Dating can be a daunting undertaking at the best of times and when you are confronted with people mainly outside of your community it can be even more challenging. With just under 2 billion people worldwide, Islamic people comprise the second largest group of people when it comes to religious identity. This means that there is a massive dating pool to choose from! And what better place to find your perfect match than on

As part of the Cupid Media Group, you are given a sense of reassurance that this is going to be a legitimate and well-polished experience. Having been in the online dating game for many years, they know a thing or two about what makes a polished dating platform and Muslima is no exception to this!

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What Type Of Dating Site Is Muslima?

Muslima dating site homepage
  • Meetups (not sex meetups, however)
  • Serious Relationships
  • Chatting
  • Friendships

You might be asking yourself, “What is Muslima?”. From the outset, it is clear that the Muslima dating website is aimed at creating long-lasting and genuine connections. Whether you are looking to make good quality friends, go on dates or are looking for that other half to make you whole, Muslima is the perfect place for that! 

As the name suggests, Muslma is aimed specifically towards individuals who are adherents to the Islamic religion. This is not to say that members are exclusively Muslim as you are able to set preferences for what religion you would like your partner to be a part of - whether it is Islam or any other one. Overall though, this is one of the top dating sites for Muslim singletons. 

Hookups and casual fun can be found here if you look hard enough but this is far from being the main reason that people sign up to Muslima.

Who Is Muslima For?

  • Straight
  • Gay and lesbian
  • Single people

Muslima does have some inclusivity when it comes to who is able to use the platform and on the face of it seems to be LGBTQ+ friendly. We were unable to find a section where you can fully customise your gender identity (non-binary, transgender, genderfluid etc) and the usual binary options of male or female appear to be your only choice. This is not surprising as the Islamic community tends to be a bit on the conservative side when it comes ot LGBTQ+ matters and we hope to see more over representation and inclusivity in the future.

Stats & Infographics Of Muslima

Male - Female Ratio

Muslima dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

Muslima dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

Muslima dating site stats and infographics country distribution

As with most dating sites these days, the largest age demographic seems to be represented by Millenials, followed by Gen Z. However, if you are 35+ there should still be plenty of people for you to choose from! There is quite a large difference between the percentage of male members and female members so if you sign up as a woman you will be spoilt for choice! 

Muslima Login Process

Creating your www Muslima com login for the first time is a very quick and straightforward process and anyone is able to sign up. If you are of a different religion, however, you must be open to converting to Islam as the end goal of matches on the site is usually Muslim marriages.

Sign-up requires only a valid email address and for you to fill out a few information fields such as your name, gender and age, location and what you’re looking for. Once a verification link has been emailed to you and you have clicked on it, your profile has been set up and you are free to use Muslima.

The layout of Muslima. com is very simple to navigate and has a bright and modern interface with not too many different sections and subheadings to get lost in. There is a detailed search preference section where you can customise exactly what sort of partner you are looking for (such as location, whether they are looking for marriage or friendship, appearance, lifestyle and their religious or cultural background).

Muslima dating site searching for section registration process

But, before you get too carried away with browsing all the various singletons, also known as Muslimas, in your area, it is important to go over your profile in depth as there are many more information fields to fill in that you are presented with upon registration. The first important thing to do is your profile verification whereby you upload a valid identification document in order to verify your identity. This document is not displayed to anyone and is used to improve your credibility as well as the site’s overall safety.

Muslima dating site profile verification section registration process

After verification is complete, you can select tags to add to your profile (this will help fine-tune search results as well as enable more accurate recommendations from the site). There is also an extensive list of hobbies and interests that you can choose from in order to give others a better idea of who you are. You can also state what your ethnicity is, what sort of body type you have, and a general idea of your lifestyle such as drinking or eating habits. 

Muslima dating site religious practices registration process

Unsurprisingly, the religion section is very detailed and thorough as well. In addition to selecting your current religion, you can then state whether you were born into Islam, were converted or whether you plan to convert. Religious habits such as how often you attend religious services, read the Qu’ran, who created your profile and whether you are open to polygamy. It is very possible to spend a lot of time getting lost in the profile editing section but the more you fill out the better your overall experience will be!

Muslima Mobile Application / Compatibility

Muslima offers a dedicated app but it is unfortunately only available on the Google Play store for Android users. The Muslima app operates largely the same as the Muslima website with no real additional features or perks but it is a perfect option for anyone who is on the move. Most of the app’s features are unlocked through one of the paid memberships, in the same way that the desktop site operates.

Men Vs Women On Muslima

As far as we could tell there is no difference in the pricing or sign-up procedure when it comes to joining as a male or a female. It should be noted that the members are skewed slightly more in favour of men (comprising about 60% of active users) so men on the Muslima dating site have a slightly smaller dating pool to choose from compared to women using the site.

Muslima Top Features

muslima-automatic-message-translation Auto-Translation

Because of the international nature of the site and the wide range of people who join, many may speak different languages (such as Arabic or French). Muslima has gotten around this potential speed bump on the road to your happily ever after by offering instant translation of messages from others so you will always be able to communicate smoothly and seamlessly.

muslimas-cupid-sites Access To Their Sister Sites

Falling under the massive umbrella that is the Cupid Media network, Muslima gives you instant access to any of the affiliate sites in the group. If you struggle to find that special someone on Muslima, you can easily take your search to another site such as InternationalCupid, AfroIntroductions, IndonesianCupid and many many more!

Muslima dating site access to other sister sites feature

muslima-search-capabilities Detailed Search Parameters

We brushed on this earlier but it is such a great feature that it is worth repeating. Muslima has some of the best search filters that we have come across and it is impressively detailed. In addition to the usual options such as gender, age and location, you can choose whether you are looking for someone from one country or multiple countries (great if you are constantly travelling). The appearance of your partner can also be defined in detail as well as what lifestyle habits they have and what their cultural and religious backgrounds are. On top of all of this, you can save your search under a specific name so this gives you the option of having multiple saved search parameters!

Muslima Offers, Prices & Costs

Apart from the free membership that is the default when creating a profile on Muslima, there are 3 additional subscription packages to choose from. Depending on which one you choose, each one unlocks more features than the one below it and also gives you 4 options on the duration of the subscription you would like. It should be noted that if you opt for one of the paid subscriptions, automatic renewal is in place so after the initial time period has elapsed, you will be billed again for the same subscription.

green circle Standard Subscription

This is the default membership when creating a profile and works as a Muslima free trial. It has the most limited features of all the memberships and it can leave you frustrated due to its restrictiveness.




There are only three features that you are able to access with the standard membership:

  • Basic matching with other members that best match your parameters for an ideal partner
  • Like someone’s profile
  • Communicate with paying members

orange circle Gold Subscription

The first of the paid memberships and the entry point into the capabilities of This membership has the lowest prices and unlocks a handful of features not available on the Standard version of the site.


  • 1 week = 18.00 USD per week
  • 1 month = 35.99 USD per month
  • 3 months = 23.33 USD per month (billed as a single payment of 69.98 USD)
  • 1 year = 11.67 USD per month (billed as a single payment of 139.99 USD)


  • Send unlimited messages via the instant messenger
  • Unlocking messages so you can send and receive them with no restrictions
  • Removing third-party adverts from the platform
  • Option to hide photos or even your entire profile from other members

purple circle Platinum Subscription

A step up from the Gold Membership, this mid-level membership option offers the best of both worlds if you do not want to splash out on the top-tier membership. In addition to the features included in the Gold Membership, 5 additional perks are added which we will discuss below.


  • 1 week = 20.50 USD per week
  • 1 month = 40.99 USD per month
  • 3 months = 26.66 USD per month (billed as a single payment of 79.98 USD)
  • 1 year = 13.33 USD per month (billed as a single payment of 159.99 USD)


  • Doubling your profile space, causing your profile to appear better in search results
  • Unlocking exclusive search features (search by location, ethnicity, dating intention, etc)
  • Better matches with the reverse matching algorithms
  • Instant translation of others’ messages if they speak a different language
  • Ranking above other members from lower subscription tiers

black circle Diamond Subscription

The flagship Diamond subscription option unlocks all the features that Muslima has to offer. While this is the most expensive route to go for, there are no more restrictions on your account or limitations to what you can do on the site.


  • 1 week = 41.00 USD per week
  • 1 month = 81.98 USD per month
  • 3 months = 53.32 USD per month (billed as a single payment of 159.97 USD)
  • 1 year = 26.67 USD per month (billed as a single payment of 319.98 USD)


  • Priority messaging, putting you at the top of the inbox of whoever you are communicating with
  • Ranking above all other members in the search results
  • Exclusive diamond icon appearing on your profile, signifying to others that you mean business and are a Diamond Member
  • Access to premium 24/7 customer service

Muslima Pros & Cons


  • Extensive and easy-to-use advanced search features
  • Simple and user-friendly layout means that even the least tech-savvy people will be able to find their way around
  • Registration is quick and very straightforward
  • Access to affiliated sister sites to broaden your search if you can’t find your match among any of the Muslima singles


  • No app for iOS/Apple users
  • The standard membership option is very limited while the paid ones can become quite pricey
  • No video chat option is available to help break the ice before a meeting 

Muslima Safety & Security

Verification Of Identity

According to the Terms of Use, Musslima may request that you verify a number of things from time to time. These include your identity, information about you that you have provided to the site, your billing details, and compliance with the terms of use. This is a great feature and shows that Muslima likes to be on top of not only ensuring that all your details are up to date but also making sure that the identity of its members is accurate.

However, in addition to this Muslima also states in the Terms of Use that they cannot guarantee the identity of any of its members despite these safeguards and checks.

Use Of Information And Non-Confidentiality 

Any information that you provide to Muslima. com in the process of setting up your profile and filling out more details on it is treated as “non-confidential and non-proprietary”. What this means is that this information may be used without restriction (while following the Privacy Statement) and this specifically includes Muslima copying your profile onto a different dating site owned by the same company.

Third-Party Access To Your Data

In the Privacy Policy, it is explicitly stated that Muslima does not sell your data to third parties. Apart from the reasons listed in the Privacy Policy, your information is not disclosed to any third parties and you are even able to request confirmation that your data has not been provided or made accessible to any third parties.


While Muslima might not have an endless and dazzling array of features for you to play around with, as a pared-down and back-to-basics dating platform it makes a great case for itself if you are looking for genuine connections. There are plenty of membership options available to you and we especially like the fact that each tier comes with a one-week option so you can test the waters before making a longer-term commitment.

If you are single, Muslim, or open to converting to Islam, there really is no better place to find a perfect match. The extensive and detailed search options and profile customisation are impressive. The more information you provide about what you are looking for and what sort of person you are, the better your chances of success are! 

We would have liked to see a few more features available such as video chat or maybe even a community forum where everyone can have open discussions about things common to the Muslim community. Forums and chat rooms like this are common on many dating sites aimed at specific groups of people and it only increases connections and improves the overall dating experience.

Overall though, the Muslima dating experience is a smooth, polished and easy one and it makes this site very easy to recommend if you are looking for love and your very own happily ever after!

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Muslima Tips

  1. Verify your profile with an identification document in order to not only show that you are serious about dating but also improve the experience for others by having a credible account.
  2. Try any of the 1-week subscription options before making the commitment to purchasing a 1-, 3- or 12-month subscription.
  3. Toggle email notifications to receive alerts such as new messages, new likes, matches and various other features so you never miss out on anything.
  4. Save your advanced search parameters to keep you from having to remember all the specifics of what you selected in your search for a match.
  5. Adding CupidTags to your profile will improve your search results and help Muslima match you more accurately with people who are similar to you.


Do I Have To Be Muslim To Join Muslima?

No! Non-muslims are free to join Muslima. com although since the main goal of the site is to facilitate a “ marriage” or long-lasting relationship, it is important that you are open to the idea of converting to Islam.

I Believe In Polygamous Marriages And Relationships, Can I Find That On Muslima?

Yes! Among the many and extensive profile editing features and search fields is the option to say whether you are open to monogamous or polygamous relationships.

What Do I Need To Sign Up?

All that is required of you to create a valid and active Muskima profile is an email address. There is no need to use a phone number and profile verification with an ID document is optional (although recommended).

Is Muslima LGBTQ+ Friendly?

Muslima UK has options for same-sex matches although trans and non-binary people could be frustrated with the lack of options available.

Is Free To Use?

The default membership option is free to use although there are quite a few limitations and restrictions on what you are able to do on the platform. To get the most out of the site, consider upgrading to either the Gold or Platinum memberships.

I Don’t Want To Continue With My Paid Subscription, How Do I Turn Off Auto-Renewal?

All paid subscriptions automatically renew but you are free to cancel this feature at any time. On the Settings menu, select “Billing” and where it says “Your membership auto-renewal is ON”, toggle this to OFF instead.

My Photo Is Not Being Approved, Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Double-check that your photo follows the guidelines stated on the photo upload page. A quick tip is to remember that no sexually explicit content is allowed as well as no clearly fake photos (such as celebrities).

What If I Forgot My Login Details?

On the login page, click the button that says “Forgot Password”. You are then redirected to a new page where you fill in the email registered with your account and a link will be sent to your email inbox with steps on how to reset your password.

How Can I Contact Muslima com Customer Service?

At the bottom of any of the web pages there is a link labelled “Contact Us”. Clicking on this will take you to a page showing the different options for contacting the site directly. If you choose to use the contact number, bear in mind that calls to customer service are only available on weekdays from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Queensland, Australia time).

I Would Like to Delete My Muslima Profile, How Do I Do This?

On your profile settings page, click on the link that says “To switch off your profile on Muslima. com, click here”. After this, you are asked to enter a reason and then confirm it by entering your Mouslima password twice.