Connecting Singles Introduction

Are you single and looking for your perfect match or perhaps just new friends with common interests? Connecting Singles may be the solution to your problem, but ultimately, you will be the final judge of that. Connecting Singles is a free dating site that has been helping singles connect with like-minded people since its inception in 2001. Unlike most dating sites that focus heavily on helping people find their soulmates, Connecting Singles also emphasises the importance of friendship and having a good time until you find your special someone. 

While Connecting Singles is a US site, based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, it caters to people all around the globe, with a few exceptions. What really sets Connecting Singles apart from its competitors is that it’s a “two-in-one” dating site that also operates like a social networking site. They offer tons of features, including personality tests, games, a blog and video section, and many more. They all serve to enhance your experience while using the site, and everything is 100% free. 

If you’re a person looking to connect with singles, this review is definitely worth the read. We will cover all you need to know about, from the pros and cons to the overall safety of the site. We will be completely objective and honest, and at the end, you will be able to determine whether Connecting Singles aligns with who you are and what you’re looking for. 

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What Type Of Dating Site Is Connecting Singles?

Connecting Singles homepage

The possibilities are endless on The site doesn’t only aim to bring singles together for the purpose of dating and finding love. The site also supports:

  • Black circle shape icon Friendships
  • Black circle shape icon Penpals and activity partners
  • Black circle shape icon Long term relationships including marriage
  • Black circle shape icon Online dating
  • Black circle shape icon Short term relationships

Who Is Connecting Singles For?

Connecting Singles welcomes most people as long as they are unmarried and over the age of 18. People who are widowed or divorced may also join. As far as sexuality goes, the site supports: 

  • Black circle shape icon Heterosexual relationships 
  • Black circle shape icon Gay relationships
  • Black circle shape icon Lesbian relationships

Stats & Infographics Of Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles has a diverse user base filled with people from all walks of life. Here are a few stats that you may find interesting:

Male – Female Ratio

Connecting Singles male and female ratio Infographic

Age Demographics

Connecting Singles age Infographic

Country Distribution

Connecting Singles country distribution Infographic
Connecting Singles country distribution Infographic

Registration Process Of Connecting Singles

The Connecting Singles sign up process is split into two different sections. The first part requires you to provide basic details such as your email address, gender, sexual orientation, birthday, and location. You are also asked to create a username and password. All of the information you provide should be valid and relevant. They do not accept gibberish or invalid details. For example, you will not be able to create an account if you want “klfgdfg” as your username. Similarly, you won’t be able to create an account if you set your location to “Narnia”. The details you provide must make sense. This section should take no more than five minutes. 

Connecting Singles registration form

The second part of the Connecting Singles sign up process is a bit more comprehensive. In this section, you are asked to provide information regarding a wide range of topics, including your appearance, occupation, habits, etc. You are also asked to go into detail about your profession, who you are, and the type of person you’re searching for. You are not allowed to state your contact information or make reference to anything vulgar, illegal, or inappropriate. Additionally, soliciting and gibberish are not allowed. Failing to adhere to these rules will get your account rejected or deleted. 

Connecting Singles registration form - last step

As stated previously, the second part of the Connecting Singles sign up process is quite thorough. Therefore, it will take you a bit more time to complete this section. However, the more detailed sections only require 50 characters minimum, so it shouldn’t take you too long. Use this section to shine a better light on who you are and what makes you, you. Doing this will make your profile more attractive to other users and will also increase your chances of connecting with like-minded people. 

If you don’t have time to fill the second section out right away, that’s okay. You can always get back to it, but if you fail to do so in 30 days, your account will be deleted. Keep in mind that your profile will not be visible to other members, nor will you be able to use all of the site’s features until you complete this section. So, it’s in your best interests to complete it sooner rather than later. Once your profile is completely finished, you can begin enjoying all of the site’s features. 

Connecting Singles incomplete profile message

Connecting Singles Mobile Application / Compatibility

Connecting Singles does not have a mobile app, but there is a mobile-friendly version of the site, and the site address for that is The mobile version does not have all of the features yet, but the team at Connecting Singles is actively working on it.

Some of the features that you will be able to use are uploading blog posts, participating in forums, uploading videos, and creating articles. However, you won’t be able to use others, such as sending eCards, playing games, and taking personality tests, etc. As it regards the interface of the site, it is less pleasing to the eye in comparison to the desktop version, but it does load rather quickly. Jumping from link to link takes about a second, and all of the icons are visible. 

Men Vs Women On Connecting Singles

Men and women who choose to connect with singles on have access to the same features. The signup process and interface are both the same. There are no special privileges given to a particular gender. However, it is important to note that if you sign up as a heterosexual woman, you will only see male profiles and photos. The same logic applies to men – if you sign up as a heterosexual male, you will only see female profiles and photos. Likewise, if you sign up as a lesbian or gay male, the site will only show you users that are part of your target audience. 

In essence, what you are shown depends on the gender and sexual orientation you choose during sign up. This makes sense from a logical point-of-view as it is a dating site after all. However, this might be a little irritating to people who simply just want to meet new people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, or intentions on the site. Luckily, you can still use the search feature to look through different profiles and reach out to people you may be interested in. 

There is also a shopping feature for men and women. You will be shown an array of items from Amazon that you can purchase as gifts for the member you’re interested in. The gifts are sorted according to gender, so if you’d like to buy a gift for a male, you’d click on “gifts for him” and if you’d like to buy a gift for a female, you’d click on “gifts for her”. However, you should only use this feature if the member you intend to buy a gift for is okay with that. 

Connecting Singles gifts

Connecting Singles Top Features

The number of features available on Connecting Singles makes it quite attractive in comparison to other dating sites. This is because Connecting Singles is not just a dating site. It’s a place where people can connect with other people and have fun. A few that you may like are:

A chat bubble with a light blue outline and a question mark inside of it. Quizzes & Tests

This feature includes personality, knowledge, compatibility, and get-to-know-me quizzes. This can be a fun way for you to learn about yourself and others at the same time. You can create your own, and you can also take tests created by others. You also have the option of leaving comments on the tests you take. Personality tests can help you learn things about yourself, and that information could be quite useful to know as you launch yourself into the dating world. For example, you may think that you’re ready to settle down, but after taking a quiz on commitment, you may discover that you’re not, and that can have an impact on what you’re looking for on the site.

Connecting Singles quiz screenshot

The most impressive aspect of this feature is the compatibility tests. It is frustrating to talk to someone who you feel may be a good match, only to find out that you two have completely different beliefs and opinions. Compatibility tests can reduce the likelihood of that happening. They can also help generate potential matches and guide you in figuring out who you should and shouldn’t reach out to. For some people, time is of the essence, so this can be a big time saver in the grand scheme of things. The results from these quizzes can be good conversation starters too. If you got a good score on someone’s test, you reach out and break the ice with your results. This is a sure way to pique their interest. 

A light blue outline of a profile icon and a star. The star is In the lower right corner, in front of the profile icon. Profile Reviews

Have you ever been on a dating site, but no one ever reached out to you? Have you ever messaged several people but hardly got any replies in return? This can be a disheartening dilemma, but Connecting Singles has a “profile reviews” feature that can help you figure out why this may be happening. This feature allows you to submit your profile for review by other users, read reviews given to other users’ profiles, and leave reviews of your own. A feature like this would be a game changer on any dating site because people tend to be oblivious to their mistakes. Sometimes, in order to improve – we have to see ourselves through a different lens, and that’s why the input of others is important. 

This is not an opportunity for you to be mean or condescending. The profile review section is for members who are looking for honest feedback and constructive criticism. If you choose to review another member’s profile, try to be honest but kind at the same time. Furthermore, instead of just pointing out the things you see that are wrong, try to suggest ways that they can improve their profile. For example, if you notice an issue with their photos, don’t just tell them that it’s bad. Instead, recommend that they experiment with their angles and lighting. Perhaps they should upload photos that showcase their hobbies. Overall, just remember that the people who submit their profile for review are looking for help, not rude commentary.

A light blue outline of a letter and a heart. The heart is located in the lower right corner, in front of the letter. eCards 

You can send eCards to each other on Connecting Singles. You don’t only have to send an eCard for a special occasion such as a birthday or holiday. It can simply be a “good morning” eCard or an eCard letting your special person know that you’re thinking about them. You can choose from either a selection of pre-made eCards or you can make your own. If you opt for a pre-made card, you have the option of customizing it to your liking. Customization includes changing the greeting and the music. Keep in mind that you are unable to import music of your own. You have to use the music that’s already plugged into the Connecting Singles site. 

Sending an eCard is a great way of letting someone know that they’re in your thoughts. There are some singles out there who are quite lonely, so receiving an eCard from you might be the highlight of their day. You also have to consider that you may connect with singles who would prefer to talk online for a while before meeting up or sharing any details about their location. You may also connect with people who don’t live nearby. The option of gifting these people with a physical card is not present, so sending an eCard can act as a lovely replacement.

Connecting Singles ecard example

An outline of two bubble-chat icons, in a light blue color. One of the chat bubbles is in front of the other. Forums

Connecting Singles has a forum section where you can connect with other members and discuss various topics. Feel free to participate in other people’s discussions or to start one of your own. You can talk about anything, whether it’s about current events or your personal beliefs; the choice is yours. Photos and videos can be added to forum posts. Additionally, you can filter people’s threads based on location, so if you only want to see posts created by members from a certain location, you can filter the forum settings to show you just that. 

The forum feature also has a subcategory called “group forums”. Here, members can create special group discussion pages targeting people with similar interests. For example, if you’re a vegan and you want to discuss veganism with other vegans or people interested in veganism, you would create a vegan group forum. If you’re not a member of a particular group, you won’t be allowed to post on their discussion page. Forums are a great place for people to debate and be exposed to different perspectives. You can meet some pretty interesting people using the forums, however, please remember to be respectful of other people’s views. When you have lots of people with different personalities and belief systems all together in one place, some discussions are bound to get intense. Comment with courtesy and participate in meaningful debates. Do not attack anyone. This can get you banned from the site. 

A light blue outline of a geographical- location symbol. Meet Me

With this feature, you will be shown a profile of a member local to you, and you will be asked whether you want to meet them or not. You will be given the option of selecting “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”. If you select “yes”, they will be notified that you “liked” their profile. From there, they may view your profile and decide to reach out to you. The fun doesn’t end there. After you select “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”, you will be shown another member’s profile and the process will repeat itself. If you click “no” or “maybe”, they will not be notified.

This feature doesn’t automatically secure a meet up. What it does is show you members that you can potentially meet up with since they live nearby. Meeting is ultimately an individual choice. The person who you want to meet has to want to meet you too. This is just a good way of helping you reach out to people in more ways than one. Maybe you’re a shy person who’s afraid to send the first message. In that case, let the “meet me” feature break the ice for you. Once that person is made aware of your interest, they may just reach out first. 

Connecting Singles Offers, Prices & Costs

You don’t need money to be a member of Connecting Singles. It is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees, nor do you have to worry about them in the future. According to their leadership, they will always be 100% free. The reason why they don’t have to charge you is because they rely on ad revenue, not user subscriptions. That means you can enjoy every single feature without having to pull out your credit card. Here are the free features you can use:

  • Black circle shape icon Communicate with other members
  • Black circle shape icon Create blogs and articles
  • Black circle shape icon Participate in forums
  • Black circle shape icon Create polls
  • Black circle shape icon Post poems and recipes
  • Black circle shape icon Send eCards
  • Black circle shape icon Play games by yourself and with others
  • Black circle shape icon Solve puzzles
  • Black circle shape icon Upload videos
  • Black circle shape icon Post about your favorite music, movies, and books
  • Black circle shape icon Create and answer quizzes
  • Black circle shape icon Review other profiles and submit yours for review
  • Black circle shape icon Receive a list of Amazon gift ideas
  • Black circle shape icon Participate in group forums
  • Black circle shape icon Use tags
  • Black circle shape icon Organise singles’ events
  • Black circle shape icon Recommend your favourite venues
  • Black circle shape icon Post vlogs
  • Black circle shape icon Create Top 10 lists

There are also many more features, like advanced search filters, being able to see who’s viewed your profile, Favourites Lists, and many more. The only thing you need to do in order to have access to all of these features is to completely fill out your profile then wait 24 hours for your information and photos to be approved.

Connecting Singles - 100% free online dating site

Connecting Singles Pros & Cons


  • Green checkmark icon There are a number of on-site features
  • Green checkmark icon The site is completely free to use
  • Green checkmark icon Strict profile approval process (profiles are thoroughly checked in the first 24 hours after signing up; this reduces the likelihood of encountering spam accounts)
  • Green checkmark icon Advanced search filters
  • Green checkmark icon There are opportunities to do more than just date (the site is similar to a social media site, so you’re welcome to join if you’re just looking for social interaction)


  • Red x mark icon The sign up process can be tedious (some of the questions they ask are quite heavy, so it’s not something you can quickly do in 2 minutes)
  • Red x mark icon Nonmembers can see people’s profiles (you don’t have to be a member of the site to view someone’s profile and what they do on the site; this is rather concerning for people who prefer to be private)
  • Red x mark icon There are lots of ads
  • Red x mark icon No live chat (users communicate via inbox, not instant messaging)
  • Red x mark icon There’s no mobile app

Connecting Singles Safety & Security

Use Of Personal Information

The team over at takes the safety and security of its members very seriously. They don’t ask for your first name, last name, street address, or telephone number. They only collect personal information such as your birthday, email address, postal code, and IP address at sign up, but that information is safe with them. They won’t rent or sell it. Your birthday is needed to determine your age and zodiac. You must be 18 and above to be a member. They need your email address so they can notify you whenever you receive mail or an eCard from another member. They also use it to send you marketing mail related to the site, for example, if they introduce a new feature. However, they will never send spam. 

Your IP address is collected because they need to be sure you are where you say you are. People from select countries are not allowed to join for security reasons, but they might still try to slip through by simply choosing a new location. Monitoring IP addresses helps to circumvent that. Furthermore, they need your postal code (if applicable) in order to display members that are local to you. 

Third Party Advertisers

Connecting Singles uses third party advertising. In layman’s terms, this is when a site allows another online entity to post ads on their site. However, these entities need permission from the host site to collect information about their users in order to deliver targeted ads. In return, the host site profits from the ad revenue and/or from selling their users’ information to the third party providers. 

When it comes to Connecting Singles, they provide these entities with non-personally identifiable information about your visits to and other sites as well. This information may also be shared for survey purposes. This practice is reasonably concerning for some people, however, you have to take into consideration that they only hand over non-personally identifiable information such as gender or sexual orientation. These details cannot be traced back to you. Moreover, the reason why you can experience Connecting Singles free of charge is because of these ads. 


Connecting Singles has a strict policy against scammers. They take extreme measures to ensure that the site is free of people who have bad intentions. They are constantly monitoring and deleting suspicious profiles. In fact, if your sign up details seem sketchy, they’ll just reject your profile altogether. The oldest trick in the book is romance scams, nonetheless, so many people fall victim to them each year. There is actually a page on dedicated to educating members about these types of scams and how to avoid them. They give you examples of what to look out for and they emphasise how important it is to never give your personal or banking information to these people.

Connecting Singles has even gone so far as to ban people from certain countries from their site. Countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Russia, and Ukraine are blocked from using the site. The rationale behind this is that most scammers tend to be based in those areas, so in order to stop them, they have to place restrictions on those countries. If a scammer happens to slip through these strict barriers, you can report them to Connecting Singles using their special “report abuse” form.


All in all, Connecting Singles seems to be a great place to find your perfect match and have fun along the way. It would be hard to feel bored on this site as there are many interesting features such as eCards and profile reviews that you can take advantage of. You won’t ever have to worry about paying for anything either, because everything on Connecting Singles is 100% free. Keep in mind that if you’re taken or just looking for a hookup, you may want to try your luck on another site because Connecting Singles is about finding love and building friendships with like-minded people. 

There may be a few downsides, such as the number of ads and time-consuming registration process, but in our expert opinion, we feel like the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, especially when you think about what you’re getting out of the deal. They go to great lengths to protect their members against scammers, and if you ever have a comment or concern, they’re easy to reach out to via their contact form. 

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Connecting Singles Tips

  • Black circle shape icon No matter how tedious it may seem, make sure that you fill out your profile in its entirety because if you don’t, you won’t be able to use the site’s features
  • Black circle shape icon Try to actively use at least two of the site’s features in order to increase the chances of getting noticed
  • Black circle shape icon Take some time to read the site’s warnings about romance scams so you can know what to look out for 
  • Black circle shape icon Do not post any lewd or sexual content; this applies to your photos too because you will get banned for this
  • Black circle shape icon Post clear photos so people can know who you are 


How Can I Avoid Being Scammed On 

Be wary when engaging with individuals who ask for your contact information right away. Everything you need to communicate with is already on the site – free of charge. Furthermore, do not give anyone your banking details.

Why Is My Profile Taking So Long To Be Approved?

Profiles are typically approved shortly after registration, but this may take longer if the information you provided is deemed invalid or inaccurate.

How Do I Increase The Chances Of My Profile Being Noticed?

Completely fill out your profile, add clear pictures, use features that interest you, and interact with members who have similar interests. 

How Do I Stop A Member From Contacting Me?

You can only stop a member from contacting you if they’ve reached out to you first, whether it’s via email or eCard. In that case, hit the “block this member” button on the right side bar.

Someone Put Me On Their Favourites List. What Should I Do Now?

Reach out and introduce yourself if there is mutual interest.

Will Someone Know If I Select “No” When Coming Across Their Profile On The Meet Me Feature?

No, they won’t. However, a list of all your “no’s” will be available for your viewing only. 

I Don’t Agree With Someone Else’s Opinion In The Forum Section. How Should I Proceed?

You can respectfully disagree and state yours. If you attack them, your account may get reported and removed. 

Do I Have To Pay To Use The Site?

No, you don’t. Connecting Singles is 100% free. 

I’m Only Looking To Meet New People And Make New Friends. Am I Still Welcome On

Yes, you are. Connecting Singles isn’t only for relationships and love. It’s a place for people to interact and have friendly fun. 

I Live In Russia. Why Can’t I Create An Account? 

Unfortunately, Connecting Singles is not accepting sign ups from Russia and a few other countries.