With the rise of the digital era there’s more and more people turning to dating sites in hopes of finding someone compatible. In the most recent years if someone is single, they’re most likely using a dating website or app, but how can you check if someone’s got a profile on these kinds of platforms?

Truth is there is no one way to find out if someone is looking for their other half online. However, there are ways to see if they have any active dating accounts. So, read our article on how to find out if someone is using dating platforms, and become your own private investigator.

Finding Out Using Google

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Google is your most trusty tool when it comes to finding out more information about... pretty much anything nowadays. So, why not take advantage of the tools at your disposal?

Google Search

You can start by doing a quick search of their name on Google. Dating site profiles sometimes end up ranking in Google's results, so if you can find their LinkedIn account, chances are you can also find other accounts linked to the same email.

Something to keep in mind though, if they are actively trying to hide the fact that they use a dating site, they are likely not using their real names or main email address. You might have some luck searching for a username they are prone to using, but that can be a long shot.

Reverse Image Tool

Google's not done with their usefulness as a tool though. If you've got a picture they like to use as their profile picture, you can drop it in the Reverse Image Tool. From there Google will present you with similar to identical images of the one you provided. These images come with links to the pages they were collected from.

The results can vary, so don't think that just because their face is on the picture that will be enough. You might need to update multiple photos, and even then you might come up with blanks.

Someone's Email Or Phone Number

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One of the oldest tricks in the book is trying to sign up with their email address on different dating sites or apps. Most sites will let you know straight away if that email is in use. The same applies for their phone numbers.

If you're not sure where to start, we recommend giving them a try on some of the most popular platforms. These include: Tinder, Hinge, Match.com, Zoosk, OkCupid. If these don't work, you might want to check out more niche-oriented platforms. For example, ChristianConnection if they are Christian, or AshleyMadison if they are married.

Please note that a site or app might show that an account already exists with a specific email or phone number even if the account is no longer active. This means that the person in question might have created a dating profile on a certain platform in the past, but it is possible that they are no longer using it.

How To Find Out If Someone Has Dating Profiles

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Aside from the surface-level tests you can make (like trying the "forgot password" trick) you can also dig a little deeper.

Things That Work On Both Dating Sites & Apps For Dating

For starters, there are many websites dedicated to searching through the code of such platforms for a specific name, phone number, or email address. Bad news is that most of them are paid, good news is that some offer free trials. Based on our research, here's some of the most popular and trustworthy ones:

  • CheatBuster
  • SocialCatfish
  • UserSearch
  • Spokeo

If nothing comes up even after using one of the above sites, you can always create an account for yourself and search for people around their location. Some sites can make it easier than others as well. Taking Tinder for example, you are stuck swiping through each profile one by one, while sites like OkCupid, Plenty Of Fish, or eHarmony, let you make your own profile search.

Access Their Devices

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Just to clarify, we are in no way recommending you steal someone's phone to snoop around. On the other hand, you can always ask to make a phone call, or check your inbox through their device as an excuse. Of course, there are people who will straight-up refuse, but, hey, there's no harm in trying.

Mobile Phone (Reverse Phone Lookup)

So, you've got their phone in your hands, you've got only a limited time to discover as much as you can, before they realize something suspicious in going on. You can always start by scrolling through their apps and see if any recognizable ones catch your eye. You can also visit their main browser and see if you can take a peek through their visit or search history.

Dating platforms often send plenty of emails, so you can take your chances by checking out their main email inbox. Alternatively, you can also snoop through their phone's messages as some platforms also send notifications to your personal phone number.

Personal Computer

In a similar way, you can ask to use their personal computer with the excuse of replying to a few emails. As long as you don't give the impression that you are trying to re-reverse lookup their device information, you should be good.


Among the devices you can access, tablets are the easier to get to. Unlike phones, which people usually have on them at all times, and personal computers which are safely locked with a password, tablets are left unattended often.

Find Someone's Social Media

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If you feel like going over their devices is too intrusive, you can also have a scroll through their social media profiles. If you've ever used a dating app these days, then you know that there are many people who share their social media handles in an attempt to get more followers. Well, you might be surprised to find out that many people also do the opposite.

Taking a closer look through bios and descriptions is sometimes THE way to find someone's dating profiles.

Talk To Them

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Depending on your reasons and how close you are with the person, talking to them about it is always an option. If you are concerned that your current dating partner does not consider your relationship exclusive, your best approach would be to clarify your position and your intentions for your relationship.

On the other hand, if you are trying to catch a potential cheater, asking them straight up gives you the opportunity to read their reaction. Who knows? If you know someone well, you might be able to tell. This will also save you from having to check sites accessed through their devices, or app emails sent to their inbox.


Overall, there are many ways to see if someone has a dating profile nowadays. While there is no definitive way to find out who is actively using said accounts, if you are suspicious of your significant other, then a quick search might be worth the trouble.

As a disclaimer, we would recommend avoiding invading the privacy of anyone in your search for their dating profiles. Consider whether someone doing the same to you would be acceptable.


How To Search For Someone On Dating Apps?

Depending on the dating app you are using you might be able to make a username or email search, granted you are looking for someone you are familiar with. On the other hand, apps like Tinder can make it harder to find someone, and for that we would recommend using sites like Spokeo or CheatBuster to make your life easier.

How To Find Hidden Dating Profiles?

There's no definitive way to know if someone has hidden their dating profile, which makes it even harder to find them. If you're asking us, your best bet is trying to conduct an online background check or use Google.

How To Find Our Whether My Significant Other Is On A Dating Site?

This article was made specifically to help people find out whether a person of interest is using dating sites, so follow any of the above provided recommendations and you will be on the right track!