Introduction is an international dating site that is used by people all over the world. However, it’s most popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Eastern Europe. The site is available in English, Russian, and Lithuanian. 

Lavaplace can be used for free but is optimised when you purchase a subscription, which will be explained below. This lavaplace review will also dive deeper into how to register, some fun features, and the pros and cons of lava dating. Is www lavaplace legit? Let’s find out.

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What Type Of Dating Site Is Lavaplace?

LavaPlace dating site homepage

Lavadate allows members to seek a wide variety of types of relationships:

  • Marriage
  • Long-term relationships
  • Friendship 
  • Romance
  • Pen pal 
  • Activity partner
  • Travel partner
  • Discreet relationship
  • Casual relationship
  • Short-term relationship
  • BDSM relationship
  • Strap-on

It’s unclear what a strap-on relationship refers to, but it sounds intriguing! If you’re looking for something completely different from what is listed, has an ‘Other’ option with a box for you to type in your specific type of relationship.

Who Is Lavaplace For?

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bi

Www only has 2 gender options: man and woman. It allows members to select whether they’re seeking a man or a woman as well, but there's no option for both at once. This means that bisexual people can use Lavaplace, but will have to conduct their search one gender at a time.

Stats & Infographics Of

Male - Female Ratio

LavaPlace dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

LavaPlace dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

LavaPlace dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process Of

There are only 4 pages of fields to go through for registration. Once you click on ‘Register’, which is helpfully highlighted in yellow on the menu bar, it asks you if you’re a man or a woman, seeking a man or a woman, and your preferred age range. It also allows you to set up your lavaplace.login, which asks for your email address, password, birth date, location. Once you’ve done this, you need to confiirm your email address which is easily done by clicking on ‘verify’ in the verification email they send.

Page 1 asks for some general information about your relationship status, if you’re vegetarian or not, and about your drinking and smoking habits. Page 2 includes some information about yourself, your appearance, your job and education level, your religious beliefs, and what type of relationship you’re seeking. 

Page 3 asks you to select your interests, providing a good list of options, and includes the option to select ‘Other’ and type in your custom interest if yours isn’t listed. Finally, Page 4 includes three questions for you to write longer answers to, broadly concerning your personality and upbringing, your appearance and style, and a chance to get more specific about the type of person and type of relationship you’re looking for.

Completing those pages takes you to the photos page and nudges you to add a photo. The site will keep recommending that you add photos to your profile until you do. These reminders can be quite annoying as they pop up whenever you try to view someone else’s profile. 

Profiles and pictures are moderated before becoming public, and this can take up to 48 hours to be completed. The site indicates that some features may be limited during that time, which includes the ability to message others, send flirts, and viewing the subscription details. 

Lavaplace Mobile Application / Compatibility

There is no lava place app, and the mobile version of the site is almost identical to the desktop version. The only difference is that the information bar on the left side of the desktop site is moved to the bottom of the Browser on mobile. This helps it fit on the much smaller screen. However, it can be difficult to click on the tabs of the menu since they are very small. 

Men Vs Women On Lavaplace

There are no noticeable differences between men and women on lave Neither gender is expected to give more information than the other. Men and women share the same email verification process and both male and female profiles and pictures get manually verified.

Lavaplace Top Features

yellow star icon Voting, Fans & Mutual Sympathies allows you to rate a person from 1-10 when you view their profile. If you rate someone higher than 7, you become their ‘fan’. If someone rates your profile as a 7 or higher, they become one of your ‘fans’. And if you’ve both rated each other’s profile higher than a 7, you become ‘mutual sympathies’, which can be a good indicator that you should start up a conversation! 

LavaPlace dating site voting, fans and mutual sympathies feature

blue locker icon Password Protected Photos doesn’t allow members to add nude photos to their public profile, these images are also likely to be removed during moderation. However, naughty photos can be added to the profile where they’ll be hidden, and password protected. Your intimate photos can then only be viewed by you, and anyone you share your password with.

blue location icon The ‘My Places’ & ‘Places’ Feature 

Lavaplace has a fun feature where you can log the places you’ve visited around the world under ‘My Places’. You specify a city you’ve visited or lived in, when you arrived and left, and you can make notes on the destination and any fun memories you have of the city. Your trip details are then shared on your profile. However, this can be a potential safety concern, some people may not feel comfortable sharing their trips in that level of detail.

You can also go to the ‘Places’ tab and select a country to see the comments of other travellers who have been to that country too. Some members will even post to say that they’ll be visiting a country soon and they’d like to meet up. This is different from the ‘my places’ feature, which is only visible on your profile. If you’d like to make a public comment on a destination, you do that on the ‘Places’ tab.

Lavaplace Offers, Prices & Costs

You’re able to use lavaplace as a free user (or as they call it, a basic member), but there are limitations. As a basic member, you can view others’ profiles, but you see reduced-sized, worse-quality versions of their photos than you would see if you paid and subscribed. Another big limitation is that you, as a free user, can only chat with fully paid premium members.

Subscription Package

You can choose to subscribe to lava place com and become a paid member. The subscription period is either one month, three months, or six months. Payments can only be made via a debit or credit card, and you pay for the whole subscription period at once. 

A one-month trial will set you back $9.99 per month. 

A three-month subscription will be $17.97 (which works out to $5.99 per month). 

A six-month subscription will cost you $29.94 (which works out to $4.99 per month).

LavaPlace dating site offers, prices and costs subscription package

Subscription perks include:

- being listed at the top of search results, above basic members.

- You’re able to chat with anyone on the site, including both free users and other paid users.

- And you’re able to view full-size, high-quality versions of people’s photos on their profiles.

It’s very important to take note that if you purchase a subscription, you are automatically opted in for recurring billing at the end of your subscription period. You can turn this off in your billing history.

Lavaplace com Pros & Cons


  • Extensive profile privacy settings (you can specify who can contact you and in what way)
  • Possible to see who viewed your profile 
  • Can see when a person was last online 
  • Most profiles have photos


  • Very widespread global user base (may be difficult to find someone living nearby)
  • Relatively low usage (less than 50 people online at once, many profiles were last seen more than a month ago)
  • Lots of restrictions on free users

Lavaplace Safety & Security

Email Address Safety 

There are 2 ways to chat on lavaplace, instant messaging or email messaging. To keep your personal email address private, lavaplace sets up a private web-based email account for you when you register. This is what is used when you email-message with other members and is a good way to keep your personal details private and safe. 


Lavaplace is an interesting option for a dating site. It’s possible to use Lavaplace for free, but it’s easier to use once you subscribe, and the subscription costs are relatively cheap. It can absolutely fit into any budget. 

The main sticking point is that the user base is quite widespread around the globe, meaning it’s a good option if you’re looking for an international, long-distance relationship. The ‘My Places’ feature in particular will be an interesting talking point with fellow travellers. However, if you’re hoping to find someone local, you may be disappointed.

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Lavaplace Tips

  • Deleting your profile is as easy as clicking ‘Cancel Membership and Remove Profile’ in the ‘my profile’ tab. They ask for a reason, you enter your password, and voila! Profile deleted.
  • Make full use of the free features first before deciding if you want to pay for a Subscription or not. It’s a good way to test-drive before you decide to commit by buying a subscription.
  • Always remember to add a good range of photos to your profile! Lavaplace makes sure to mention that profiles with photos get up to nine times more attention than photos without.