Be2 Introduction

If you have not heard of Be2 before then allow us to introduce you to this spunky and promising little platform! There are many dating sites out there if you are looking to make genuine connections and find a long-term relationship but what makes B2 stand out from the crowd is its simplicity and ease of use.

Be2 started all the way back in 2004 and is based in picturesque Luxembourg. While they have been around and in the dating game for a long time, Be2 has remained firmly on the smaller side when it comes to matchmaking platforms and it is clear that they focus on quality over quantity. As will become apparent from our Be2 dating review, they might not offer as much as the competition, but when they do something they do it well!

In addition to the UK site, the Be2 dating website also has a large international community so there is room for many at the Be2 table! So make yourself a nice cosy mug of tea, sit back, relax and come with us as we take you through our in-depth Be2 dating site review!

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What Type Of Dating Site Is Be2? dating site homepage
  • Serious or long-term Relationships
  • Chatting and connecting with others on an emotional level
  • Friendships

Be2 is aimed more at people who are looking to find a genuine connection and something serious. This is not the site to join if you are hoping to find hookups or some adult fun. Their specialised matchmaking algorithms are based on personality traits which only proves that they focus more on what is beneath the surface of members.

Who Is Be2 For?

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian

While the site claims to be LGBT friendly, we found that when creating your profile you are only able to select whether you are into either men or women (not both at the same time). The gender options for yourself are also very limiting and force you to choose either male or female. 

If you are transgender or non-binary this will no doubt be frustrating. Any additional information can, of course, be added to your profile to give more detail about your gender identity but this is an oversight that seems out of place nowadays.

Stats & Infographics Of Be2

Male to Female Ratio dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution dating site stats and infographics country distribution

While the membership for comes exclusively from the United Kingdom, we found that the international site (Be2 com) has a much wider variety of members. The largest single demographic comes from Brazil at 23,23%, followed by a relatively even division between the United Kingdom, the United States and Belgium with around 7-10% each. The bulk of the members, at almost 45%, falls under “other” and we found that this largely refers to various European countries. So, for those who are travelling, you can turn to the international site to make some new connections wherever you happen to be.

Registration Process Of Be2

Be2 has one of the more intuitive and detailed sign-up processes that we’ve come across but is also a surprisingly quick procedure. It has a very casual and almost friendly tone running through it as you have a “virtual assistant” (Beth) guiding you through each step. Beth is the one asking you what you are looking for, what your background is and other questions to get a better idea of who you are. dating site registration process assistant

The questions range from the usual topics such as your education, employment, smoking and drinking habits but there are also a few deeper questions to answer. For example, you are asked about how much you rely on intuition when it comes to finding a partner or if you ask your friends or family for their opinion on your love interests. These deeper questions are very important so ensure that you answer them as accurately as possible. They form the basis of the compatibility test that is used to match you with people who are the best fit for you based on your answers.

Once you have completed all of “Beth’s” questions, you are able to access your profile and are prompted to add a photo along with some tips on what makes a good photo. dating site registration process upload your photos

You are also given more information fields on your profile to fill out in order to make the match-making algorithm work more effectively. This also gives giving other members a better idea of who you are and what sort of interests and values you have. You can add icebreaker questions to your profile to make it easier for them to make the first move in addition to filling out 7 different fields of “My Topics” to make finding mutual interests simpler.

All in all the registration process is very polished and smooth and while the site itself has quite basic features, it seems like there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than first meets the eye. dating site registration process icebreaker questions

Be2 App and Mobile Compatibility

For a smaller and relatively unknown dating site, we were very pleasantly surprised to see that the Be2 app is very polished and the sign-up process is even quicker and easier when compared to the desktop site. It is simple to navigate, clearly laid out and very intuitive. 

The app is free to download on the Apple App Store as well as compatible with Android devices. For those who are always on the move and want to keep tabs on who they’ve matched with and stay in contact with their matches, you will not be disappointed with the experience provided by the app.

If you would not like to download the app but still want to access the platform on your phone, the site is compatible with mobile devices and reformats seamlessly to work just as well on your mobile device, so no matter where you access it from, your Be2 online dating experience will be the same.

Men Vs Women On Be2

There seems to be no difference in the sign-up procedure whether you register as a woman or a man and the same goes for the pricing of their subscriptions. Many times, especially with smaller sites, women are offered a discounted rate in order to attract them to the site and have a more equal ratio between men and women. 

While on the topic of gender, we found Be2 to be very lacking in terms of inclusivity. Only binary gender options exist for your own identity as well as who you are interested in, and nowadays this seems very outdated.

Be2 Top Features

Video Calls

Upgrading your profile to one of the premium subscriptions gives you access to video calling. Many larger and more popular sites do not have this capability so it is great to see that this B2 dating site offers this to its members. Video calls are a great way to take your conversations to the next level. If you are both nervous about meeting for the first time then you can break the ice a bit and have a video call to see if the chemistry that you have built up over text is still there when you speak face-to-face.

Be2 Index

As we mentioned earlier, Be2 uses a matchmaking algorithm which takes the results from the personality test you took when creating a profile to find you someone who is perfectly compatible with you. It is very clear and easy to understand and should help you greatly in your search to find someone. 

Your overall compatibility with a potential match is displayed as a score providing a further breakdown of how closely you are aligned with your views on lifestyle, things that are important to you, and your goals.


The third and final feature worth mentioning is the “JUST ask” feature. From a choice of pre-selected questions, you are able to choose to answer one of them about yourself. This is a great way to break the ice if someone has caught your eye and you either get stage fright when approaching someone new, or don’t want to resort to the usual and boring "Hey"!

Be2 Offers, Prices & Costs

Subscription Packages

Be2 offers 3 different subscription packages ranging from the Basic subscription to the mid-tier Classic subscription, and finally the “Committed” subscription. Each subscription offers the exact same benefits but they differ in duration so you will need to weigh up how long you plan to use the site. 

As is the way with most subscriptions, the most basic one works out to be the most expensive per month while the least expensive one has you subscribed for the longest period of time.

The free membership is very limited and you are only able to create a profile, take part in the personality test and upload photos. If you want to do things such as see other members’ photos, send messages and even read messages, you will need to upgrade your membership. It is a shame that the free version of Be2 is so limited because it makes it very difficult to decide if the platform and its features are suitable for you.

Subscription Prices / Costs

Creating an account on Be2 is free although this free membership is extremely limited as we will show in the next section. The pricing depends on how long you would like to subscribe so you will have to use your judgement on how long you expect to be on the platform. 

There are three subscriptions to choose from with varying durations and prices:

Premium Price Total
Basic Subscription £39.99/Month £119.97
Classic Subscription £29.99/Month £179.94
Committed Subscription £19.99/Month £239.88

When broken down into monthly costs, the Basic subscription is the most expensive; however, the Committed subscription is the cheapest when it comes to value for money. Be2 advertises the Classic subscription as its best-seller and, in terms of duration and monthly cost, we can see why.

Subscription Perks Included

As we mentioned earlier the free version of the platform is extremely limited and when you compare the perks and features available to the upgraded membership, it really makes you question why the free membership is there at all. To do anything more than create your profile and upload some photos you will need to purchase a subscription. We would have liked to see something along the lines of a 12- or 24-hour free trial in order to give you a better feel for the B2 dating experience but this is not the case.

We’ve compiled a table to better illustrate what the differences are between the free membership and the premium membership. dating site benefits of each membership type

Pros & Cons of Be2


  • Detailed but quick sign-up procedure
  • The specially designed Be2 dating app is as simple to navigate as the desktop site
  • Intuitive matchmaking algorithm using a personality test to show you who you are most compatible with
  • Video call functionality
  • A good ratio between male and female members as well as a decent-sized member base (for a smaller site)


  • The free version of the site is extremely limiting (in order to contact anyone you will need to opt for one of their subscriptions, the shortest of which is 3 months)
  • Not having as many features as some competitors means the platform is quite basic
  • Lack of identity verification when creating a profile could result in some catfish or fake profiles
  • Limited LGBTQ+ representation when it comes to creating your Be2 dating login

Be2 Safety & Security

Data Usage

In the Privacy Statement, Be2 makes it explicit that they do not sell or provide your data to third parties. The only exception to this is where they are obligated by law to transfer the data or you have consented to them doing so for specific reasons. Any data collected by Be2 is used solely in the provision of their services, carrying out customer surveys, reviewing communications between customers and customer support along with things related to the normal running of the platform.

“Pseudonymised Or Anonymised” Profiles

Be 2 carries out analyses of customer behaviour and in order to do this they make use of anonymised or pseudonymised profiles. While this immediately brings up the red flag that is fake profiles, Be2 makes it clear that these profiles are specifically aimed at improving the platform and services offered. However, there is no further elaboration on exactly what these profiles will be doing or saying when they interact with members.

Video Chat Data Encryption

When making use of the video chat feature, the Be2 dating site has provided peer-to-peer encryption and explicitly states that there is no external storage of video or audio content. The only information that is collected when making a video call is the IP address and customer ID (your service provider may save the time and duration of the video call for their own billing purposes).


If we could sum up the Be2 dating experience in a word, it would be: uncomplicated. They do not rely on unnecessary bells and whistles to distract your attention from the objective of finding you your perfect match and this is very refreshing. It seems that more and more dating platforms are trying to become social media platforms and they forget their roots but that is not the case here!

This ease of use and simplicity does come at a cost, however. The free version of the platform is extremely limited and you will find yourself not able to do much if you do not upgrade your membership. The membership offers are not too expensive but we would have liked to see a one-month option instead of having the minimum be a three-month subscription. If you are someone who wants their dating platform to offer an almost endless list of features and ways of interacting with other members then you might get frustrated with Be2. 

However, if you are looking for a no-nonsense and no-frills platform that focuses solely on creating genuine and long-lasting matches then Be2 UK could be the site for you. Just make sure to consider carefully whether it is the right fit for you before going for one of their paid membership options.

Tips For Using Be2 co uk

  • Use the pre-selected JUST ask questions to strike up a conversation with someone new if you are stumped for what to say and don't want to resort to the usual “hey" or “what’s up”.
  • When adding photos to your profile, make sure to select clear ones that show off different aspects of your personality. The more recent the photos, the better!
  • If you are unsure whether you will have chemistry face-to-face before your date, try having a quick video call to see if your connection transitions smoothly from text to speaking in person.
  • Because the free version of the site is so limited, make sure you weigh up all the pros and cons before upgrading your subscription (it might even be good to have a look at some other sites that are a bit more budget-friendly).
  • If you would like to cancel your subscription auto-renewal, remember to do this two weeks before the automatic renewal will come into effect otherwise you can end up paying for another full term of your subscription.
  • Have a look at other Be2 dating site reviews, specifically ones from previous users to help you decide whether it is what you are looking for.


What Do I Need To Create A Be2 Profile?

All that you need to create a valid profile is an email address. There is no need to verify your identity with an identification document, phone number or social media profile.

Can Everyone See My Photo?

It depends - Be2 allows you to choose who can see your photos and when. You can either make them visible to everyone or be available on request.

Why Are My Photos Not Being Approved?

In order to successfully upload photos to Be2 you will need to ensure that the guidelines are adhered to. This means that photos of children, celebrities, multiple people, landscapes and cartoons are not allowed and your own face must be clearly visible. If you are still not able to successfully upload a photo, it is good to remember that all Be2 complaints and queries can be handled by the dedicated customer support team

How Can I Send Messages To Other Members?

In order to send messages to other Be2 members, you will need to upgrade your account to one of the subscription packages on offer. Upgrading gives you unlimited messaging capabilities.

Can I Download An App To Use Be2 When I Am On The Go?

Yes! Be2 has a dedicated mobile app that is fully compatible with iOS as well as Android-based devices. The desktop site also reconfigures itself when used on a mobile browser.

What Is The Green Or Red Circle On Top Of Someone’s Profile Photo?

Be2 uses an intuitive algorithm to show a compatibility rating between you and a potential member. A green circle indicates something you both agree on while red shows that you disagree on it. The number in the circle is your compatibility number (a higher number means better compatibility).

I Forgot My Be2 Password, What Do I Do Now?

If you forgot your password to get into your account, simply request a password reset on the homepage. An email will be sent to the address associated with your account and you can follow the prompts to create a new password and attempt your Be2 login again.

Is Be2 An Expensive Site? 

Be2 has a free option but it is extremely limited. The subscription packages are reasonably priced when compared to the competition but it will all boil down to how much you would be prepared to budget for a dating site.

Is The Premium Membership Worth The Upgrade?

In order to get the most out of the platform and make connections with others you will need to upgrade. If your aim is to meet someone and you don’t mind paying a monthly fee then upgrading to the premium membership might just be worth your consideration.

Is Be2 Safe To Use?

We found nothing sinister or dodgy in the privacy policy and, on the contrary, Be2 appears to be one of the more secure platforms when it comes to your private data. Video calls feature end-to-end encryption and none of your data is sold off or made accessible to third parties. Your photos and profile information do not even appear in Google’s search results.

How Can I Delete My Profile And Cancel My Paid Membership?

Cancelling your paid membership has the effect of deleting your profile and is done either by contacting customer support on the platform itself, sending their customer support team an e-mail or selecting “Cancel my membership” in your billing settings. If you merely delete the app then your subscription will remain active and the automatic renewal of it will still be in effect.

Does My Subscription Automatically Renew?

All three subscription options renew automatically but if you wish to cancel this feature, you can contact customer support at least 2 weeks before the automatic renewal is to take effect.

What If I Just Want To Pay Per Month?

Unfortunately, the shortest Be2 subscription is 3 months long and there is no option for a month-to-month membership. 

Should I Be Worried About Be2 Dating Scams?

During our limited time on the platform, we did not come across any of the usual scam red flags. Our inbox was not immediately filled with messages from other members and the vast majority seemed to be real (they looked like they belonged to normal everyday people and not glamour models). The usual rules about dating safely online still apply though so be sure to brush up on them in order to be savvy and responsible.