So it’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s day! It’s the day where lovers like to express their affection with gifts. Although the day in general means different things for each person, it still comes down to that one headache of deciding what to buy your partner.

Is it just the thought that counts? Well yes and no, some people will just be happy that their partner remembered the day. But others may treat it more seriously whilst expecting something a little more expensive or meaningful.

Sometimes it's nice to surprise them with a material gift but on the other hand it can be just as lovely treating them to a Valentine’s day getaway where you get to share a loving romantic experience together.

Well let’s take a look at some of the best valentine’s day gifts you could get for your loved one on that special day!

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Brunette woman covering eyes of man with one hand and placing red gift box in front of him. Light bulbs in background.

Apple AirPod Pro’s

An ideal gift for your partner, especially if he goes to the gym or takes a lot of work calls. These wireless headphones are extremely convenient for all occasions.It’s good to make sure he’s got an apple phone before you get these though!

Wahl Ultima Shaver

Even if your man doesn’t grow a full beard yet, an electric shaver will always be essential at some point. According to ManKind this one is amongst the top 8 shavers out there as it’s rechargeable, cordless and even comes with a deluxe travel pouch in case you’re going away for the day.

Karma Gun

Maybe you’re fed up with your man asking for massages all the time. This good value massage gun should solve that issue. With six different speed settings and four multi-functional massage heads, it should keep him quiet for a while.

The SUB Beer Tap By Krups

What man has ever said no to a beer? Giving him his own pub experience whilst he is watching his favourite sports at home can be a gamechanger. It may even keep him from spending all day at the pub too!

Build Your Own Cocktail Experience

Take your pick between an array of amazing alcoholic beverages and whip up your own unique cocktail for him, give it your own special name and compose a note to go with it. Ingredients for four drinks comes in a neatly fabricated box.

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Man in blue shirt hugging a woman in pink shirt from behind while giving her a gift box. Two red wine glasses in front.

Wonderful Woman Spa Day By Beaverbrook

If you want to show her how much you appreciate her, what better way than to send her on a relaxing spa day. A standard day includes a 90 minute massage and facial, a delicious daily lunch and full use of their coach house facilities.

Six Month Cocktail Subscription By The Cocktail Man

An award-winning cocktail mixologist named James Vyse lets you taste his unique signature cocktails all at the comfort of your own home. A good way to celebrate your relationship by enjoying some delicious cocktails together.

Tickets To Her Favourite Musical Show

Whether it's Moulin Rouge or Jersey boys, a nice evening out mixed with a decent musical can be a good choice. If you’re lucky she might just end up choosing you to go with instead of her best friend.

Way To Your Heart Hamper

Maybe you’re on a bit of a tight budget and you know your woman loves chocolate. This hamper from Hotel chocolat will be a godsend! Not only does it have an array of chocolate flavours, but it also comes with a nice bottle of boutique prosecco to spice things up.

Chanel N°5 Eau De Parfum

She might prefer a Chanel handbag, but not everyone can afford those kinds of luxuries. The next best thing would be going for their perfume. Tangy, sparkly and a unique fragrance that will have her feeling sexy.

Thinking outside of the box, there are some cute valentine’s gifts that you can get her. You could go for that ‘heart necklace’ she always wanted, or a couple’s promise ring to remind you of your love and loyalty to each other.

Believe it or not, when it comes to buying things for your partner, you can lower the costs, but still make your gift thoughtful and special. How? Well, DIY Valentine’s day gifts. Take a look below at some ideas.

Yellow batter having been cut into shapes of love hearts with a rolling pin right next to it. Some flour on batter.

  • Bake a batch of homemade truffles, wrap them in a pretty box and hand them to your partner. Just be sure to taste one before you do so.
  • Put a collage of all your best times together, this will remind each other of how much you both appreciate your relationship.
  • Go to the local supermarket and pick up ingredients for their favourite meal. Don’t forget the strawberries and cream along with the bottle of wine as well.

So you now have a good idea as to what you can buy to keep your partner happy, as long as you plan ahead. But just in case you haven’t, there are some last minute valentine’s day gifts you can order online. Of course, nobody recommends leaving it until the day before but if for some reason you do, here are some ideas to keep you out of trouble!

White-haired yorkie dog with elastic band on head, holding hair up, with a red rose in its mouth.

  • Fresh Flowers Delivery: Flowers are always a crowd-pleaser and you can never go wrong with red roses on Valentine’s day. Send them through to her workplace for an added element of surprise!
  • A Flight Gift Card: Yes, it sometimes comes across a little lazy but you did leave it to the last minute, so beggars can’t be choosers. A choice of 980 global destinations to choose from, should do the job. If you’re lucky she might not even realise it was a last minute thing.
  • Couples Collection By Virgin Experience Days: If you aren’t able to choose what activity or experience she may like, with this voucher she has a choice of 104 different experiences to choose from. All you need to do is order the voucher and add a personal romantic message to it.

Finally, we can finish on what Valentine’s day is mainly about, ROMANCE! Maybe you’re a couple that instead of exchanging a material gift, you prefer to book a romantic weekend away together.

This can be one of the best choices for Valentine’s day, especially if your partner decides to bring some valentine’s day lingerie to spice up the evening!

Whatever you decide to do or buy, make sure you make the most of it with your loved one as it only comes around once a year!