InternationalCupid Introduction

Founded in 2004, International cupid has been welcoming people of any sexual orientation to find long-distance love matches online for the past 18 years. The dating website, which is one of the most well-established and largest international dating sites around, is run through the Cupid Media dating network - which boasts a large selection of similar dating sites.

Dating internationally has its own perks but also comes with its own speed bumps. In this review, we’ll discuss all the great features that have to offer. All of this is in aid to help make international dating an easy task. We’ll also discuss who uses the site, what you can expect to find here, and why we think they could help you find that percent match. But before you rush to get your own InternationalCupid com log in sorted, let’s help you to get the best out of your experience!

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What Type Of Dating Site Is InternationalCupid? dating site homepage.

For anyone who finds that their local dating pool might be too small, somewhat restricted, or slowly drying up, exploring thousands of international singles is the next best move. This is why the InternationalCupid dating site is the perfect platform to expand the options for anyone keen to meet people from all over the world.

  • Long Distance Relationships
  • International Romances
  • Serious Relationships
  • Penpal
  • Friendships

Who Is InternationalCupid For?

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bi
  • Single

When you first indicate your gender during the registration process, the “I’m looking for” tab automatically changes to the opposite gender. So at first glance, it might seem like the platform is purely for straight people. But once you have created your account you are free to select whether you are seeking to match with males, females, or both. The search bar is conveniently located at the top of the screen, right above all the profiles that match the parameters of your search.

Stats & Infographics Of

Male - Female Ratio dating site male to female ratio stats and infographics.

Age Demographics dating site age demographics stats and infographics.

Country Distribution dating site country distribution stats and infographics.

As a platform that boasts worldwide members, the distribution of its users is quite widespread across the globe. While a 5th of its 3.5 million monthly site visitors are from America, the rest are pretty evenly spread across Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada, and Africa.

Registration Process Of International Cupid Dating Site

The www InternationalCupid com sign up process is a piece of cake, and completely free to do. InternationalCupid registration is as straightforward as merely entering a few credentials, which include your first name, email address, choosing an internationalcupid login password, gender, and age. And that is it! There’s no fuss, and there are no long-winded in-depth questionnaires and forms required to get your profile started. You won’t even need to verify your email. Once you’ve gone through the international cupid login process your profile is sorted and you are free to explore the platform first before deciding to give any more details. dating site registration process options.

You can start using the platform instantly if you sign up for free via your Facebook or Google account, making the InternationalCupid login even easier. The site will then automatically import any important information directly to your profile

Of course, adding more information about yourself will help in your endeavours of finding a match here. And after your cupid international login, you will be asked for some additional information about yourself to make your profile authentic, but you can provide this in your own time once you are happy with what the platform offers. The site will prompt you with what info you can add to help your chances online, like adding a good profile pic (which makes you 10 times more likely to get attention according to other InternationalCupid reviews) and writing a short blurb about yourself.

Filling out your profile after registering can be a bit of a lengthy task, which is why it’s great that you can do it when you feel like it. Selecting your profile tab (It is the icon next to the gear on the top right-most part of the screen - it should be a grey face if you have not yet added a profile photo) will give you the option to view and edit your profile. From there you can do the following:

1) Add up to 5 photos - they even give good tips on how to choose the right ones to use.

2) Fill in your basic details (here you can change your gender, age, location, etc just in case you were in a rush to get registered and got something wrong), fill in your appearance (From hair colour and body art to ethnicity), talk about your lifestyle (smoking habits, pets, kids, work, income, what you are looking for, etc.), and write a short bit about yourself to appear on your profile.

3) Edit your match criteria. This is so the site can help find you the perfect match by indicating what you think is important in a partner.

4) Tick off the boxes for your hobbies and interests. The four categories here are “What do you do for fun?”, “What sort of food do you like?”, “What sort of music are you into?”, and “What sports do you play or like to watch?”.

5) Edit your personality profile. This is where you can write a short paragraph on your favourite books, food, your sense of humour, your travel history, and a few other things that will be important for any potential match to know about you.

6) Select the CupidTags that you resonate with. These are key words like “calm” and “sense of humour” that describe your sensibility, as well as ones like “food” and “gym” that describe your interests.

7) Verify your profile. Verified profiles get a verification badge to let other members know that you are real and serious about dating. This also helps you get more attention, helps improve member safety, and makes you a trusted dater. Verification can be done by uploading a digital copy of your passport, driver’s licence, or national ID card directly to the site.

These seven steps can be done after your International Cupid registration, in any order you choose and at any time you prefer, and it is completely up to you to decide to fill these in, but they do help your chances in the long run.

InternationalCupid Mobile Application / Compatibility

Being as popular as it is, you can bet InternationalCupid has a mobile application which only adds to its stellar reputation. As with the web-based site for international cupid - international dating app is as user-friendly, interactive, and easy to use as the website, with all the same features available at your fingertips as the website offers. The app is equally compatible on both mobile and tablet devices. Logging into the app is just as easy as the International Cupid dating site login, and all the main features are illustrated as icons at the top of the screen, giving users an easy way to navigate through any feature.

When logging into the InternationalCupid app the default search results will display the newest created profiles or the newest photos uploaded at the top. While you are on the member search display screen, every profile photo will have two action buttons. Clicking one of the buttons will show that you are interested in that member to catch their attention, and the other button is to send that member a message.

The only two real restrictions on the International Cupid app (as with the web version) is that only premium members can send the first message, and unfortunately, the app is only android compatible. There is currently no iOS version of the app available at the moment.

Men Vs Women On International Cupid

From the start of logging in all members on the cupid international dating site are seen as equal and no gender gets any preferences or special treatment above the other. Both men and women have the same easy signup process to follow, are asked to provide the same kind of information about themselves, get the exact same features and experiences while online, and pay the exact same prices for any of the premium membership packages.

The site even has the option for you to change your gender should you have made a mistake during the registration process. Who hasn’t clicked the wrong button here or there in the past? This is an easy fix on international cupid. While on the ‘Advanced Search’ page, or the ‘Members” page you are able to re-select your gender when doing searches. Both these pages can easily be selected from tabs of the same name at the top of the screen. Now with some other sites, you might have to re-register or get in contact with their customer support, but International Cupid makes this a whole lot simpler. Top Features

Translations icon Automatic Message Translation

You don’t need to know more than one language to chat with any of the thousands of foreign members. Cupid International conveniently translates conversations from any of the 32 languages offered by the site into your language of choice. So if you match with someone in Russia, for instance, he or she is free to send their message in Russian and you will get the translated text in your chosen language. And when you message back, your message will then be translated into Russian for them. We have found that the translator is not always perfect, but who is, and this is still a great feature to make things a whole lot easier for members.

Magnifier icon In-Depth Search Capabilities

The extensive and quite advanced search options on International Cupid com allow you to pinpoint the perfect match for what you are looking for in a partner. Here you can select their gender, age range, online status, if they have photos, and choose from which country, or countries, you are looking to find your match.

You can then go even further and filter your reach based on their appearance by selecting physical features including height, weight, body type, hair colour, and ethnicity. As well as filtering their lifestyle (smoking and drinking habits, etc.), and also their background and culture if you prefer to find someone of a specific nationality, religion, or language.

The best part is that once you have selected your specific combination of filters you can easily save each search by giving it a name at the bottom of the search screen. This allows you to have more than one set of search parameters that you can easily come back to whenever you choose, you simply have to click on the “saved searches” tab.

The site gives you even more freedom by giving you the option to search for potential partners through the use of keywords, CupidTags (we discuss these in just a bit), and popular searches. Should you already know someone that you want to find again you can find members by searching first names as well as member numbers.

Globe icon Easily Join Other Cupid Sites

With over 60 million users worldwide on the Cupid Media network of sites, it makes sense to try your luck on their other sites too. While other dating networks will automatically share your profile over all their sites, Cupid Media gives you the choice to join any of the multiple cupid international dating sites that they have available.

Some of their other popular sites include:

  • AfroIntroductions InternationalCupid (To meet African singles)
  • Caribbean Cupid International (to meet Caribbean Singles)
  • Filipino Cupid International (to meet Filipino singles) dating site meet more singles feature.

Hashtag icon CupidTags

One of the most popular features of any site that is part of the Cupid Media network. These tags act as keywords for other members to know what you are interested in, and help your profile pop up when they add those same interests to their advanced searches. Tag your own profile with as many or as few as you like for other members to get a good idea of who you are. Each tag will also have a number for how many people have tagged themselves with that CupidTag showing its popularity within the community. dating site CupidTags feature. dating site CupidTags feature.

Info icon Compatibility Guide

The compatibility guide is a simple measure that shows how compatible you are with another member. It’s another standard feature for Cupid Media that makes it worth giving a try. To have this feature active on your profile you will need to first fill in a short personality quiz. Compatibility is then based on your similar preferences and other metrics to give you a percentage of compatibility. The higher the number the better, and the more likely you are to get along with that person.

International Cupid Offers, Prices & Costs

InternationalCupid is overall a freemium platform. Registering on the site is free and with your free International Cupid com login you get to use the most basic features such as browsing, liking, and matching with other users on the site. However, to send a message you will need to sign up for one of the premium subscription packages.

The platform also offers three premium memberships, each with its own perks and features. The more you pay the more features you unlock, and the more you increase your chances of finding the right match for you. Premium memberships automatically renew once they have expired, but opting out of the auto-renewal is as easy as disabling it from your account settings.

Green dot icon Standard Subscription

Subscription Description

The standard membership is what you are automatically signed onto when you register and is the free version of the site. With this, you get basic access to the site and can browse, match, like, and message paying users.

Standard Subscription Prices / Costs

  • Free

Standard Subscription Perks Include

  • Basic Matching
  • Likes
  • Communication with Paying Members

Orange dot icon Gold Subscription Package

Subscription Description

The Gold subscription unlocks a bit more features for Gold members. You get all the standard features, all your messages get unlocked and you can message any other member freely. At this tier, you can also hide your profile if you have already found someone and don’t want other user’s reaching out to you. You will also not be bothered by any ads anymore.

Gold Subscription Prices / Costs dating site Gold Subscription prices and costs.

  • 1 Week: $20.37
  • 1 Month: $41.50
  • 3 Months: $83 ($27.67/month)
  • 12 Months: $165 ($13.75/month)

Gold Subscription Perks Include

  • All Standard Membership Features
  • Send Unlimited Communication
  • Unlock Your Messages
  • Say Goodbye To Ads
  • Hide Your Profile And Photos

Purple dot icon Platinum Subscription Package

Subscription Description

The Platinum tier comes with all the perks of the Gold membership, but it also unlocks some key features that make the site stand out above others. These include the ability to have your messages translated automatically and gaining access to using the more advanced search capabilities. You also get ranked above other members, get more space on your profile, and get assured of better matches.

Platinum Subscription Prices / Costs dating site Platinum Subscription prices and costs.

  • 1 Week: $25
  • 1 Month: $50
  • 3 Months: $100 ($33.33/month)
  • 12 Months: $210 ($17.50/month)

Platinum Subscription Perks Include

  • All Gold Membership Features
  • Double Your Profile Space
  • Unlock Exclusive Search Features
  • Get Better Matches
  • Instantly Translate Messages
  • Rank Above Other Members

Black dot icon Diamond Subscription Package

Subscription Description

The top tier on InternationalCupid is the Diamond package. All the features from the Platinum tiered are included, and you will also get premium features that are exclusive to this package. These include premium customer service, profile highlighting, ranking above anyone else in searches, and getting priority messaging. The true VIP experience.

Diamond Subscription Prices / Costs dating site Diamond Subscription prices and costs.

  • 1 Week: $50
  • 1 Month: $89.98
  • 3 Months: $179.97 ($59.99/month)
  • 12 Months: $379.98 ($31.67/month)

Diamond Subscription Perks Include

  • All Platinum Member Features
  • Priority Messaging
  • Rank Above All Members
  • Profile Highlighting
  • Premium Customer Service

The very best features of the site only get unlocked on either the Platinum and Diamond tier subscriptions. So if you are planning to sign up to become a paying member, and want to be serious about finding the perfect long-distance relationship, it would be worth the extra investment to have those features at your fingertips.

If you ever decide to cancel your membership, you are only eligible for a refund if you have not used any of the premium paid features that the website offers. If you cancel in the middle of your membership duration you will still have access to all the premium features for the full duration of the package that you purchased. dating site prices, costs and perks comparison. Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Quick and easy sign-up process with minimal effort required
  • Multilingual capabilities (The site is available in multiple languages and even translates messages into your language to make communication easier)
  • Anonymity features (You can hide your profile from others should you choose to)
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Advanced Search Filters


  • Mobile App compatibility (There is only an Android version of the InternationalCupid dating app available)
  • Auto Text Translation Hiccups (The translation doesn’t always come out 100% perfectly and may be a bit iffy at times)
  • Paid messages (Sending messages requires you to sign up for one of the subscription packages)
  • Identity Verification is not Mandatory (Anyone can log in and create a profile, and you don’t even need to have your e-mail verified first)

International Cupid Safety & Security

Fake Profile Prevention

Seeing as email verification is not required to register on International Cupid, it is difficult to prevent any fake accounts from being created. Unfortunately, this offers very little protection for its legitimate users from fake profiles. However, the site does offer some peace of mind by giving badges to those profiles that have been verified with identity documentation. So you can be sure that those with the badge are legit. As a paid member you will also get the option to only see verified users in your searches. We are sure you will like that International Cupid scams don’t run rampant.

Another good thing to know is that all photos that are uploaded are first approved by moderators before they are visible on the site. In this case, at least no celebrity photos, cartoon characters, or any photos clearly not of the member can be used. Goodbye catfishes.

If anything looks a bit fishy on someone’s profile you can always report them to the InternationalCupid customer service for further investigation by the site. There was also nothing suspicious in the site’s Terms of Use that would suggest that any of the profiles are purely made for ‘entertainment purposes’ as you would find on many other sites.

Personal Data Security

Clearly expressed in bold lettering with a lined border around it, the Terms of Use state that your personal data will be used in a few different ways.

Firstly, by registering on a Cupid Media platform you consent to the transmission of your personal data to third parties, both within or outside of your country of residence, keeping in mind that said country might have different levels of protection in place for personal data usage and that data transmission itself comes with its own risks.

Secondly, you agree that the data collected on you can be used for direct marketing. But they clearly state that they “do not sell Personal Data to any third parties”.

The site also uses your personal data (including photos, videos, profile information, and audio recordings) to copy your profile into other relevant sites that are owned by Cupid Media. Unlike other dating sites that just pump your profile into their entire pool of websites, on InternationalCupid you can choose which site to be presented on. This ‘copying of data’ just makes the process so much easier for you to create a replica profile on whichever of their other sites you choose to join too.

The good thing to note is that you are entitled to revoke your consent, or object to the use of your personal data in these ways at any time. All you have to do is follow the process set out in the Privacy Statement.


From our experience on InternationalCupid com it was clear that the platform provides an excellent experience and is well worth its user’s time. If you are someone who is looking for a serious long-term relationship, penpal or friendship and are interested in exploring different cultures and communities in your dating life, and if you find dating foreigners as exciting as we do, then this is the platform for you. With millions of options and significant opportunities to connect with fellow singles from across the globe, we are sure you will find just what you are looking for on InternationalCupid. Taking the time to fill in as much of your profile as possible is definitely worth it. The stand-out features that we were more than excited to try out, and we know you will be too, were the CupidTags, advanced search capabilities, and the automatic translation.

The only reason they landed a 4 out of 5 rating and didn’t get the full 5 out of 5 for our international cupid review, was the fact that some of their key features are only available to Platinum and Diamond members. Seeing as these are what set them apart and make the site such an attractive platform to use, it would have been great to add those features to the Gold membership as well. Your experience might just depend on your budget, but it is definitely worth the extra investment to go for a higher tier-package if you can.

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International Cupid Dating Tips

  • Use A VPN To Save Some Money

If you want to get all the great features of the higher-tier memberships but don’t want to pay the full price, you can log in via a South African server through your VPN. We found that the cost (for the most expensive Diamond package) is just about half the price for South African users at the current exchange rate.

  • This Is Not The Place To Find Mail-Order Brides

Okay, we get it, the first thought that comes to mind to many when thinking of “serious international relationship” is that this must just be another site for mail-order brides. But the terms of use clearly state that the site is NOT to be used as a marriage broker service, and they take this rather seriously.

  • Be Smart With Your CupidTags

We know you want to select them all and up your chances of finding a match online, but hold off on selecting too many. We found that being a bit more selective with the ones you choose will pinpoint your potential match. So only select the ones that are vitally important to you.

  • Skip The Gold Membership

While it might be enticing to save a few bucks and go for Gold when you are ready to upgrade from the International Cupid free trial. But the key features that make such a great site to use are only available for Platinum and Diamond members. It really is worth making that extra commitment to get access to these features .


Is International Cupid For Travel Hookups?

No! The InternationalCupid dating site is not the place to find a fling for your next quick overseas business trip. The site is geared specifically towards those individuals who are looking to have a serious long-term relationship and aren’t bogged down by the limitations of long distances.

Is International Cupid Free To Use?

It is only free to register and use the most basic functions on the site like browsing profiles, communicating with paid members, and sending interests. To fully explore the site and enjoy all the real features like live chats, sending messages, and multitudes more you will have to purchase one of the premium membership packages.

Is InternationalCupid LGBTQ Friendly?

Yes! Or should we say Yas! The dating site is completely LGBTQ friendly and allows people of any sexual orientation to find a love match from members all across the world. We did note however that the site is unfortunately not yet inclusive of non-binary individuals. Users can only select between male or female for their gender, and the gender they are looking for.

Is International Cupid Legit?

Yes. If you’ve scrolled past our entire InternationalCupid review just to see this answer you will be happy to know the site is well trusted and popular amongst those looking for something serious on a global scale.

How Can I Date Internationally If I Only Speak English?

With the use of International Cupid’s automatic translator, language barriers are a thing of the past. The site will automatically translate messages to your native language if you have signed up for the Platinum or Diamond membership packages.

What Information Will Show On My Billing Statement?

As this is not a ‘secret affair’ type of platform the billing details will not be hidden. The charge on your card or billing statement will show up as “ Southport AU”. Billing is done by Cupid Media Ltd, Suite 2502, 5 Lawson street, Southport, QLD 4215, Australia.