Influenced by the latest technological advancements and the different generational mindsets, social norms of romantic courtship have significantly transformed over time. In 2020, the advent of the pandemic had helped to alter our way of connecting with potential romantic partners yet again. So, taking into consideration the new data thrown our way, the question on every straight man’s mind is: How to ask a girl out in 2022?

It’s hard to figure out if she’s truly into you or not, not to mention deciding between having a voice call or video chat before meeting up. Should you first ask for her phone number or go straight to asking her out?

These seem to be the hardest questions to answer usually. But don’t worry, we’ve got some online dating tips that can help you figure them out.

How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

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Dating apps increasingly implement voice and video communications, but the majority of our online dating interactions happen over text. If you ask yourself: "Should I ask her out right away or later?" we might be able to help you make a decision.

Asking A Girl Out Right Away

Common Interests & Long First Chat: If the hours have gone by and you're still discussing that fun new show you caught last night, then asking her out on a date right away is the right move. Strike while the iron’s hot, waiting too long might result in that initial flame getting extinguished.

Positive Emotions: If her messages make you smile and laugh, and she reciprocates that feeling, then the stress of an early first date will not play a role in her response. Researchers from Loyola University Maryland have found that men's cheerful or affiliative humour is more desirable for long-term commitments. So, if you're in for the long game, make sure to crack a couple of jokes.

The Flirting Game Is Strong: If she responds well to your flirty messages and reciprocates with some of her own, then she might want to see what pickup lines you’re keeping for your first real-life meeting.

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Asking A Girl Out After A Week

Steady Conversations: The conversation is dispersed over time, but she responds to your questions and asks some of her own.

Routine Involvement: Even if it sounds banal to say "good morning" and "good night" to a stranger we use those phrases for our loved ones, it shows that you care. If a girl chooses to share her daily routine or pictures of her lunch or her daily activities, it only means that she's trying to involve you in her life.

Cheeky Flirting: Girls usually conceal their attraction behind sassy talk. They will not tell you how sexy you are, but they'll let you know that you look good in that outfit. If she’s being coy with you, that suggests that she's physically attracted to you. So, don't lose the momentum.

Following the week-long ongoing talks, suggesting a meeting over the weekend shows your consideration for timing. Choose a place where you'll be able to chat with the girl without many distractions. It can be anything from a coffee and dinner date to walking in the park and doing an activity together.

Online Dating Tips And Tricks To Remember

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Missing Action Turns Into Missing-In-Action: If you miss the moment to ask her out, she will get bored by the repetitiveness of the conversations. You don't know each other yet, so the discussed subjects are very light and meaningless most of the time. That will kill out the budding flame of the first encounter if new experiences like meeting up are not introduced.

Rejection Only Means Try Again Next Time: It's important not to fear rejection. If a girl says no, it simply means she's not the one for you. So, if you want to find the right one, keep trying!

Old-School Gentleman: We might not be in the 19th century, but opening doors, talking in complete sentences, and paying for the date are still desirable behaviours. You do not have to opt-in for an expensive date, a simple coffee date can be as effective as an expensive dinner date. It’s important you come across as the provider because that will give her the impression that she can rely on you.

Call Or Text Her: Before you call or text her, make a plan. Select two optional dates so that she can choose, but make sure you have a venue or activity along with a pre-set time in mind.

Your initiative shows that you're decisive, organised, and interested in the girl. It also shows that you're a man and not a boy. Boys' fear of rejection makes them complacent and inactive, which is a turn-off for most girls.

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The Best Way To Ask A Girl Out: Choose to call her instead of texting her. You can start gently by sending her a voice message. Hearing your voice will excite your future date. Then you can call her over the phone, or even better, video call her. A call can be more uncomfortable than a text, but it shows bravery and initiative.

We're becoming more accustomed to these technologies. So, video calls can help you convey emotional vulnerability and create trust in the budding relationship.

Healthline reported back in 2019 that emotional intimacy can make you share some of your deepest secrets with a stranger. Consequently, that can develop into a sense of safety and build trust depending on your approach to her pouring her heart out to you. At the end of the day, she’s more likely to want to go on a date with someone who takes her and her problems seriously.

So, these were our online dating tips on how to ask a girl out. You should know by now whether you should make your move now or wait for the relationship to mature a little more. Keep in mind that a woman likes a man with humour and don’t take it too seriously if you are rejected.