Online dating is how we date today. Even if we like traditional dating and have met our other half through traditional means, most people have tried online dating at least once.

Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld found out in a study that the most popular way to meet a significant other in heterogeneous couples is online. In an interview with Standford News in 2019, Rosenfeld states that this is due to two core technological changes, the advent of the World Wide Web and the rise of cellphones.

It has become harder to attract love interests’ attention because the pool of online daters has expanded exponentially since 2020. So, we must come up with clever and funny dating profiles to be more competitive in the online dating game.

Mainstream Dating Profile Examples

Brunette woman in sunglasses and jean sleeveless jacket, sitting on wooden bench, looking surprised at her mobile phone.

The top three dating apps in the US for 2022 are Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. They cater to a large public, so you need to stand out to catch the right person’s eye. Here are some examples that can help you do that.

Tinder Profile Examples

Choose images for your profile, but also include short videos or Loops. The dynamic feature of the videos allows the other person to imagine what it’s like to be there in the clip with you. So, stimulate his imagination.

The “About Me” section should contain some information about your personality. Ask your friends and family to describe you if you don’t know what to say. Try not to skip this question, it says a lot about you. If you simply type “I don’t know” it can be a turn-off for the other side.

Use the rest of Tinder’s sections like the Passions, Job Title, Company, School, Instagram, Spotify, etc., to include things that are most relevant to you and shed light on your personality.

One thing that you should include in your dating profile bio is your height. Not because your high is an advantage or disadvantage, but it helps you sift through the people who believe height is essential in a romantic relationship. You don’t want to waste time talking to people who are not interested in you because of your height, do you?

Examples Of “About Me” Descriptions

Brunette man in white t-shirt and jean over-shirt pointing at his chest and looking proud. Pink background.

  • If fun and adventure are in your veins, let’s get together!
    Funny, caring, and thrill-seeking! You won’t regret it!
  • It’s summer, and it’s going to be hot. Looking for summer love.
    Athletic, loving nature and outdoor activities.
    Let’s get coffee or beer, my treat!
  • Homebody that makes mean lasagna from a special recipe passed down for generations in my family. You’ll fall in love with it! Don’t trust me, come, and try it!
    Loves to read, journal, paint and cook!
  • Be yourself, and I’ll be me and whatever happens, happens.
    Meaningful connections and friendships are what matter the most to me!

Bumble Profile Examples

Bumble sadly doesn’t allow you to upload videos, so try to find some photos that are dynamic in nature to show more of yourself and your lifestyle.

An excellent Bumble feature is the Profile prompts. They can help you answer questions about yourself to shine a light on your better characteristics. It’s recommended to use all three available slots as they will allow you to be more concise in your bio.

If height is important to you, you can enter yours in the “More About Me” section and later filter your dating pool based on your preferred height, much like how most of us filter out matches based on age.

Like Tinder, Bumble allows you to connect to Instagram and Spotify to expose your diverse interests and attract someone equally interested in the same hobbies and music.

Examples For Written Prompts

Brunette man and blonde woman both wearing white, scratching their heads and looking up in question. Pink background.

  • A pro and con of dating me…
    You’ll never get bored with me! I like to go out, enjoy time with friends and family at home or in nature, so if you’re outgoing, there won’t be any cons!
  • We’ll get along if…
    I geek on anime and comics, so if you like Comicon, let’s make our Marvel or Naruto Costumes and be each other’s + 1s!
  • Let’s break dating stereotypes by…
    Starting with dessert on the first date and only going for dessert on our second!
  • What makes a relationship great…
    A great relationship is when you can freely be yourself with the person you love, and they feel the same comfort with you. It takes time and courage, and will to fight for each other.

Hinge Profile Examples

The good news is Hinge allows you to upload photos and videos. Dating profile photos should be diverse much like the aforementioned apps, but Hinge also lets you include Photo Prompts. Those are short messages that describe your photos. You can also include quotes or funny sayings to shake up the usual descriptions.

They have included a voice prompt as well. This feature helps you get a sense of the other person, even before you’ve met. At first, it might be a bit uncomfortable for most to use the voice prompt, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Hinge doesn’t have a profile bio section, but just like Bumble it allows you to choose written prompts to introduce yourself to the dating pool.

It also allows you to connect to Instagram and showcase your wild or creative side through more images.

Examples Of Voice Prompt

Black-haired woman with an afro in yellow overalls, holding her phone in front of her face and speaking. She is at a cafe.

  • A random fact I love is…
    I love the sky and the clouds. Everyone loves the sunset or sunrise, but I also enjoy lying on the grass and gazing at the clear sky during the day.
  • I’m looking for…
    I want someone sweet and caring with whom I can go on dates and explore the city. I love Sunday brunch, so I’d love to take you on a date one Sunday morning.
  • I’ll fall for you if…
    I love eating and laughing, so I might start liking you if you join me in either one. If you join me in both, get ready ‘cause I’ll fall for you!
  • All I ask is that…
    You treat me with respect and honesty, and I’ll give you the same in return. I’m looking for someone ready to build a future with someone else.

As you can see, setting up a witty dating profile can be tricky but it’s not rocket science. With some time and practice you might find your other half in the blink of an eye!

The most important thing is to know what your best features are. Take your time exploring your personality, it will help you create a more clever and exciting dating profile. There’s nothing more attractive than knowing who you are and what you want!