Whether you are looking for a serious long-term relationship, a casual relationship, or something in between, going online seems to be the best place to find it these days. Thanks to the mindset shift resulting from living in a world with covid-19 many are more willing and eager to take things online - not just for remote working or to do online shopping, but for finding love as well.

The kind of relationship you are looking for will dictate the type of dating site you will need to use to find that perfect match. So technically speaking, the best dating site online will be the one that will cater more to your specific desires! We won’t keep you wondering or leave you guessing where to start. Let’s break down the best of the best sites for online dating and why they are the most acclaimed to date.

The Best Site For Casual Relationships

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Is It Tinder?

Now you might be wondering, is Tinder still the best dating app around? And the short answer is yes and no. Tinder certainly has its place and has become quite a staple on most mobile devices, boasting millions of daily swipes. But we wouldn’t classify it as the best of all time. Sure, you could actually find a couple of matches rather quickly, and for free. But this gamified swiping version of dating, unfortunately, leads to it being almost too easy ans some of us would rather go find the next best thing.

Is it Hinge?

So is Hinge the best dating app? While it is more geared towards finding a solid connection than Tinder might be, it still doesn’t make it to the top of the list. Yes, you can match with someone just as easily as you could on Tinder, and there are a lot of people who don’t need to look anywhere else, but there are still even better options for those who are serious about finding something long term.

The Best Dating Site For Serious Relationships

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It’s eHarmony!

If you are looking for a serious relationship, there is one site that peaks its head above the rest as the very best dating site. On eHarmony you will find that the people who sign up are actually invested and serious about finding something real. No, you won’t need to feel like you are wasting your time getting ghosted by others who’d like to spend their time swiping rather than chatting up.

Ok, so you might have to look past the cheesy eHarmony ads they are putting out. However, they are one of the pioneers of online dating sites, that means you are guaranteed to find a worthwhile connection. Don’t take our word for it though, that is actually part of their terms and conditions. They are so confident in their matchmaking abilities that they offer a full refund if you are not fully satisfied after three months.

Is eHarmony Free?

Yes, the site is free to sign up for, as well as to use some of its rudimentary features, but you will need to sign up for a paid membership to get the full value of the services they offer. There are a few different plans to choose from to suit your budget, and eHarmony is relatively affordable compared to other sites for what they offer. Especially considering the massive dating pool you get access to, as well as the money-back guarantee.

With its proven success rates, we think that eHarmony is definitely worth the premium cost to find the right person to settle down with. Having to pay for the site also cuts down on people who are only looking to play games and who don’t take the process seriously.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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The PROS Of eHarmony

- Its high success rate speaks for itself (over 2 million people have found love so far)

- The extensive questionnaires make it easier to find a perfect match

- The site is super user-friendly with an easy interface (desktop and app)

- A large pool of high-quality singles to choose from

- A new video dating platform seamlessly integrated in the app

The CONS Of eHarmony

- eHarmony has not been extremely LGBTQ+ friendly in the past (but this is something that they have been working on)

- There is no real support for non-binary users

- The exact price of the membership plans isn’t very clear before signing-up

- Limited free trial (but regular free weekends with full access)

- Not ideal for casual dating

What To Expect…

The heart of what makes eHarmony different from other sites and what they owe their immense success rates to is their extensive compatibility quiz. This does, however, mean that signing up is a bit of a lengthy endeavour. We do believe it’s worth every minute of effort though, but do expect to take at least 20 minutes to complete your sign up process.

In the quiz, you will be asked to provide personal information accurately to ensure the algorithm will find your perfect match. Questions asked on the eHarmony compatibility test range from typical dating style questions to some that are a bit more generalised - the site uses all these questions to gauge your overall psychology in order to find your match.

Is eHarmony Worth It?

When it comes to the best online dating sites, it is clear that eHarmony always comes out on top. If you are looking for a serious connection and you are still wondering ‘which dating site is best for me’, then we haven’t done our job properly. The crux of the facts is that eHarmony is completely worth it. The features and quality of the overall experience outweigh the cost of membership.

If after all these, you still feel like eHarmony might not be the best dating site for you, then all you have to do is start your own search for the dating site that meets your needs. Sure, you might find a life partner on eHarmony, but if it’s not your top priority right now, you don’t have to settle for it!