Christmas is the most special time of the year. Bublé on the radio, granny dancing with her knickers on show. It's such a fun and magical time. We all usually like to make an effort with what we wear too. Especially with our Christmas day outfit.

There are so many choices from, funny Christmas outfits, matching onesies, Christmas jumpers and, of course, tight little numbers for the ladies. If you are going to a party with your partner and want to coordinate, you could look for couples Christmas party outfits. Whatever your mood, doing this as a couple can be so much more fun.

“His” and “hers” matching knitwear might be dorky to some, but don’t worry about that. If it feels good, go for it.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for some cute couple Christmas outfits ideas or just general clothing inspiration. This guide can help you find what you are looking for.

Sexy Christmas Outfits

If you want to have your ‘Elf’ a very merry Christmas, this could be one of your options. A nice tight red dress, high heels, red lippy and your best wiggle. Put your partner in a sharp fitted suit, smelling like a Gaultier model and strutting his stuff. You will definitely be turning heads as total sex gods. Sexy and cute Christmas outfits could work wonders for other areas of your life too. If you know what I mean.


You and your partner are going to be looking so ravishing, you'll have to resist the urge to get frisky under one of the party tables. So, unless you are at one of those parties, you know the ones, try to behave yourselves, if you are out at a ‘do’. Until you get home at least. If you are lucky, you might even get to visit ‘Saint Knicker-less’ at the ‘North Pole’!

Matching Christmas Outfits

Two pugs in a snowy place standing next to each other dressed as Christmas trees.

Matching dress-up is such a fun idea and so easy to do as a couple. If you have put on a few pounds over the festive period, a Christmas Pudding Outfit or Snowman might be easier to squeeze into. A reindeer couple could be both cute and sexy, and Mr and Mrs Christmas is another option. If those don't really express your love for the sport, you could just try your resting ‘Grinch’ face and make everyone green with envy.


Well, this very much depends if you are on the naughty or nice list. You definitely do not want Mrs Santa to find out how much the new ‘Holly’ Davidson cost! That would not be pretty. You might end up needing the ‘National Elf Service’ (yep, a true crime against puns) but still, hide the receipts!


Brunette woman with long hair sitting down with red gift in her lap dressed in a brown reindeer onesie.

Admittedly onesies could be viewed as one of the more tacky Christmas outfits for couples, but who actually cares!? The comfort is off the scale! Imagine, sitting there, bedhead, no make-up, Quality Street all over your face and half-drunk on buck’s fizz. You get the idea. How can you not love these? They’re so darn comfortable and perfect to get some snuggle action in!


Onesies are so comfortable; you will want to wear them everywhere so please keep in mind that they are not the standard office attire. Human Resources will definitely have a different view of you after walking into the office wearing that. You could send ACAS on them if you manage to convince them that you need a service onesie, to emotionally support you whilst you work. Always worth a shot!

Christmas Jumpers

Couple dressed in green and red Christmas jumpers with reindeer and tree on them, wearing jeans and jumping in the air.

This is the outfit where you can go all ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’. Matching jumpers with your names on. Let's just try to avoid any "accidental" killing or Christmas tree fires. Jumpers have everything covered, they are tacky, hot and itchy. Nevertheless, they are also very cute, and it is Christmas, so you need to suck it up, buttercup!


As we said, things can get pretty itchy, so if you feel too hot to wear an undershirt then, you can move the party to the bedroom and discover different uses for those “jumpers” with your partner.


Upside down legs of a couple wearing matching red-green striped pyjamas.

These are perfect for the yearly Christmas card! Look, if bananas can wear them and rock them, so can you. You can even get doggy PJ’s, so why not make it a whole family affair. You can rock around the Christmas tree or go out and throw snowballs at each other. This is your chance to embrace the cheesy-ness that comes with the Christmas celebrations!

If you want to make things more interesting though, you can invite Elf on the shelf, he is bound to bring some excitement along with him. Of course, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but just remember to keep him away from sharp objects, booze, tigers and Barbie. Total carnage otherwise.


Not sure there is a downside to pyjamas. If you eat way too much; they have an elastic waistband. These are now officially your new eating pants! Let’s face it, having plans sounds like a good idea until you have to put clothes on and go outside. The horror. Stay inside, break out the popcorn, put some Netflix on, and chill with your partner!

Dressing up in couples Christmas outfits may earn you some weird looks, but it all depends on how far you go with it. If you go with an identical match, you might end up looking like siblings (and no one wants that).

If you do it right, you and your partner could be prancing around looking super cute and sexy. If you are a girl, you could dress as Mrs Santa and call yourself a ‘ho, ho, ho’. If you are a boy, you could dress as ‘Elf-is-Presley’.

‘Tis the season to get away with pretty much anything. Mostly because everyone is drunk on eggnog and in a selection box coma. Regardless, just remember that no one likes a ‘snowflake’ so get yourself ‘spruced’ up a bit, go out and ‘sleigh’!