Is it time for you to tie the knot and form a family? Have your parents lined up potential grooms or brides at your door, wishing you would hurry up and give them grandkids? If that’s the case, you know that sooner or later, you’ll be sending wedding invitations.

You probably wish for your other half to share the same Muslim cultural tradition so that you can educate your children with Islamic values at heart. However, you don’t necessarily want an arranged marriage because it’s hard to find a love match through this old-fashioned way.

Going online and exploring some of the best Muslim dating sites and apps available can raise your chances of finding love outside your parents’ pool of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

This article displays the advantages and struggles of contemporary Muslim singles dating online. If you’re interested in having some answers to your long unanswered questions, we can help you with that!

Muslim Dating Sites And Apps For Muslim Singles

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1. Muzz – Formerly Muzmatch

Muzmatch changed its name in April 2022 because of a court order from the High Court of Justice of England and Wales that ruled on Match Group’s trademark name lawsuit.

Today, we know the app as Muzz. Despite the name change, the app has continued to adhere to its principle of bringing single Muslim men and women from around the world together, hoping to build meaningful connections and potential marriages. It’s one of the best Muslim dating apps currently on the market.

You can browse the app and match freely with other Muslim singles. Once matched, you can chat with those matches you genuinely like and get to know them better. Muzz offers free video calling to deepen your relationship online, even before meeting.

So far, the best feature is the possibility to record your own voice messages and upload videos to your profile to best showcase your personality. This lets other members approach you with a more personalised message based on your showcasing materials.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to stay anonymous for fear of being discovered by strict members of your family, you can always use an alias or nickname and hide your photos.

As for the search options, you can narrow your profile findings by selecting religious filters. Those filters include religious sects, ethnicities, praying, eating, smoking, and drinking habits.

As religion is an integral part of the Islamic culture, Muzz has adhered to Muslim dating principles by incorporating a Chaperone feature. The Chaperone is known as Wali, and a transcript of the conversation is sent to him as proof of your propriety during the chatting.

As if those features aren’t enough, Muzz has also created a badges system where Muslim men and women with good standing and behaviors earn badges from people they’ve spoken with. Those badges represent personality traits, such as seriousness, responsibility, and modesty, things other users have appreciated about them during their interactions.

As for security measures, Muzz doesn’t fall short on those either. They require a selfie verification upon subscription to ensure that all members are authentic. That selfie will not appear on your profile. They’re only used for identity verification.

The free version gives you access to some unique features. However, if you’d like to speed up finding your perfect spouse, you can also purchase the Muzz Gold membership. As a premium member, you get more advanced search features, have access to unlimited profiles, get rid of the ads, and receive a VIP Badge.

Moreover, the daily Profile Boost and Instant Chat connect you to more people online. Muzz Gold also allows you to review previously rejected profiles and match with them if you wish to do so.

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2. ArabianDate

Launched in 1993, ArabianDate is one of the oldest Muslim dating sites in the online dating space. It covers more than 32 countries, which helps to create an extensive database of Muslim singles. There’s someone for everyone on this website. ArabianDate caters primarily to Muslim singles from Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.

The best feature of the ArabianDate is its high security, where company staff individually approve each member’s profile. That guarantees a low presence of scammers and fake members.

You can also live chat, send letters, and share photos and videos with your potential spouse if you choose to do so. Extra features like Let’s Mingle and Boost allow members to break the ice more easily and attract a more significant number of people’s attention.

Members of ArabianDate can have different reasons for being on the website. These reasons can range from friendship to dating, companionship, and even online romance. ArabianDate isn’t a Muslim dating site for fleeting romances, so people who seek brief, casual encounters will not be satisfied.

Contrary to other Islam dating sites, ArabianDate offers free membership to members who follow specific requirements. They require a member to have filled in their profile with quality information that describes them fully and to have included photos and videos on their profile. Moreover, free members should be active on the platform to keep their membership charge-free.

3. Helahel

Helahel is a free Muslim marriage site that hopes to connect Muslim singles from across the globe and help them find a suitable life partner.

This website is unique because it’s currently the only 100% free Muslim dating site.

Their moderation team works hard to sieve through new registrations and only keeps the authentic profiles on the platform. They try to create a safe environment for Muslim singles who want to meet like-minded matches who adhere to the same Islamic values as them.

The best features of the websites are the public profiles that all include a profile picture. You can browse through different profiles and send messages to your potential romantic interests with the hope that one of them can become a serious commitment.

4. MuslimMatrimony

Created by the Group, MuslimMatrimony is a Muslim marriage site and app that strives to marry off Muslim singles from more than 300 Indian communities. It’s an ideal place to find your life partner because of its long-established reputation as a match-making website.

The advantage of MuslimMatrimony is the presence of a mobile app and website. The mobile app allows Muslim singles to find and chat with their potential spouses on the go from the convenience of their phones. Moreover, their live chat feature enables couples to get to know each other by asking more personal questions.

To sign in, you need to register with your phone number, which helps guarantee the low rate of scammers on the platform.

Parents or family members who wish to find a match for their daughter, son, brother, sister, or another family member can indicate their matrimony profile during the registration process. That will allow them to browse other profiles and communicate with any of the members on behalf of the person they wish to marry off.

5. Muslima (Website & App)

Launched in 2006 from the Cupid Media network, Muslima is a Muslim marriage site that brings Muslim singles from all over the world together. The platform was created with Islamic rules of courtship in mind and offers proper and positive communication between Muslim men and women. Muslima’s members are located mainly in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Muslima is a paid Muslim dating site that can be tested with a free trial at the beginning. Some of the paid features include access to the personal information of other members, a boost for ranking higher in the search list, advanced search options, and message translation. This last feature allows Muslim members speaking a different language to break through the limitations of communication.

6. SalaamLove (Website)

Being a part of the World Singles Network, SalaamLove has the advantage of possessing some well-tested features in the dating industry. The Muslim dating site caters to Sunni and Shia singles from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Asia, and the Arab countries. The website brings these large communities together online to help Muslim singles broaden their horizon and find the ideal match.

SalaamLove’s features include browsing users’ profiles by seeing their photos, videos, and personal information. There are live video and audio chats where two people can get to know each other even better after the initial messaging. The website also includes blog posts and forums where members can converse with multiple users on a preferred subject.

7. LoveHabibi

LoveHabibi was created by a small group of people who understand the struggle of finding a lifelong partner who shares the same values and traditions.

The Muslim dating site is a hub for Arabs, Muslims, and Arab Christian singles looking for a friendship, romantic partner, or marriage. It was created with Islamic and Christian values in mind to facilitate bringing singles together based on their beliefs and traditions. They operate mainly in Europe, the USA, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

The website's free version is quite limited, allowing you only to wink at other profiles. However, if other members wink back at you, that will enable you to see if it’s potentially worth subscribing for a premium membership. Once you purchase the paid membership, you’ll be able to message whomever you wish.

Everything You Need To Know About Muslim Dating Sites

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Muslim dating sites and apps are specifically designed to fit the needs and expectations of Muslim singles looking for their perfect match. The features that most sites offer are promoting open communication between partners without cultural stigmas or personal insecurities that can arise.

Why Should You Join A Muslim Dating Site?

Same Cultural Beliefs And Traditions

Compared to traditional dating sites and apps, Muslim ones focus on gathering Muslim singles or singles who want to convert to the Muslim religion. As seen in our top Muslim sites suggestion above, different websites can cater to different demographic and geographical locations.

As each Muslim country can share common values, it is always good to have the option to choose between the different locations that best suit your religious beliefs. Finding a marital partner with similar values can only enhance the prosperity of the marriage.

Designed Features That Reflect The Muslim Culture

Online Chaperoned Conversation

One handy feature is the possibility of having a chaperon with you in the chat room. This way, you can ensure the propriety of the conversation during your interaction with your potential future husband or wife.

The idea of a third person having access to your intimate conversation can be a little awkward at first. However, it can also be reassuring as both parties, and their families know that there was no trespassing of the Muslim dating rules.

For Muslim singles with very religious families, this feature can help convince their parents to allow them to join a Muslim dating app or site.

Verification Of Profiles

Security is always essential when sharing personal information online, but it becomes primordial when your emotions and heart are involved in the equation. Thus, different Muslim websites have created different ways of verifying the identity of their members.

Some Muslim dating sites require members to join using their social media accounts like Facebook. Others allow you to join with an email but require you to upload a verification selfie to ensure the identity of the person on the account. Lastly, some websites need a phone number during registration.

Discretion From Friends & Family – No Photos

Many Muslim singles can shy away from trying Muslim dating sites and apps because of the possibility of getting recognized and caught by a family member. Luckily for those people, a couple of Muslim dating sites have thought of that and don’t require a public picture during registration. Also, there are sites where one can blur their photographs if they don’t want to share them with everyone.

Meeting A Worldwide Community Of Muslims

The Muslim marriage sites have an extensive database of Muslim singles than your parents' knowledge of potential marital partners. Some websites even spread across the globe, bringing Muslims from different continents to one place to find ideal matches.

Moreover, your parents' pool can be limited to specific personal qualities and physical appearance, thus getting you stuck between choosing a more thoughtful or beautiful spouse. You don’t have to make that compromise online, as there’s someone for everyone on the online Muslim dating sites.

Are Muslim Dating Sites For You?

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If you’re wondering if joining a Muslim dating site will bring you happiness and satisfaction, ask yourself, what do you have to lose?

As mentioned above, the online environment of Muslim dating sites is created precisely with the expectations and desires of Muslim singles in mind. So, explore one platform at a time and its members will undoubtedly help you discover other like-minded people with the same hopes and dreams as you.

The short answer to your question is that if you’re single, ready to find friendship, love, or commit to a life-long adventure with another person, the Muslim dating sites are for you.

How To Choose The Best Muslim Dating Site For You?


Most Muslim dating sites offer a free trial or a free website or app version. The free version will allow you to explore the site and app before committing your savings to a premium membership. Most sites' prices vary primarily based on your location and the number of features on the platform.

If you sign up for a more extended period, you’ll be eligible for a lower monthly fee most of the time. However, trying the platform for free for a short period of time is always suggested. Once your heart is set on a specific website, then invest in it.

The Power Of The Algorithm

Each Muslim dating website has its algorithm that allows you to match with other Muslim singles with similar backgrounds, interests, locations, etc. It’s always good to try out a platform and see if their suggested matches go with your idea of a perfect partner.

Be aware that sometimes our criteria might not reflect our desires. So, before you rule the Muslim dating site algorithm as incompetent, establish how your desires differ from the traditional standards of a perfect partner.

The Muslim Dating Pool

Different Muslim dating sites cater to members of different ages and locations. If you’re interested in finding someone in a specific age group or area, you should check if a specialised dating platform exists for those criteria.

If it doesn’t, each Islam dating site has a search engine option that can allow you to choose members by filters. Filters can include age, location, religious sect, ethnicity, etc. Most Muslim dating sites have mighty search engines that help members narrow their search preferences to specifics.

Preferred Features By Muslim Singles

Many of the Muslim dating sites features are created to facilitate online communication with you and your other half. The idea is to create a safe environment through a series of games and prompting questions to help you open and share your life story without feeling awkward about it.

It could be uncomfortable trying something new when one has grown up traditionally. However, try some of the Muslim dating sites features before completely ruling them out. Know that most of the features are created by other Muslims who have probably felt exactly like you at some point in their lives. That inspired them to develop such features to make your experience seamless.

Reliability And Reputation Of The Muslim Dating Sites

Make sure a website is for you before signing up on the platform. It’s a good practice to read the reason for the creation of the website and its purpose before signing up. On the “About Me” page, the creator will tell you the story that has inspired them to come up with their website and how they’re different from other Muslim dating sites.

Moreover, consulting online reviews from trustworthy sources can be beneficial if this is your first time using an online Muslim dating app.

What Challenges Can You Encounter In Muslim Dating Sites And How To Overcome Them?

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No Sexual Relations Before Marriage – Get To Know Each Other

The Muslim religion is clear – no sexual encounters are allowed before a couple is married. However, that can be pretty taxing for both parties. The women need to protect their virtue by becoming colder, which risks pushing away their romantic partner, and men might be unable to control themselves and turn irrational.

To counter that, it is beneficial for both parties if a chaperon is present during the online conversations and, later, during the first meeting. This ensures proper respect towards the traditions and tests the couple’s commitment to each other.

Shyness Versus Promiscuity – The Art Of Conversing Clearly

It is hard for Muslim women on dating sites to play the balancing act of starting a conversation with a potential partner and not look too straightforward or aggressive.

Traditionally, men are expected to do the first step. So, it’s not well seen for women to do so. However, in the online space, one can only lose if they limit themselves to those outdated and limiting beliefs.

If a woman is respectful and polite, starting the conversation should be seen as a positive action and encouraged by men. Sometimes the most beautiful woman is not always the best choice for most men. So, men should be more open-minded and shed judgement on women approaching them online.

Skillful & Unskillful Flirting – How To Break The Ice And Not The Connection

Conversely, Muslim men walk a fine line between breaking the ice in a first conversation and drowning in words that could be perceived as disrespectful. Being the first to start a conversation is never easy, so big applause for those with the guts to do it. Remember that the essential things in such a situation are to be genuine and positive.

When approaching a woman in the online space, remember to introduce yourself and ask about her. Women enjoy knowing that the man they’re talking with wants to learn about their personality and interests. This makes for a smooth conversation opening that will guarantee interest from the opposite person. 

Material Versus Emotional Attachment – The Foundation Of The Relationship

Muslim men can often feel scrutinized by tradition regarding their material wealth. Traditionally, women are instructed to find a wealthy man who will be able to care for them and their children. Most Muslim men live with this stigma that they should have a wealthy lifestyle or appearance to be desirable to women. However, that is not a suitable base for building a healthy relationship.

One should break away from such social stigmas and seek a partner who enjoys their company and wishes to build a family with them. This should always be based on the person’s values and not their material situation.

On the other hand, because of the same stigma, Muslim women are sometimes asked to ignore their emotional attachment to a potential spouse because of material struggles. Being young and inexperienced, it’s easy to be led on by older norms that don’t always apply to modern reality.


Outside Influences – When The Family Will Is Stronger

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There are always outside influences in every type of relationship that excites. However, in the Islamic world, family values are fundamental, and sometimes family members can play a significant role in the matrimony of two people.

Those outside influences can be both beneficial and encouraging on the one hand and disturbing and forceful on the other. Knowing how the family members’ suggestions can impact your life for a long time is essential if you find yourself in such a situation. Will it make you happy? Will it make you more stable?

When meeting someone online, you can get to know that person before your family meets them. This allows you to test the waters with your family by giving them information about your potential partner. This way, they slowly get used to the idea of you being with that person.

Benefits Of Muslim Dating Sites

  1. Meeting Muslim singles with the same cultural and religious values
  2. Can tie the knot with a potential partner looking for a serious and long-term relationship
  3. Exploring Muslim-specific features to foster a better online dating experience
  4. Muslim dating sites members take the time to include extensive information about themselves on their profile pages
  5. Exploring each romantic encounter in a safe and trustworthy online environment
  6. Connecting with Muslim singles from all over the globe

Downsides Of Muslim Dating Sites

  1. The cost of premium membership can be more expensive than regular dating sites
  2. The amount of eligible Muslim singles can be small in some regions of the world
  3. The lack of a public profile picture can drive some matches away

Final Words Of Encouragement And Wisdom

Whether you’re a traditional or modern Muslim single, everyone searches for love, and finding it online can facilitate the process. Meeting Muslim singles from all over the world online, talking to them, getting to know them, and building a meaningful relationship before presenting them to your family can facilitate the process from singlehood to marriage.

It’s never easy to juggle life, traditions, and family expectations. Still, most Muslim dating sites are mindful of these ideas and strive to maximize your chances of finding love and a committed relationship. The most important thing is using the specific features that allow you not only to compromise your Islamic beliefs but also engage with other young Muslim singles.

Try different websites and apps before deciding which one suits your needs, desires, and preferences best. If you choose a paid site, it’s best to give it a several weeks' test before investing in it. That will show your commitment to the process of finding a future spouse and the chosen website.

Explore your options, socialise with friends and potential partners, engage in meaningful conversations, and have a wonderful time finding your ideal life partner online!