Online dating is hard, especially for plus-sized people. Although there is beauty in all shapes and sizes, the world we live in tends to place more value on being thin. People with thin bodies are thought to be attractive and healthy, whereas those with larger physiques are deemed as lazy, unhealthy, and less desirable. For that unfortunate reason, plus-sized people face many challenges when it comes to meeting people online. Some people constantly have the fear of rejection, ridicule, and fetishization at the back of their minds. Others have had the unfortunate reality of experiencing these things.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re plus-sized and struggling to find a partner because of your size. It's also likely that you're plus-sized and prefer to interact with people who look like you. You may even be a thin person who has a genuine love for people with larger frames. Whatever the case may be, BBWCupid might be of interest to you.

BBWCupid is a dating site that aims to help plus-sized singles find their perfect match. Established in 2005, BBW Cupid is owned and operated by Cupid Media, an Australian based company with a network of thirty-three specialised dating sites. Although “BBW” stands for "big, beautiful woman," plus-sized men are also welcome to join BBWCupid. In fact, people from all over the world are free to join the site's large community, so if you’re interested in becoming a member, keep reading. 

We are going to cover everything you need to know about BBWCupid, including but not limited to, the registration process, best features, and pricing. We also won't sugar coat anything because we want to make sure you have all the facts before you make a decision. Having said that, make yourself comfortable as we explore the ins and outs of BBW Cupid!

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BBWCupid Pros & Cons


  • A variety of features
  • Profile verification (verified members are those who have provided BBWCupid with a government-issued photo ID, which aids in the development of trust)
  • Worldwide support (BBW Cupid provides phone numbers for members in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada, and other countries)
  • Advanced matching algorithm
  • Detailed profiles
  • There are several subscription plans to suit various budgets


  • There is no BBWCupid com app for iOS devices
  • BBWCupid is not exclusive to plus-sized people (this increases the possibility of fetishization)
  • Limited features for standard members

What Type Of Dating Site Is BBWCupid?

bbwcupid dating site homepage

BBWCupid is a dating site for singles only, so if you're married or otherwise attached and looking for a secret lover, you won't have much luck there. However, feel free to join if you’re seeking the following:

  • Serious Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Dates
  • Penpals

Who Is BBWCupid For?

You must be 18 or older if you wish to be a member of BBWCupid. Despite its name, BBWCupid is open to plus-sized men as well. People with average builds are also welcome to join. Presently, BBWCupid supports the following sexual orientations:

  • Heterosexual Relationships 
  • Gay Relationships
  • Lesbian Relationships

Stats & Infographics Of BBWCupid

BBWCupid is undoubtedly one of the largest BBW dating sites on the Internet today. The BBWCupid community consists of over 900,000 members from a variety of backgrounds. Here are a few stats that you may find interesting: 

Male - Female Ratio

bbwcupid dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

bbwcupid dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

bbwcupid dating site stats and infographics country distribution

BBWCupid Login Process

The process of creating an account on BBWCupid is quick and simple. You will be asked to provide your first name, age, gender, and the gender you’re looking for. In terms of age, you are permitted to be as young as 18 and as old as 99. Feel free to register if you're a man looking for a man or a woman looking for another woman because BBWCupid not only encourages heterosexual relationships but also gay and lesbian ones.

You will also be asked to provide an email address. Please ensure that this is an email address you have access to, as you will have to validate your account using that same email. Lastly, you are required to create a password that you will use to log in to your BBWCupid account. Your password may consist of letters and numbers, but it must be at least 8 characters long. Once you’ve completed these steps, BBW Cupid will send a confirmation email to the email address you previously provided. After you’ve validated your account, you will officially have access to 

Please note that you can also create an account on BBW Cupid using your Gmail account, but we don’t recommend it for safety reasons. It may be a quicker way of signing up, but if is ever compromised, your Google account information may be at risk.

bbwcupid dating site registration process

Once you gain access to your account, you can complete your profile. You can use BBWCupid as you wish with an incomplete profile, but we think it’s best that you complete it to attract more potential matches. Depending on how forthcoming you are, your BBWCupid profile will reveal quite a bit of information about you as a person and what you’re looking for. You will have the opportunity to upload photos and expand on topics such as your appearance, lifestyle, background, and what qualities your ideal partner should have. There are several photo guidelines that you must adhere to in order to have your photos approved. A few of these include not uploading photos that contain nudity, other people, children, contact information, and many others. Please take your time filling out this section, as it is quite comprehensive and can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

bbwcupid dating site registration process your appearance

BBWCupid Mobile Application / Compatibility

BBWCupid has a mobile application, but it is only available on Android devices. At the time of this review, it was last updated on November 2nd, 2022, which indicates that Cupid Media is actively monitoring and making sure that the BBWCupid dating app functions as smoothly as possible. It has a 3.4 star rating and over 1,000 reviews, as well as over 100,000 downloads. We also observed several dissatisfactory comments regarding the app’s functionality, but Cupid Media appears to be generally responsive to most questions, remarks, and concerns. 

Men Vs Women On BBWCupid

Men and women seem to have access to the same features on BBWCupid. The sign-up process, interface, profile set-up, and all the same. However, there is one difference that we found noteworthy and worth mentioning. BBW Cupid will only display profiles that represent the gender that you’re looking for. For instance, if you sign up as a man looking for a woman, only female profiles will appear on your homepage. Similar to this, if you sign up as a woman looking for a man, your homepage will only display male profiles. While this is a difference, we wouldn’t classify it as significant because this feature is present on most dating sites, and logically, it makes sense. Please note that you are still able to search for profiles that differ from the gender you’re searching for. 

BBWCupid Top Features

Mutual & Reverse Matches

bbwcupid dating site mutual matches feature

This BBWCupid feature is only available to platinum and diamond members, but we believe that it is worth the cost as it can help you find more matches. Your mutual matches will consist of people who not only fit what you’re looking for, but also people who are looking for someone just like you. Imagine that you don’t have kids and you’re looking for someone who doesn’t smoke. Think of someone else who doesn’t smoke and is looking for someone who doesn’t have children. That person will be added to your mutual matches, and you will be added to theirs because you two fit each other’s criteria. 

bbwcupid dating site reverse matches feature

Reverse matching does exactly what its name suggests. Most dating sites have algorithms that match you with people who fit your criteria. However, reverse matching will match you with people whose criteria you fit. For example, if someone is looking for a person with a bachelor’s degree and you’re in possession of one, then they’ll be added to your matches. Your search for the right person will be helped by mutual and reverse matching because they will expand your options and connect you with like-minded people. 

Rank Above All Members

This diamond feature will enhance your profile's visibility in the search results. When someone uses the search function, BBWCupid will rank your profile above everyone else in the search results. Popular dating sites like BBWCupid have large member bases, which can be good or bad depending on your perspective. Large dating communities give you the luxury of having more options, but they also make it easier for your profile to go unnoticed. The ability to rank your profile above all members can prevent this from happening. It will make your profile stand out and therefore increase the chances of your perfect match stumbling upon you.

Priority Messaging

If you’ve got your eyes on someone, chances are there’s someone else who has their eyes on them too. In cases like that, priority messaging may be of interest to you. This diamond feature places your messages right at the top of your match’s inbox. We imagine that this would be quite useful in cases where your match has tons of people messaging them. Additionally, it gives the impression that you're a serious dater who is eager to converse with them.

Instantly Translate Messages

BBWCupid is open to people all around the globe. Although you are ideally looking for someone in close proximity to you, you might also be open to dating people in other countries. For that reason, BBW Cupid will instantly translate messages for their diamond and platinum members. In most cases, people opt to use a separate translator to communicate with their match, but this is tedious and inconvenient. BBWCupid has eliminated that hassle for you, so feel free to message whoever you want, no matter where in the world they are.

Hide Your Profile & Photos

bbwcupid dating site hide your profile and photos feature

As long as you’re a gold, platinum, or diamond member, you have the option of keeping your profile and photos hidden. This feature also allows you to browse the site anonymously, meaning other members won’t know if you’ve viewed their profile. Some people prefer to maintain a certain level of privacy until rapport is established. Additionally, some people may have already found their match and don’t wish to be contacted by anyone else. Some folks just want to keep a low profile. Some people are shy and will constantly view someone’s profile until they build up the courage to message them. The recipient of such attention may interpret it as interest; however, some people may be creeped out by such behaviour. Keeping your profile private may be the best solution in any of the aforementioned circumstances.

Double Your Profile Space

Have you ever used a dating site that restricted the amount of information you could provide in your profile? That might not be an issue for people who prefer to talk more about themselves in chats, but others, especially those who want to fill out their profiles with as much information as possible, may not feel the same way. Fortunately, if you’re a platinum or diamond member on BBWCupid, you won’t ever experience this issue because this feature allows those members to provide more information on their profiles. 

Make The First Move

This feature allows you to send an introductory message to multiple singles at once. BBW Cupid will present a group of profiles to you. These are most likely people who meet your match criteria. You will have the option of sending a message to all of them at once. Since this message will be sent to multiple recipients, it should preferably be generic. You can also remove the profiles you aren’t interested in from the group. We understand that quality matters more than quantity on dating sites, but there’s nothing wrong with exploring your options and communicating with multiple people at once. This is just a quick and convenient way of doing so instead of manually reaching out to people.

Advanced Search Filters

bbwcupid dating site advanced search filters feature

The search filters on BBWCupid com are quite comprehensive. There are several search filters that cover areas such as appearance, lifestyle, background, and many others. That means you can be as selective as you want to be when searching for other users. You can sort your search results according to photos, last activity, distance, and age of the profile. These parameters are quite useful, as no one wants to waste time sifting through profiles with no activity or no photos. You can even save your filters to avoid repeatedly entering them whenever you use the search feature.

BBWCupid Offers, Prices & Costs

Since BBWCupid is a freemium dating site, some features are only available to paid members. However, you may still sign up and use the site for free, but you will only have limited access unless you upgrade your membership. Non-paying members are known as “standard members” and they are able to:

  • Complete their profile
  • Upload photos
  • Utilise basic matching
  • Like other profiles
  • Communicate with paying members

To clarify our last point, standard members can only communicate with paying members; they are unable to do so with other standard members. You must upgrade your subscription to gain access to features like instant messaging, unlimited messaging, and many others. Although you are not obligated to upgrade your account if you don't want to, doing so will considerably improve your experience on BBWCupid, as many of the key functions are paid features. 

BBWCupid com has three subscription plans: gold, platinum, and diamond. We are unable to give you advice on which plan to select because that will depend on your budget and the features you deem most beneficial. However, please note that the gold plan is the most affordable but has fewer features, whereas the diamond plan is the priciest of the three but has the most features. 

You may submit payment via credit/debit card or Skrill. Your BBW subscription plan will be automatically renewed, but you can cancel at any time should you wish to discontinue your membership. Their subscription plan prices may change at any time, but they will always inform you of these changes. Additionally, the new rate is only valid if you purchase a new subscription plan. For instance, if you’re a gold member, you will continue to be billed at the old rate. However, if you wish to become a platinum or diamond member, you will have to pay the upgraded rate for those plans. Below is more information on BBW Cupid's subscription packages:

green dot icon Standard Membership

Standard members are members who have yet to purchase a subscription plan Although standard members are permitted to use the site, they have access to very few features

Prices & Costs

  • Free

Perks Include

  • Basic Matching
  • Likes
  • Communicate with Paying Members

gold dot icon Gold Membership

Gold membership is the first payment tier. In comparison to standard members, gold members have a few more features available to them

Prices & Costs

1 Week - $9.99 per week

1 Month - $24.98 per month

3 Months - $16.66 per month ($49.99 total)

12 Months - $8.33 per month ($99.98 total)

Perks Include

  • All of the Standard Membership features
  • Unlimited communications
  • Unlock your Messages
  • Say goodbye to Ads
  • Hide your profile and your photos

purple dot icon Platinum Membership

Platinum membership is the second payment tier. Platinum members have access to the standard and gold features, and more

Prices & Costs

1 Week - $11.99 per week

1 Month - $29.99 per month

3 Months - $20 per month ($59.99 total)

12 Months - $10 per month ($119.98 total)

Perks Include

Platinum perks include access to gold and stand features plus double profile space, better matches, instant message translation, and ranking above other members

black dot icon Diamond Membership

Diamond membership is the third and priciest payment tier. Diamond members have access to standard, gold, and platinum features, plus more

Prices & Costs

1 Week - $30 per week

1 Month - $59.97 per month

3 Months - $39.99 per month ($119.98 total)

12 Months - $20 per month ($239.97 total)

Perks Include

Diamond perks include access to all of the standard, gold, and platinum features plus priority messaging, ranking above all members, profile highlighting, and premium customer service

BBWCupid Safety & Security

Profile Verification

Meeting someone online can be exciting and scary at the same time. While you may be looking for a genuine connection, you should be wary of some unsavoury characters. Swindlers, catfish, and salespeople all use dating websites to steal people’s money, time, or happiness away. To protect its users from such individuals, BBWCupid com has a profile verification feature.

Users are asked to submit a colour copy of either their passport, driver’s licence, or national ID card. The team at BBWCupid will then manually compare your photo ID to your profile information, and if everything checks out, your profile is verified. Your ID will not be shared with other members or third-party advertisers. Verified profiles have a green badge to indicate who has completed this important step.

Profile verification isn’t mandatory. You will find many profiles on BBWCupid without a special green badge. That doesn’t prove that those people have ill intentions. We imagine that a fair amount of people would be quite wary of submitting a copy of their passport or driver’s licence to a dating site. However, we believe that profile verification aids in the development of trust and communicates the message that you are a serious dater.

Non-Confidential Use Of Personal Information

BBWCupid com reserves the right to use your information in any way they see fit as long as it is in accordance with their privacy policy. They will not sell it to third-party advertisers, but they can use your photos and information to create a profile on another dating site owned by Cupid Media.

As it regards photos, they also reserve the right to use them for promotional purposes and grant “others” the same right, but they do not define who the “others” may be. It's one thing to grant BBW Cupid complete access to your photos, but members should be aware of who else may be receiving access to their images. Joining a dating website is a private matter for some people, and we can only imagine how upsetting it would be for them to see their photograph in an advertisement or promotional email for a service they didn't even sign up for.

Zero Liability

Whenever people sign up for a service, especially one that they provide with their personal information, they want to feel like their data is in the best hands possible. The team at BBWCupid says that they will do their utmost best to ensure that your information is secure. In the unlikely event that your information is mishandled or misused, they accept zero responsibility for any damages you may incur.

We believe in zero liability in cases where a member actively participated in the misuse of their information. For example, if you upload a photo wearing your company’s work shirt and another member somehow manages to contact your employer. While this might’ve been an innocent mistake, it occurred because of an oversight on your part. However, BBWCupid should bear full responsibility if problems develop as a result of company negligence, such as a data breach or a careless employee.

According to various reports, Cupid Media experienced a data breach in January 2013. Hackers stole the passwords, email addresses, and other private data of up to 42 million users. Instead of letting the public know, they handled the matter privately and personally alerted those who were affected by the breach. The solution was to reset the passwords of those affected. They received much backlash and flak for keeping the general public in the dark because these are matters everyone should be aware of. Furthermore, the leak occurred because of an error on their part, as they stored the sensitive data of their users in plain text rather than encrypting it. If an occurrence like this occurred in 2022, they would not be liable for any damage their users might suffer as a result. That is concerning and definitely something to consider if you wish to be a member of the BBWCupid community.

Third-Party Involvement 

BBWCupid allows third parties to serve advertising content on their site. BBWCupid com does not sell your personal data to these third parties. However, these advertisers do track your activity and collect information about you if you view or interact with their ad. The information they collect is anonymous and cannot be traced back to you. You can also opt out of this third-party data collection if it makes you uncomfortable. 

It's worth mentioning that BBW Cupid works with quite a few third-party advertisers who do not adhere to BBWCupid’s privacy policy. They operate using their own privacy policies which are beyond the scope of BBWCupid’s control. Please be mindful of this as you browse the site and interact with ads. 

Background Checks

BBWCupid does not conduct background checks or vet their users after signing up, but they reserve the right to do so, if necessary. Sex offenders and people who have committed felony offences are not allowed to register for BBWCupid. We are sure they still sign up anyway, but in cases like this, please report these members to BBW Cupid should they reveal this information to you. Doing so contributes to the safety of the BBWCupid community. Accounts suspected of misrepresentation are deleted. 


Based on everything we have covered so far, we believe that BBWCupid is worth your time. While it is not entirely free, there are a variety of membership plans available to suit various budgets. Furthermore, there are other features available to assist you in your search for the right one. Please be aware that this is not a community for people seeking secret affairs, casual relationships, mail order brides, or matchmaking. BBWCupid is a place for plus-sized men and women to connect for the purpose of establishing either a romantic relationship or friendship. Although the fact that BBWCupid com welcomes users who are not plus-sized may worry some, in general, we think that this is a safe space for plus-sized individuals to interact and perhaps find love.

There are a few safety and privacy concerns, such as the lack of responsibility should any mishaps occur and the non-confidential use of people’s personal information. This is slightly worrying, but we feel like these risks are present everywhere on the Internet. Mega websites like Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others have experienced data breaches in the past. The Internet is a scary place, but there are things you can do to minimise these risks, such as using different passwords for every service you sign up for. Ultimately, we believe that the pros significantly outweigh the cons and that you can have a lot of fun on BBWCupid. There are many people who have found success on BBWCupid, and you can be one of them! 

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BBWCupid Tips

  • Take advantage of all of the features available in your plan
  • Fill out your profile in its entirety to give others a good idea of who you are
  • Make use of Cupid Tags
  • Verify your profile if you can 
  • Should you come across any sex or felony offenders, please report them to the BBW Cupid team 


Is There A BBWCupid App For iPhone/iOs Users?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. The BBWCupid app is only available on Android devices.

How Do I Delete My BBWCupid Account?

In order to delete your BBWCupid account, you will have to visit your profile settings. Scroll down and click “Switch Off Profile”. You will then have the option to either temporarily deactivate your account or permanently delete it. 

Can I Find Love On BBWCupid?

Sure, you can. The BBWCupid community has lots of plus-sized women and men looking for their soulmate. Head on over to the “Success Stories” section to see for yourself.

How Do I Verify My BBWCupid Profile?

Select your profile photo icon. It’s located to the left of the settings icon. A drop-down list of several options will appear. Click the one that says, “Verify Profile”. Ensure that you have either your passport, driver’s licence, or national ID card on hand. 

Which BBWCupid Subscription Plan Should I Choose?

That depends on your budget and the features you deem most attractive. Whatever subscription plan you opt for, we suggest that you try the one-week trial first to get a feel for the plan and its features.