Finding Your Match Using Free Dating Sites in 2021

Online dating is becoming more and more popular, particularly for those who aren’t fans of the bar scene. There are even some statistics out there that say by the end of 2021, more than 39% of all new relationships will start online.

What does this mean for people who want to find their perfect match? It means they should take advantage of free dating sites!

But the big question is, how helpful are free dating sites when you're looking for your next significant other?

Which Online Dating Site Should You Choose?

Free dating sites can vary in their target audience, and the perception of these sites by avid online dating site users will make a difference for who signs up where.

Dating sites like Bumble and Plenty of Fish have a reputation for being more geared towards serious relationships, but even free dating sites like Tinder and Worldflirts can offer more than just casual dating and hookups.

Just about anyone can sign up for free dating sites, though there are some limitations on what you can post in your profile. If you mention your hobbies, you can connect with people who share your interests, so most people find free dating sites a great way to simply meet people and make friends.

Some online dating experts argue that paid dating sites attract more serious users. In fact, there's a common assumption that putting everything behind a paywall makes it more appealing and weeds out the casual users and trolls, but we don’t think it makes a difference.

Nevertheless, finding your perfect match isn’t always smooth. So before you sign up to a dating website, check out the reviews to see the age range, expectations and experiences of other users.

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What Should You Expect From Free Dating Sites?

If you're planning on signing up for a free dating site, you may be wondering what to expect. Free dating sites are popular because they lower the cost of entry into online romance, providing plenty of options for local singles who want to find someone special without spending too much money in the process.

The Upsides of Free Dating Websites

The number one benefit of signing up to free dating sites is that there are no fees! And because there’s no fees, you can sign up with multiple dating websites and broaden your pool of potential matches. With so many people on these platforms looking for love, you’ve got a much higher chance of meeting someone you’re compatible with.

There's also less pressure if things don’t work out – if you’ve had your first meetup and it’s clear there’s no spark, just delete their number and move on!

The Downsides of Free Dating Websites

Just as you will be trying to present yourself in the best light possible, so will everyone else you meet online. When you feel a real connection to someone, it can be easy to give up too much information too quickly. Less scrupulous online dating site users might use this information to take advantage.

We’re not saying tell them nothing! Just remember that it’s easier to hide behind an online dating profile than it is to pretend to be someone you’re not in-person. So when you feel a connection to someone, take the time to figure out if it’s strong enough to make sharing everything in your life a good idea.

Can You Actually Fall in Love With Someone Online?

The short answer? Yes! One 2019 study found that 22% of couples that met online got engaged, and that number is only ever going to increase. In fact, serious relationships can move much faster with online dating than the traditional get-to-know-you dance.

Starting a chat in a virtual environment can strip out a lot of the small talk, letting you get to the Big Questions much quicker. Rather than spending months building a relationship, you can find out pretty quickly if a potential love match is incompatible.

Although online dating may be good for no strings attached company, casual hookups and one-night stands, there’s no rule that says you can't fall in love and live happily ever after. So if you find someone that shares your ambitions and interests, that you can share a future with, don't look back!

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What Do You Do If There's No Spark?

When you first start dating online, you'll come across all types of people with different personalities – and not all of them will appeal to you.

Some will have tumultuous love lives that you might find draining to hear about. Others might share the same journey as you – long-term single, mourning a spouse, divorced, newly back in the dating pool… There’s someone for everyone in the online dating world, but you don’t have to settle for the first person you chat to.

You'll meet people who are looking for a long term relationship and others that just want to have fun on the weekends. Or you might connect with someone who is single but not dating – they're waiting for "the one" or still figuring out what their type is. The secret is to keep an open mind and don't judge people.

But! If you decide that there’s no spark, try to be kind. Don’t disappear without saying anything – let them know you’re moving on. There’s nothing worse than to think you’ve made a connection, only to be ghosted. Make sure to treat any match the way you’d like them to treat you.

The New Way to Find Your Perfect Match

Last year, an article published by the Washington Post about dating in 2020 went viral on both Facebook and Twitter. It discussed how the old-fashioned way of meeting people has transformed into a new era of online connections.

According to the piece, online dating sites are now a very popular way to find all types of relationships – friendships as well as love matches. The virtual nature of online sites eliminates the need for polished social skills and makes it easier to approach someone you’ve never met before. By joining free online dating sites, you don’t need courage – just an internet connection!

Online dating allows you to keep the focus on your relationship goals, rather than feeling the pressure to conform. So if you fancy dipping your toe in the dating pool, check out our real reviews of the best free dating sites!