Planet Rock Dating Introduction

In the world of online dating, Planet Rock Dating has opted to take an innovative approach by helping singles find love through their mutual taste in rock music. Ran by Venntro Media Group, the site emphasises on the importance of having “great conversations” and having a good time while navigating the online dating scene.

So, if you’re single, a fan of rock music, and interested in changing your relationship status, read ahead to see if is the right dating site for you. From its registration process, to their prices, we will cover everything most Planet Rock Dating reviews don’t. So, whether you’re just curious about their dating features, if they have a dedicated app, or how safe the site is, you’ll be able to use everything we cover in this review to make an informed decision for yourself.

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What Type Of Dating Site Is PlanetRockDating? dating site homepage. is primarily intended for:

  • Serious Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Fun
  • Romance

Who Is For?

Planet Rock Dating currently welcomes:

  • People who love rock music
  • Singles
  • Men
  • Women
  • Heterosexuals/Homosexuals/Bisexuals

It is important to note that Planet Rock Dating is a site for singles, so it may not be ideal for you if you are already taken. We’ve also not found any transexual or transgender individuals on the site, so you might want to look elsewhere if this is what you’re into.

Stats & Infographics

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Planet Rock Dating Registration Process

The registration process on is simple and straightforward. You will initially be asked to enter your gender, followed by the gender you are interested in (man, woman, or both). Then the site will ask for your first name and your date of birth. Finally, an email address, to create a password, and accept their terms and conditions as well as their privacy policy. Overall, the Planet Rock Dating login process should take no longer than five minutes.

Upon entering the site, you will be prompted to complete your profile, and unlike the registration process, this can be quite time consuming. Thankfully the steps can be skipped, but we’d recommend filling your profile with as much detail as you can, for a better chance at getting matched with someone compatible.

You will first be prompted to upload a profile photo, followed by some basic questions about yourself:

Planet Rock Dating Registration Process

  • What do you like to do for fun?
  • What is your favourite meal?
  • What is the most interesting fact about you? will urge you to “add some personality” to your profile by creating a short text about yourself and what you are looking for. Next, you will be presented with an array of drop down menus where you can choose your “Appearance” (from eye colour, to facial hair, and build), and your type of “Lifestyle” (including ethnicity, religion, whether you want / have children, and a few more).

Finally, PlanetRock Dating will list 25 different interests out of which you can choose whichever ones you like. If you skipped any of the above steps, the site will give you another reminder about them as well as encourage you to verify your email address, before you fully access the site.

Planet Rock Dating App & Mobile Compatibility

Unfortunately, PlanetRockDating does not have a dedicated mobile application and while the site does seem a bit compressed on a mobile screen, it is fully operational. The menu bar is moved to the bottom of the screen featuring only the below tabs:

  • Search (members’ area)
  • Upgrade Now (purchase a subscription package)
  • Inbox (receive and reply to messages)
  • Encounters (get matched with people who like you)
  • Profile (make updates to your profile)

Your “Winks” (both received and sent), along with your profile views are available through the “Inbox” tab, which also features your “Conversations”. The majority of their ads are still present in the mobile browser version of the site, with their own incentives for a complete profile showing up in pop-up form.

Nonetheless, the entire site is fully usable via a mobile browser and allows users to enjoy talking to like-minded people on the go. It truly is a shame that there is no rock dating app, but you can definitely make do with what they have implemented for the mobile version.

Top 5 PlanetRockDate Features

Calendar in heart shaped icon Diaries

Planet Rock Dating Features Diaries

Every user has access to their own virtual diary, which can be quite helpful when it comes to expressing yourself and gaining insight on other users you may be interested in. You are free to write about anything you want, whether it’s about how you’ve been feeling lately, a memory from the past or even your opinion on the site.

However, each entry has to be approved by the customer support team before it goes live, and only users with paid subscriptions are allowed to read others’ entries. There is also the option of filtering other people’s diaries, so if you only wish to read entries from users who fit the demographic you’re looking for, you can do that if you adjust the filter.

Heart shaped icon Encounters

Planet Rock Dating Features Encounters

This feature is particularly helpful for users who want to find quick matches and narrow the pool of people they’re interested in. Users are presented with a photo lineup of people they would like to meet. The name, age, and location are given alongside the photo and the users are given the choice of either choosing “yes”, “no” or “maybe”. If a user chooses “yes”, then that person will also see the user’s photo in a lineup. If they indicate that they also would like to meet, then a match is established.

Phone icon Calling

In addition to messaging each other, users can also have calls. For safety reasons, people are usually advised to be careful when using dating sites, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched for some users to have their reservations when asked to swap numbers for the first time. Their built-in calling feature helps to reduce the apprehension some users feel when it’s time to have a voice call. It is a safe and reassuring way of allowing users to hear each other’s voices without exchanging personal contact information. However, this feature is only available for users with paid subscriptions.

Smartphone icon Video Profiles & Stories

Photos are fun to look at, but videos make things more interesting and exciting. Not only can you upload a photo, but there is also the option of uploading video profiles and stories. Once users get their Planet Rock Dating login information, they are allowed to upload video profiles that do not exceed 60 seconds, and stories that are limited to 30 seconds. Video profiles give you the opportunity to talk about yourself and elaborate on what you already wrote on your profile whereas stories allow you to share the happenings of your day. There is no need to fantasise about how someone’s voice sounds before they feel comfortable enough to share their number. Here, you get to see a person’s personality come to life.

Magnifier icon Search Filters

Some people are notoriously picky. The Planet Rock dating site has many specific search filters for users to choose from when searching for a potential match. There are loads of filters, including body type, interests, and many others. This feature helps you to narrow down your options so you can find exactly the type of person you’re looking for.

PlanetRockDates Pricing & Costs – How Much Does Planet Rock Dating Cost?

Planet Rock Dating is a partially free dating site. Freemium users are allowed to create profiles, upload photos and send a limited number of messages. They can also use the encounters feature, search for potential matches by country, add people to their favourites, and send winks.

Paying subscribers can send and reply to an unlimited number of messages. This includes creating and reading other people’s diaries, adding multiple photos, using the instant messenger feature, and seeing who has viewed their profile. Finally, once upgrading to one of their subscriptions, Planet Rock Dating users can add “bolt-on features”, designed to enhance their site experience, for an additional fee.

PlanetRockDates Pricing

Planet Rock Dating Subscription Package Costs

3 months - £26.65 per month (£0.89 per day)

6 months - £20.00 per month (£0.67 per day)

The available payment options are Visa, Mastercard and American express.

PlanetRockDates Pricing

Pros & Cons

Given the information provided above, you may be asking yourself “Is Planet Rock Dating any good?”, well this service has quite a few pros. Firstly, the site allows users to express themselves in a myriad of ways including extensive profile details, video profiles and stories, and diaries. Secondly, the “bolt-on” features can be quite useful as they unlock a few special add-ons that enhance the user’s experience on the site. The site is also relatively easy to navigate, and the Planet Rock Dating login process is simple. Additionally, they frequently offer discount codes on their pricing.

As for cons, there is no Planet Rock Dating App which can be inconvenient for people who hardly have any time to sit behind their computers. Secondly, there are a lot of ads and pop-ups on the site which can be off-putting to some users. Furthermore, while the site welcomes people from all over the world, the majority of users appear to be based in the UK so the dating pool may be a little smaller for residents of other countries. Finally, there is no clear way to contact support.

PlanetRockDating Safety & Security

According to the site’s privacy policy, they take the privacy of their users very seriously and they do a number of things to ensure that their data is protected. PlanetRock Dating is HTTPs secured, they have a team of moderators who screen content 24/7. This includes all diary entries, photos, and video submissions that have to be approved before going live, and they use special anti-scam software.

However, it is important to note that they release your personal information to other dating sites in their network. So, although you may have signed up for Planet Rock Dating, your profile and all accompanying information may appear on other sites. This can be problematic because if the site is designed to be a place for lovers of rock music to connect, how are users to know if their information is being displayed on sites with a similar purpose?


Planet Rock Dating is a fun dating site for people looking for a serious relationship. While there are some cons such as the lack of a rock dating app and difficulty reaching the support team, there are tons of features for you to take advantage of PlanetRockDating can definitely help you meet the love of your life, albeit with a few ads in your way.

We’d recommend giving the site a try before disregarding it though. It is, above all else, a mostly secure site with a great number of features designed to help its users find love. So, are you a rocker, metalhead, or simply looking for someone to share your love of anything badass? Planet Rock Dating has a great community filled with people just like you!

Now, if metalhead, rocker, emo or alternative music is not enough for you to determine compatibility, you can check out our top UK dating sites for the best all-round platforms today!

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  • Fill out your profile for better chances of getting matched with someone compatible
  • Write some diary entries, they can attract quite a few people to your profile
  • Approach people listed under “Viewed Me” as they are more likely to be interested


Is Planet Rock Dating A Dating Site For Rockers? was created to serve as a community where people who enjoy listening and playing rock and metal music can meet each other. It is a dating site at its core though, so aside from just making new friends, you can also meet singles who enjoy the same bands as you.

Does Planet Rock Dating Cater To 40+ Individuals?

A good chunk of their users are between 35-44 years old, so the Planet Rock Dating 40 year-old community is quite prominent and active on the site. If you’re 40+, still love rock and want to find someone who shares your interests, PlanetRockDating is a great place to start your search.

How Can I Log In To PlanetRock Dating?

Visit the website and at the top right corner of the page there will be a “Login” button. Click it and insert your email address and password to access your profile on PlanetRock Dating.

Is There A Planet Rock Dating App?

Unfortunately, as of today there is no rock dating app available for the users of the site. Nonetheless, the mobile browser version is optimised to and works great, albeit looking a little different.

Where Can I Find A Planet Rock Dating Offer Code?

There are plenty of coupon websites presenting possible offer codes for Planet Rock Dating. However, none of the ones we could find were valid or currently active.

How Can I Contact PlanetRockDating?

PlanetRockDating has a “Contact Us” button in the footer of every single one of their pages, which points the user to their “Help & Support” page. If your questions or queries are not answered through there, users are able to contact the Venntro Media Group Ltd directly through

Can’t get in touch with Venntro Media? Contact us to get recommendations on the best dating sites for you!