You and your other half have decided on dressing up in a couples costume for this year's Halloween party! The only question is, what do you go for? A traditional horror duo or a humorous play on words?

Whichever the case, there's no need to worry! We’ve compiled a list to help you and your ‘boo’ choose the ultimate couples costumes for 2021.

1) Netflix and Chill – difficulty rating 2/10

Woman and man red shirt pointing finger guns at each other. The man's shirt reads 'Netflix' and the woman's reads 'Chill'.

If you’re looking for a costume that is low cost and relevant for 2021, then look no further than this ‘Netflix and Chill’ inspired combo.

How to create it?

One partner wears a slogan tee saying ‘Netflix’ and the other wears ‘Chill’. Simple yet effective! You’re guaranteed a few giggles as peeps realise what your costume is and it would have taken you around 20 seconds to get ready! That’s what I call a win-win situation!

Where to buy it?

You can buy Tees on eBay or other tee-printing websites and a quick web search will bring up an array of online stores stocking these popular slogan tees at a fairly inexpensive price.

Other duo slogan tee Inspired Ideas:

  • ‘Amazon Prime & Sexy Time’
  • ‘she’s my boo & he’s my boo’
  • ‘Green’ & ‘Envy’
  • ‘Salt’ & ‘Pepper’

2) Filter and No Filter – difficulty rating 5/10

Man and woman dressed in identical clothes, impersonating filtered and non-filtered Instagram pictures.

Who doesn’t love a selfie? If you’re guilty of using a filter or two, then why not get a little creative by dressing you and your partner up in this Instagram inspired costume.

How to create it?

Both partners need to dress the exact same, with the same hairstyle and make up. The key here is to make one partner look ‘better’ than the other. Finish off with a sign around your necks reading ‘Filter’ and ‘No filter’, and you’re sure to get a few giggles headed your way.

Where to buy it?

You can make this as cheap or expensive as you like, so long as you are both wearing the same outfit, you will easily pull this costume off. Homemade signs should do the trick for the perfect couple’s costume!

Other Social Media inspired outfits:

  • ‘Facebook’ & ‘Twitter’
  • Favourite Instagram filters combos
  • ‘Face swap’ filter
  • Couple holding hands emoji

3) Avocado and Toast – difficulty rating 6/10

Woman dressed as toast and man dressed as avocado posing for a picture.

The food of the 21st Century, Avocados are a great choice for those Millennial couples after a costume that’s a little bit different. If avocados aren’t your thing but you like the idea of a food related costume, then check our 'other food related costumes' below.

How to create it?

This really is as simple as it sounds. One of you will be the Avocado and the other the toast! The bonus of this costume is that it’s so obvious you won’t need to explain it every time someone asks ‘what are you again?’

Where to buy it?

If you’re feeling bold you could try your hand at making these costumes from scratch with a little bit of card, paint and string. If crafts isn’t your thing, you can purchase a multitude of glorious food costumes online.

Other food related costumes:

  • Corona beer and Lime
  • 2 halves of an Oreo cookie
  • Wine and Cheese
  • Captain Birdseye and a fish finger
  • Fish ‘n Chips

4) Squid Game – difficulty rating 4/10

Squid Game Characters.

This gory and intense Korean Series has pretty much taken over the World this year, so I’d be surprised if there weren’t an array of Squid game inspired costumes seen during the Halloween period.

How To Create it?

There are plenty of bold characters you could go for…you could go as ever battling Cho Sang-Woo & Seong Gi-Hun, or the cute yet tragic pairing of Ji-Yeong & Sae-byeok. Simply wear a green tracksuit with numbered tee and white pumps.

Where to buy it?

Another relatively easy costume to put together. You could either make the items yourself or purchase for a pretty reasonable price online. Added bonus is that this costume is super comfy so no painful feet if you’re dancing the night away at that Halloween party.

Other TV inspired costumes:

  • ‘Daphne’ & ’Simon’ from Bridgerton
  • ‘Gomez’ & ‘Morticia’ from The Addams Family
  • ‘Eleven’ & ‘Mike’ from Stranger things
  • ‘Daphne’ & ‘Velma’ from Scooby Doo

5) Pennywise and Georgie – difficulty rating 8/10

Woman holding a red balloon while wearing a bright yellow raincoat.

If some of the options we’ve suggested up to now have been too tame for you then why not opt for a more terrifying combo? Pennywise and Georgie make for a haunting and horrific duo as they conjure up images of that infamous scene where Georgie is pulled down the sewer to his untimely death by Pennywise the clown.

How to create it?

This one could end up being pretty pricey and time consuming, but if you’re not fussed about the budget, it could end up being one of the best couples costumes this Halloween. Pennywise will need to be fashioned in an old style white clown outfit complete with orange hair, whereas Georgie will need his iconic bright yellow raincoat.

Where to buy it?

You could use a multitude of homemade / store-bought items to replicate this costume. Finish the look off with a spooky helium filled red balloon and paper boat and you’ll surely have the most killer couples costume!

Other Iconic Horror duos:

  • ‘Freddy’ and ‘Jason’
  • ‘Chucky’ and ‘Bride of Chucky’
  • ‘Michael Myers’ and ‘Laurie Strode’
  • ‘Dracula’ & ‘Mina’

Picking the perfect costume can be pretty daunting when there are so many options to choose from.

This is just a short list of some of the more popular and interesting characters you could go for. A lot of these looks can be tailored to suit your style and budget and most of them will stand the test of time. If you’ve left it until the last minute to organise the perfect costume, don’t panic, you’ve still got time to catch this year’s ghost hunt!

There’s plenty of last-minute costumes you can put together quickly that will have you back on track to a scary licious Halloween!