming smile on her gorgeous face with this question.

Question 8: Is Kissing On The Second Date Okay?

Of course, you want that second date kiss, but there is nothing more awkward than going in for the kiss only to get the cheek or merely get a hug or a fist bump instead. It can bruise the ego beyond repair. It’s easy to ask her first and find out what pace she likes to go and be respectful of it.

Question 9: Where Do You Want To Go On Our Next Date?

The most important question of the date! This one question tells you exactly how well the date went and answers the question “Is she interested in me?”. Letting her choose where to go next opens up a world of possibilities for the next date.

Remember, the most important part of any second date is to simply be yourself and make the time spent with you as fun as possible for her. As with your first date, you might still want to keep an eye out for any red flags! But we are sure these second date questions will be the cherry on top of an already great date, making your second date more memorable than the first. Is there going to be a third date? You will have to let us know.