Dating in 2022 has taken many forms, from online dating to speed dating online to regular dating and the old-fashioned matchmaking by the family. However, the more accessible way for most people out there is online dating.

With the way things are going, we’re even looking at virtual reality online dating soon. However, no matter the dating platform, getting yourself a girlfriend will always follow a similar pattern.

So, if you’re wondering how to get a girlfriend online, keep reading to discover our tips and tricks.

The Best Dating Site to Find a Girlfriend Based on Your Preferences

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Best Dating Site If You Want To Explore The Possibilities

Tinder is an excellent place to start navigating the dating pool if it’s your first time trying online dating. It has many types of women and activities that guarantee you have fun while looking for your next girlfriend.


Best Dating Site If You’re A Little On The Shy Side

Bumble is a dating app where most women go because they’re tired of having random men messaging them. If you match with a girl and she messages you, you know she’s interested because she has taken the time to make the first step.


Best Dating Site If You Want To Bring A Voice And A Video To The Dating Process

Hinge’s concept of uploading video and audio recordings greatly reduces the gap between chat and phone calls, which at first can be intimidating. Once a girl hears your voice or sees you in a video, she can more easily relate to you and feel comfortable in your presence.

Romantic Compatibility

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Romantic compatibility is the most important thing when looking for a girlfriend. However, what does it mean to be romantically compatible with someone? Romantic compatibility is a mashup of respect, communication, listening, equality, and a dash of physical attraction.

Contrary to common beliefs, people with the same interests are not always highly compatible. Cosmopolitan shares matchmaker Genevieve Zawada-Gresset’s views, who says that having the same interests with your loved one can become boring in a long-term relationship.

It’s always nice if you have a shared interest, but it’s not a requirement for healthy romantic compatibility. A relationship is built upon understanding and accepting one another based on the people you are and without trying to change one another.

How to Make a Girl Like You?

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Remember that girls like things about you that you like about yourself. It’s as simple as that. The complicated part is to figure out what you like about yourself?

When a man possesses specific skills, there’s nothing bad about displaying them and being confident in his ability to execute them. However, this must happen organically because otherwise, it would look like bragging. Knowing your skills can help you build and display your confidence.

Don’t overdo it though. SMU Associate Professor of Psychology Norman Li has discovered that a higher percentage of women are attracted to confident men. However, that does not guarantee their desire for a long-term relationship with those men. The confidence that border-lined cockiness was seen as untrustworthy in many women.

To reach a balance, you must be confident and vulnerable at times. The confidence is to show her that you know yourself, and the vulnerability comes after trust has been established between you two.

What Are Some Signs that She Likes You?

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There are many common ones but each girl is individual, so there might be many other signs she likes you. The more you know her, the more you’ll learn about her love language.

She Laughs At Your Jokes

Sometimes your jokes are not funny, but that doesn’t stop a girl from laughing. This is because she probably likes the idea that you feel comfortable looking silly in front of her.

She Initiates Conversations

This is true both for girls and guys. When you like someone, you want to talk to them via message, phone, or real life. So, if she initiates a conversation the day after you’ve contacted her, she’s open to pursuing something further with you.

She Wants To Spend Time With You

You can ask a girl out, and she can turn you down because of life circumstances at first. However, if that happens more than twice, she’s probably not that into you, and it’s time for you to move on. Even if serious life circumstances are preventing her from seeing you, that means that you’re not a priority in her life. In this case, she’s probably not thinking of you as anything more than a friend.

She Steals Small Touches When You’re Together

If a girl brushes against you while you’re on a date or touches your arm while laughing, she’s showing you physical signs that she enjoys your company. Another common body language is when she’s facing you and looking into your eyes while you two are having face-to-face conversations.

She Wants You To Meet Her Friends

Once the relationship starts to develop from an online date to a regular date to a relationship, a girl will want you to meet and hang out with her friends. That shows you that she’s ready for a more serious commitment.

Getting a girlfriend online in 2022 is not that complicated. In fact, you have the advantage of chatting with the girl and getting to know her a little even before you two meet for the first time. Knowing her better will help you organise the perfect first date, eventually becoming the subject of her affections, and lead to a long-term stable relationship.