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Since 2002, AfroIntroduction has been inviting people of all sexual orientations, from all over the world, to find romantic long-distance matches and meet African singles online. The dating site, one of the most famous and largest international African dating sites, is under the umbrella of the well-established dating network Cupid Media. The network itself has a large collection of over 30 similar niche dating sites committed to connecting singles worldwide. With a member base of over 4.5 million, AfroIntroductions makes it easy for any African woman or man to find a match, whether that is for true love, dating, or just finding an online friendship.

Online dating will always have its pros and cons and in this AfroIntroduction review, we will talk about the best features that AfroIntroductions has to offer to match you with an African beauty, as well as what to look out for while using the platform. The main goal of this African dating site is to make international dating for African women a complete breeze. We look at who uses the site, what you can expect to find here, and how they can help you find that perfect match. But before you rush off to get your AfroIntroduction login sorted, let us help you get the most out of your experience!

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What Type Of Dating Site Is AfroIntroductions?

afrointroductions dating site homepage
  • Long Distance Relationships
  • Serious Relationships
  • Penpals
  • International Romances
  • Friendships

The site is first and foremost a tool for African women anywhere in the world, and men who are looking to have a relationship with an African woman, to start a relationship of their choosing.

Who Is AfroIntroductions For?

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bi
  • Singles

The site is extremely inclusive and you will be able to find pretty much any kind of relationship with people of almost any sexual orientation.

Stats & Infographics Of AfroIntroductions

Male - Female Ratio

afrointroductions dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

afrointroductions dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

afrointroductions dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process Of

The registration process at is easy and completely free. Signing up is as simple as entering your AfroIntroductions login information:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • The gender you're looking for
  • Age
  • Email address
  • Choosing a password
  • Agreeing to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Click the "See Singles Now" button and you're done! It's hassle-free and you don't need long, in-depth forms or surveys to get your AfroIntroduction member profile started (there are quite a few bits of information you can add to have a fully complete profile though). You won't even be asked to verify your email address. After going through the AfroIntroduction log in process, your profile is sorted and you can explore the platform before deciding to provide more information about yourself. 

Of course, choosing to include as much information about yourself as possible will help you find a match here. Once you log in to Afro Introductions and are happy with what the platform has to offer, you can take your time. Click the greyed-out face icon in the top right corner of the screen (your profile picture will appear after uploading a photo) and select Edit Profile. The site will periodically ask you to fill in some information that you can still add to your profile to increase your online presence, such as adding a nice profile picture (which, according to other AfroIntroduction reviews, is 10x more likely to get noticed) and writing a short post on your description and likes.

Creating a profile after the easy registration can be a time-consuming task, so it's nice to be able to do it at any time. You can view and edit your profile picture by selecting the Profile tab (the icon next to the wheel in the top right corner of the screen - it's grey if you haven't added a profile picture yet). Here you can: 

afrointroductions dating site registration process steps

1) Add up to 5 photos. There are also helpful tips for choosing the right photos to use. You can choose to upload an existing photo that’s already on your device or take a new one using your webcam. If all else fails, you can also email or post a photo to AfroIntroductions. 

2) Next enter your basic profile information (you can change your username, gender, age, location, etc. if you had a problem during the initial sign-up), enter your appearance (from hair colour and body art to ethnicity), choose what your current life is, your lifestyle (smoking, pets, kids, work, income, what you're looking for, job, etc.) and write a short introduction about yourself that gets displayed on your profile. 

3) Change your match criteria. The Afro Introduction site is designed to help you find your perfect match by highlighting what is important to you in a partner. You can select matches based on gender, age, location, appearance, lifestyle, background, or cultural values.

4) Check the boxes for your hobbies and interests. There are four categories: "What do you do for fun?", "What food do you like?" , "What kind of music do you like?", and "What sport do you like to play or watch?". Don't forget to click Submit when you're done.

5) Edit your personality profile. Here you can write short paragraphs about your favourite movies, books, food, music, sense of humour, travel history, and a few other things that might be important for a potential partner to know about you.

6) Choose a CupidTag that resonates with you. Select keywords like "quiet" and "sense of humour" to describe your sensibilities, and words like "food" and "gym" to describe your interests. These can also be used to find an appropriately matched partner.

7) Verify your profile. Verified profiles get a verified badge to let other members know you're dating for real and are serious about finding a match. It helps you get more attention, improves member safety, and makes you a more trustworthy person for others to contact. Profile verification is done by uploading digital copies of either your passport, driver’s licence, or national ID card directly to the site.

These seven stages can be implemented after your initial AfroIntroduction profile creation, at any time that you like, and in any order that you choose. You can even leave them blank if you’d like but we suggest you fill in as much as possible. And take your time to do so, every detail counts in the long run.

AfroIntroductions Mobile Application / Compatibility

afrointroductions dating site mobile compatibility

As popular as it is, you can be sure that AfroIntroductions has a mobile app available that adds to the excellent reputation of the Cupid Media group. Similar to the AfroIntroductions website, the Afrodating app is just as easy to use and interactive with everything that the site has to offer at your fingertips. The Afro dating app is equally compatible with mobile and tablet devices and is available for Android and iOS users. Logging into the app is as easy as logging into the website, and all key features are represented by icons at the top of the screen, allowing users to easily navigate through each feature. 

When you log in to the afro introduction app, the default search results will show the most recently created profile and most recently uploaded photos at the top of the screen. What’s different on the AfroIntroductions app is that while on the member search screen, each profile photo shows only two action buttons. Clicking one button means you want to get that member's attention, and the other button sends a message to that member. Very easy! 

The only limitation of the AfroIntroduction app (like the web version) is that only premium members can send the first message, so we recommend downloading the app to anyone who plans to sign up for a membership package. Take dating with you wherever you go.

Men Vs Women On AfroIntroduction

afrointroductions dating site men vs women disadvantages and benefits

From the very beginning of registration, all members of are treated equally and no gender is given preference over the other. Men and women must go through the same simple sign-up process, are asked to provide the same information about themselves in their profiles, receive the same features and overall online experience, and pay the same price for their premium membership packages. This is what we call dating equality.

The site gives you the ability to change your gender at any time, so it would be a bit of a toss-up if one gender had preferential treatment here. We are sure people would be smart enough to have used this to their advantage but it’s an equal playing field for all. Thank goodness for that dating equality. On the other hand, who hasn’t accidentally pushed the wrong button here or there? So if you created a profile for the wrong gender, you can easily correct it. Click on your profile (the icon next to the wheel in the upper right corner of the screen), select "Edit profile" and "Change" next to gender. You can also select your gender when doing a search on either the members’ page or the advanced search page. Both pages can be easily selected from the tabs of the same name at the top of the screen. While some other sites may require you to re-register or contact customer support for this, AfroIntroductions makes this a whole lot easier for you.

With regards to the ratio of men vs women on the site, it is clear that women will have a far better chance at finding a match here as they have a bigger pool of members to choose from. Men might need to put their best foot forward and make sure that their profile stands out from the rest.

AfroIntroduction Top Features

Two conversation bubble icons cross each other. One of the bubbles contains the letter Automatic Message Translation

You don't need to speak multiple languages to chat with one of the thousands of foreign members. AfroIntroductions com easily translates messages from any of the site's 32 recognised languages into the language of your choice. For example, if you match with someone from Cameroon who only speaks French you can send them a message in your language and they will receive text translated into French. When they then reply to you, it will be translated back into your language of choice (you choose your language when you sign up - your browser will automatically detect this for you). We've learned, though, that translations aren't always perfect, but this is still a great feature that makes things so much easier for members.

A light blue outline of a search icon. In-Depth Search Capabilities

afrointroductions dating site in-depth search capabilities feature's extensive advanced search options will help you find the perfect match by selecting exactly what you are looking for in a partner. Here you can choose your variables based on gender, age range, online status, whether they have a photo, and select to see members from either only one, or multiple, countries. 

You can go even further in detail and filter the range based on appearance by selecting physical characteristics such as height, weight, body type, hair colour, and race. In addition, you can filter by lifestyle (such as smoking and drinking habits), background and culture, if you want to search AfroIntroductions members of a specific nationality, religion, or language. The best part is that after selecting a particular combination of filters, you can easily save your search using the tab at the bottom of the search screen to give each individual search a name. This way, you can have multiple sets of search parameters that you can easily return to at any time by clicking on the "Saved Searches" tab. 

The site gives you even more freedom by allowing you to search for potential partners using specific keywords, CupidTags (we’ll go into more detail on this in a moment), and even trending search terms. If you already know the person and want to find them again, you can search for the member by inputting their first name or their member number.

A hashtag symbol in light blue color. CupidTags 

afrointroductions dating site cupidtags feature

This is probably one of the most popular features of any site that forms part of the Cupid Media network. These tags act as keywords, informing other members about your interests and help to make your profile stand out when other members enter similar interests to their advanced searches. 

You can add as many or as few tags to your profile as you like so that other members can get an even better idea about what makes you tick. When selecting tags, each one will show a number that represents the number of people who have tagged themselves with that CupidTag, indicating its popularity in the community. Choosing a more popular tag might increase your chances of finding a match, but take care to be authentic when tagging yourself. 

A light blue outline of a browser symbol. Easily Join Other Cupid Sites 

afrointroductions dating site cupidtags feature

With over 60 million users worldwide on the Cupid Media network of sites, it makes sense to try your luck on more than just the Afro Cupid site. While other dating networks will automatically share your profile over all their sites, Cupid Media gives you the choice to join any of the multiple cupid international dating sites that they have available. You can do this by clicking “Visit Our Other Sites” at the bottom of the screen. There are a total of 39 sites besides and should you ever lose track, they even let you know on which sites you have chosen to be a member and you can alternate between the sites quite easily at any stage. 

Some of their other popular sites include sites like their main site InternationalCupid (To meet singles from anywhere in the world), ThaiCupid (To meet Thai Singles), BrazilCupid (To meet Brazilian singles), and SouthAfricanCupid (To meet South African singles). AfricanDate and InterracialCupid are other Cupid sites similar to AfroIntroductions.

A light blue outline of an information symbol. Outline of a circle and the letter Compatibility Guide

afrointroductions dating site compatibility guide feature

The compatibility guide on AfroCupid is a simple benchmark for how compatible you are with other members. This is another standard Cupid Media feature, so it's worth checking out. This feature is standard for all members and helps you see how well you're a match before you decide to send a message. uses the information you provide in your profile and compares it to the information that other members are looking for, taking into account what you are looking for and making sure that you and other members are a good match.

To view your compatibility with someone, simply click on that member’s profile and scroll down till you see the compatibility bars. You can read through the full list to see every detail of what you match and decide which is more important for you, or take a quick browse at the ratio of green to red to see an overview of your compatibility at a glance. Offers, Prices & Costs

AfroIntroductions is a premium platform requiring its members to sign up for a paid membership to find real value here. Registration on the site is, however, free and a free AfroIntroductions com login allows you to use the most basic features such as site navigation, likes, and matching with other site users. However, in order to send messages to anyone, you must sign up for one of our premium subscription packages. 

The platform offers three premium subscriptions for you to choose from, each with its own benefits and features. At the end of the day, it seems like the more you pay, the more opportunities you have at being successful in your endeavours and the more likely you are to find a suitable match. Premium subscriptions will automatically renew after their respective period has ended, but the auto-renew functionality is simple to turn off from your account settings when it is time to give online dating a rest.

Green circle icon. Standard Subscription 

The standard membership is what you are automatically signed onto when you’ve registered and is the free version of the site. With this free African dating site, you get basic access to the site and are able to browse, match, like, and reply to paying users (you can not send the first message as a free member).

Prices & Costs


Perks Include

  • Basic Matching
  • Browsing member profiles
  • Likes
  • Limited Communication (with paying members only) 

Orange circle icon. Gold Subscription Package

The Gold subscription is the introduction to what the site actually offers and unlocks a bit more features than what is available to those with a standard subscription. With a Gold Package you get all the standard features, all your messages get unlocked, and you can now message any other member freely. At this tier, you are also able to hide your profile. This is handy if you have already found someone to chat with and don’t want other users reaching out to you anymore. At this tier, you will also not get bothered by any ads on the site anymore.

Prices & Costs

Duration Price Total
1 Week $17/1 Week $17
1 Month $34/Month $34
3 Months $22.67/Month $68
12 Months $11.25/Month $135

Perks Include

  • All of the Standard Membership features
  • Unlimited communication to any member
  • Unlock your Inbox
  • Say goodbye to Ads
  • Ability to hide your profile and your photos

Purple circle icon Platinum Subscription Package

The Platinum level subscription comes with all the benefits of a Gold membership but also unlocks some key features that set your site experience apart from the rest. This includes the ability to automatically translate messages and use more advanced and exclusive search functions. You can also stand out from other members by being ranked higher, you get more space on your profile, and get assured of better matches according to the site. The translation function is great if you are talking to anyone who might have a different first language than you do. 

Prices & Costs

Duration Price Total
1 Week $20/1 Week $20
1 Month $40/Month $40
3 Months $26.67/Month $80
12 Months £14.17/Month £170

Perks Include

  • All Gold Membership features 
  • Double your Profile Space
  • Unlock Exclusive Search Features
  • Get Better Matches
  • Instantly Translate Messages
  • Rank Above Other Members 

Black circle icon. Diamond Subscription Package

The top tier on AfroIntroductions is the Diamond package. At this level, you get all the features from the Platinum tier with the added bonus of the most premium features that are exclusive to this package. These include premium customer service, profile highlighting, having your profile ranked above anyone else in searches, and getting priority messaging. This is the true VIP experience and the Rolls Royce of online dating.

Prices & Costs

Duration Price Total
1 Week $40/1 Week $40
1 Month $68.98/Month $68.98
3 Months $46.66/Month $140
12 Months £25/Month £300

Perks Include

  • All Platinum Member Features
  • Priority Messaging
  • Rank Above All Members 
  • Profile Highlighting
  • Premium Customer Service

If you are interested in the best chance of success on AfroIntroductions, seeing how the best features of the site are only unlocked with either a Platinum or Diamond level membership, you should consider choosing one of these packages. If you're planning to sign up for a paid subscription to find the perfect long-distance relationship with an African beauty, it's worth the extra investment to have these features at your fingertips. 

Should you decide it’s time to cancel your subscription, you will only receive a refund if you have not used any of the premium paid features offered by the site. If you cancel halfway through your membership period, you will still have access to all premium features for the duration of the purchased package, and turning off the auto-renew function will ensure that you do not get billed again.

AfroIntroductions Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Quick and easy sign-up process with minimal effort required 
  • A giant user base of active members 
  • Anonymity features (You can hide your profile from others should you choose to)
  • Excellent customer support
  • Mobile app availability
  • Advanced search filters (Find exactly the kind of single you are looking for)


  • Auto text translation hiccups (The translation doesn’t always come out 100% perfectly and may be a bit of a hassle at times)
  • Paid messages only (Wanting to send even a single message requires you to sign up for one of the subscription packages)
  • Proof of identity verification is only optional and not a requirement (Anyone can log in and create a profile, and you don’t even need to have your email verified first) Safety & Security

Personal Data Security

The Terms of Use state clearly that your personal data will be used in several different ways, which is plainly laid out in bold and surrounded in a border so you can’t miss it. With Cupid Media being such a well-established network their Terms are well set up, presented in extreme detail, and exactly what you would expect from a legit and professionally run afro dating site that has your best interest at heart. 

First, by registering on any Cupid Media platform (AfroIntroductions included), you consent to the transfer of your personal information to third parties within and outside of your country of residence, bearing in mind that different countries may have different levels of protection for the use of your personal data. Any kind of data transmission itself has its own set of risks to be aware of. 

Secondly, you agree that the data collected about you (this is everything that you have put on your profile) may be used for direct marketing. However, they clearly state that they "do not sell personal data to third parties" so this is not for profit but to increase your user experience while on the site. 

The Introduction dating site also uses your personal information (including photos, videos, profile information, and audio recordings) to copy your profile to other related sites owned by Cupid Media. Unlike other dating sites that show your profile on a bunch of other websites, lets you choose which of the other Cupid Media sites you want to appear on. This "data copy" greatly simplifies the process of creating a duplicate profile on other sites that you choose to join, and it happens basically automatically. As a result, you only ever have to create your profile once. 

As with most Terms of Use, it is good to be aware that you have the right to withdraw your consent or object to the use of your personal data in this way at any time through the process described in the site’s Privacy Notice.

Fake Profile Prevention 

Because you don't need to verify your email address to sign up for AfroIntroductions, it's rather difficult to prevent any fake accounts from being created. Unfortunately, legitimate users have little protection against fake profiles here. There is no dedicated AfroIntroductions fake profile prevention. However, the site does offer some peace of mind by awarding ID-verified profiles with badges. So you can rest assured that anyone with a badge is legit. Paid members even have the choice to only see verified users in their search parameters so you won’t have to wade through the thousands of members to find them. 

You'll love the fact that from our research we’ve not come across any proof of AfroIntroductions scams and any nefarious activity seems to be on a much lower level than most dating sites. It is also good to know that all uploaded photos have to first be approved by moderators before appearing on the site. Therefore, under no circumstances may anyone use photos of celebrities, cartoon characters, or other photos that do not clearly belong to the members themselves. Say cheers to catfishes, they can try again somewhere else.

If you think there is something a bit fishy with someone else's profile, or if anyone asks you for money via the site, you can report them to the AfroIntroduction customer support team directly, and they will investigate said user closely. As a last note, the site's terms of use contained nothing suspicious that would even suggest that the profiles were created solely for "entertainment purposes", which unsurprisingly does happen on other less-legitimate dating sites.


After spending extensive amounts of time on the site, and doing rigorous research on Afro we’ve come to the conclusion that it is rather clear that this platform offers a great experience and is worth the investment of users’ time and money. If you're looking for one of the very best afro dating sites where you can find anything from a long-term relationship, pen pal, or friendship - whether you want to explore other cultures and communities in your dating life, and want to meet strangers as interesting as you, then this is the platform for you. With millions of members giving you seemingly endless options for significant matches, along with features dedicated to connecting you with African singles around the world, you'll find exactly what you're looking for on AfroIntroductions. We recommend that you take the time to complete your profile as much as possible. What we're most excited to try, and know you will be too, are CupidTags, advanced search capabilities, and machine translation. 

They might have received the full 5 stars if only the translator worked a bit better, and if some of the key features were also available to the free (or even the lowest level) subscription. Therefore it would be wise to fork out the premium price for either a Platinum or diamond membership - should your wallet allow it. In our opinion, it would be good to add these key features to the Gold membership as well, as this is what sets the platform apart from others and makes the site an attractive platform to use. So your experience on AfroIntro may just depend on your budget, but it's worth it if you can. So why wait, go type in your browser now and see for yourself.

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AfroIntroduction Dating Tips

Be Smart With CupidTags

We know you'll want to check them all just at the possibility of increasing your chances of finding a match online but don't go clicking on all of them. We've found that potential matches are easier to find when you pinpoint only a few tags that are important to you. So be a bit selective and let the algorithm do its magic. 

This Is Not The Place To Look For Mail-Order Brides! 

Yes, the first thought that comes to most people's minds when they think of "serious international relationships" (even if it’s with African women - although Russian women might be more of a cliché thought) is that it must be another mail-order bride site. However, as a condition of the Terms of Use, this site is clearly stated that it is NOT to be used as a service for marriage brokerage, and they take this very seriously.

Try Using A VPN To Save Money

If you want to use all the great features of the premium plan but don't want to pay the full price, you can access it through servers in South Africa with a VPN. We found the cost (for the most expensive diamond packs) to be about half the price for users in South Africa at current exchange rates. Get all the great features for a fraction of the price.

Skip The Gold Membership

Yes, you read that correctly. If you've browsed enough and are ready to upgrade to one of the premium memberships. You might think you are saving a few bucks by going Gold. However, the key features that make such a great site are only available to Platinum and Diamond members. Access to these features requires an additional commitment, but can you put a price on finding love?


How Do I Message Someone On AfroIntroductions?

Sending a message to an AfroIntroduction member is quite simple. Just click the balloon icon on a member's profile. A text card will appear where you can type your message and then click "Send" to deliver your message. 

How Do I Cancel My AfroIntroductions Subscription? 

To cancel your subscription, you must turn off the automatic membership renewal. To do this, open the settings menu (the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen). Select "Billing", then select "No" for the "Auto-Renew" option and click "Save". You will be asked to confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription. Click “Switch Off Auto Refilling”. You can unsubscribe from your membership at any time. 

Does AfroIntroductions Sell My Data?

No. AfroIntroductions and the Cupid Media group will never sell your data. 

How Does Afro Introduction Protect My Payment Information?

All transactions on the site are secured with SSL encryption and AfroIntroductions will never disclose or sell your personal card details to any unauthorised parties. The site takes all the necessary measures to ensure that your credit card details are always safe. 

How Can I Prevent Another User From Contacting Me?

There are several areas where you can block a user from contacting you. In Instant Messenger, click the "More" menu, then click "Block User." In messages, click the "Block User" button while reading their messages. On a member's profile, click the "Block User" button (it's the universal ‘no’ sign to the right of the speech bubble). You can see all your blocked contacts in your "Blocklist" in the "Activity" menu.

What Information Appears On My Bank Statement?

Since this is not a "secret affair" type of platform, your billing information is not hidden. The charge will appear on your card or statement as " Southport AU". Billing is through Cupid Media Ltd, Suite 2502, 5 Lawson Street, Southport, QLD 4215, Australia.

Is It Free To Use AfroIntroductions?

Yes, and it is one of the best free African dating sites around. The registration and use of the most basic features of the site, such as browsing profiles, communicating with paying members, and submitting likes, are free. To fully explore the site and enjoy all the real features like live chats, sending messages, and more, you need to purchase one of the premium membership packages.

Is LGBTQ Friendly? 

Yes! The AfroIntroduction dating site is completely LGBTQ friendly and allows people of any sexual orientation to find a love match from members from all over the world. However, we have noticed that the site sadly does not yet feature non-binary people. Users can only choose between male or female for their gender and the gender they are looking for.

How Can I Date Internationally If I Only Speak English? 

Language barriers are a thing of the past with the use of AfroIntroduction’s automatic translator. The site automatically translates any messages in your inbox into your native language if you are subscribed to either the Platinum or Diamond membership package.