AltScene Introduction

Being alternative means being one of a kind, not just following the crowd for the sake of a few extra likes or short-term self-inflated glory. So, it’s often disappointing that most apps and dating sites target a mainstream audience.

In our search for some alternative dating sites we came across AltScene. A great deal of online reviews claim that the site deviates from the norm, and we can definitely see how. Alt Scene has a large following of nerds, geeks, goths, emos, and metalheads. Pair that up with some simple, cool features and you have a dating site that’s great for finding alternative love online! Have we mentioned that AltScene dating is absolutely free?

Don’t be quick to judge though, there’s plenty of aspects that you might want to consider before you become a member of their alternative people community. In this AltScene review, we will go over everything the site has to offer. Looking for someone who shares your alternative lifestyle? Read on to find out more about AltScene!

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Alt Scene Pros & Cons


  • Modern design and layout
  • Free to sign up and use
  • Huge number of users
  • Friendly and active members


  • No verification to sign up and create a profile
  • Users outside your country can contact you
  • Limited search feature you cannot limit the search area for other users to a specific distance from you

What Type Of Dating Site Is AltScene?

AltScene homepage

Looking for that perfect alternative match? Alt Scene is ideal for people looking for:

  • Hookups
  • Meetups
  • Serious Relationships
  • Chatting
  • Friendships

Who Is AltScene For? caters to the below sexualities and genders:

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bi

As an “alternative dating site”, it’s clear that Alt Scene has put some effort into being inclusive. However, this is one aspect that they fall short on. AltScene has avoided including trans gender options, and while most users of the site are open-minded, it’s sad to have to register as a gender which doesn’t represent you just to use the site.

Stats & Infographics Of Alt Scene

Male - Female Ratio

AltScene male and female ratio Infographic

Age Demographics

AltScene age Demographics Infographic

Country Distribution

AltScene country distribution Infographic

AltScene Login Process

The registration process of AltScene was quite simple and quick. You will be asked to enter your first name, surname and email address. You’ll also be prompted to create a password, and then agree to the site's terms and conditions.

AltScene registration form

Upon your first login you need to fill out some basic information, such as your gender and gender(s) you are attracted to. Then you'll have to insert a username and specify some privacy options (winks and comments). Keep in mind that by selecting “No” you may limit how other users of interact with your account and profile.

AltScene registration form - more fields

AltScene App & Mobile Compatibility

Alt Scene does not have an official dating app as of yet. The browser version of the site is optimised for mobile use though. It features the same features and benefits, although we did find it much easier to use on a PC or tablet. This is due to text fonts and images getting slightly compressed (making it a little harder to read and navigate). The site also has its fair share of ads, pair that up with a small font and you are constantly clicking on them by accident.

Men Vs Women On Alt Scene

Regardless if you are a male or female user of Alt Scene, you will be treated the same way on the site. From the registration process, to the available features and even the ads you view. AltScene is a completely free dating site and as such there are no differences or additional charges between genders either. The only thing that caught our attention was that our female profile received more attention and messages than our male one. However, considering that men outnumber women on, we can see why that was the case.

AltScene Top Features

A light blue outline of two profile icons and a plus symbol on the top right corner. Adding Friends

AltScene Adding Friends feature screenshot

Alt Scene allows you to add pretty much anyone as a friend. This is especially useful when browsing for potential friends or matches. If you are preoccupied with another conversation, you can save them in your friend’s list and contact them when you have more time, or no one interesting to talk to.

You can add other users to your friend list by visiting their profile and clicking on the “add friend” button. You can find it on all AltScene profiles under their latest login time (third button from the left). You can also accept other peoples’ friend requests by navigating to your “Inbox” tab, and selecting “Notifications” from the dropdown menu.

A view icon with a light blue outline of an eye. Viewed Me

AltScene Viewed Me feature screenshot

Alt Scene provides you with a weekly-updated list of users who have visited your profile. It’s a great way to discover matches that you might have not come across when doing your own searches. It’s also a nice place to find others who share your interests or might be attracted to you. You can check out your weekly views by navigating to the “Find People” tab, and selecting “View Visitors” from the dropdown menu.

A light blue outline of a bubble-chat symbol with three dots inside of it. Comments

AltScene Comments Area feature screenshot

One of the most unique features we’ve found on AltScene, you are able to view and leave comments on other users’ images. It’s a nice way to capture their attention while also letting them know you are interested without having to send that first message.

If you wish to view the “photo album” of another user, clicking on their profile picture will direct you to a preview of their images. From there, selecting one will expand it on the page and give you a text box where you can leave your comments. Remember to stay respectful when interacting with others on Alt Scene or you might risk getting blocked.

A send icon in a light blue outline. Free Messages And Interactions

AltScene Free messages and interactions feature screenshot

Regardless if you are on the platform for alternative, emo, punk or goth dating, doesn’t make you pay a dime to socialise with others. What’s more you can use all of the available features of the site for absolutely free. You can send winks to another user, send messages (there are no character limits) and use search filters by simply signing up to the site. You can set a subject line to each of your messages. Giving your initial message a catchy subject line can capture their attention and even increase your chances at getting a response.

A music note symbol in a light blue outline. Top Bands

AltScene top brands feature screenshot

AltScene makes sure to offer its users a place where they can share their favourite bands, and the site would truly be incomplete without this feature! It’s a great place where people can share their interests with a community that won’t judge but also shares those interests. A stand-out feature for the metalheads in their user base, but also a call-back to a section in AltScene profiles asking for your favourite bands.

Alt Scene Offers, Prices & Costs

All features and perks on AltScene are free and available upon registration. As a 100% free dating site, you don’t have to worry about getting charged to send, receive or view messages from other users. The site doesn’t ask for your payment information either since there are no subscription or coin packages to unlock any of their features.

Altscene Safety & Security

Use Of Personal Information

Before creating any AltScene profiles, make sure you read the terms and conditions. We’ve found some interesting sections that might put a halt in your registration with the site. More specifically, the "Public Data" paragraph states that the website may use all uploaded data to publicly promote sites operated by the company.

Although your data is not being sold, if you are looking to stay discreet on the site, you might want to avoid uploading a photo on your profile. What’s more, Alt Scene will keep your email address indefinitely, regardless if you delete your profile or not.

Lack Of Verification

Although it’s initially a pro for AltScene to have a quick and easy registration process, its lack of user verification shouldn’t be dismissed. We didn’t encounter many suspicious profiles while using the platform, but we’d still recommend you avoid uploading any sensitive information, just for an extra layer of protection.


AltScene is a sleek, modern and straightforward dating site that is free to sign up to and use. Its large user base consists of emo, goth, and metal music fans looking to make new friends and find someone to date who shares their interests.

It has several features that set it apart from many other mainstream websites such as listing your favourite bands on your profile. Nonetheless, when compared to other dating sites nowadays its search filters are limited and security protocols are not very trustworthy.

Overall, AltScene offers a distinct experience that makes you feel like you’re not just browsing the site to collect matches. You can find lots of unique, friendly and interesting people who are possibly looking for the same thing as you. So if you're a part of the alternative crowd, this alternative dating site could be the one for you.

Visit Site Tips

  • Before signing up read the terms and conditions
  • Edit your music preferences to increase your chances of finding someone compatible
  • “Hide your profile” if you want to be inactive for a while but not actually delete your account

AltScene FAQ

How Much Does AltScene Cost?

AltScene is a free dating site which means there are no costs, no paywalls and no additional charges for the website. You are free to browse, use features and create an account on the site at no costs at all!

Is There An AltScene App Available?

No, there is no AltScene app available, however the website is optimised for use on mobile devices as well.

Do I Need A Photo To Complete The AltScene Login Process?

AltScene does not require its users to have profile pictures to complete their registration process. It is nonetheless apparent to us that profiles with at least a profile picture receive more attention and get approached more often.

Do I Have To Be A Goth, Emo Or A Metalhead To Use Alt Scene?

Although most of its users are goths, emos or into metal, there’s a crowd that are just plain geeky. AltScene has an overall positive and open-minded user base, so if you don’t mind being the minority you’ll definitely find some interesting people to chat to.

Can I Find Hookups On AltScene?

There’s very few members looking for hookups on AltScene. In fact, most active members are either looking to date, find a relationship or just make new friends.

Is Alt Scene Safe To Use?

Yes, Alt Scene is a legitimate site that’s safe and secure to use. Although we’d recommend keeping an eye out for potential fake profiles as the site does not conduct any background checks for their users.

Are AltScene Members Real?

Yes, AltScene members are genuine, and we didn’t come across any fake profiles. The site allows you to report fake profiles and even block them if you wish to do so.