Flirting can be anything that helps establish that connection between you and another person. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in person either, it can also be done over a message or a phone call.

Nonetheless, there's being clingy and there's being way too uninterested, so when it comes to flirting, it's important to find a good in-between point. It could be the difference between whether that girl you want ends up being a disastrous first date or something a lot more meaningful.

To some people flirting can come naturally but for the majority of men, they’re actually quite terrible at it. Sometimes it can be down to lack of confidence caused by how attractive a girl is, but usually it's just not knowing how to flirt the right way.

You might have previously experienced stuttering, stumbling and awkward moments with someone - we’ve all been there. If you’re still reading up to this point, you are most likely someone who needs that extra help.

Flirting Tips For Guys And How To Flirt With Girls In Person

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1. Smile - Smiling is a good way to get her attention or show you’re listening. Don’t just smile continuously as this could creep her out. Make sure you’re only doing it when it’s appropriate. Smile at her and make sure you keep eye contact (but again, do not stare at her unnecessarily), if she smiles back it’s a good sign.

2. Body Language - This can be very powerful and you don’t need to worry about whether you just said something embarrassing or out of line. Lean in slightly when she is talking, especially if she leans in first. This shows her that your attention is on her and only her. Make sure your arms are never crossed and keep your body facing towards her.

3. Gentle Touching - This is a prime example of knowing what is enough. Light touching can be a good way to flirt, but be sensible. A brush of the hand or maybe if you’re sitting next to each other, allow your leg to touch hers gently and read the situation from there. Anything more than this could make her feel extremely uncomfortable though, so be careful not to leave a bad impression.

4. Compliment Her - Girls are often fishing for compliments on the first date to see if they are your type. Some flirty compliments for her can be found below, these can be a good way to show you’re attracted to her:
“There's something about you that stands out.”
“I could listen to you for hours.”
“You look really nice today.”
“Your outfit looks really good on you.”

5. Ask Her Interesting Questions - This doesn’t mean you should bring out your cross-examination equipment. Find the right balance and remember to ask her questions that show you’re interested. It’s the best and fastest way to get to know her better and she will most probably appreciate this.

6. Be Funny - Every woman loves a good sense of humour and laughing together shows that the same things tickle your funny bones. Don’t try every joke out of the book though, go with something you genuinely find funny. If you have an amusing story to share, it could help with the flow of the conversation.

7. Take A Short Break - Some women like a challenge and it’s always attractive to know their dating partner has a life outside your date. If you come across a friend during your date, don’t be afraid to exchange a few courtesies. Depending on how early in the relationship you are, it’s okay to show her she is not (yet) your number one priority.

Woman in grey blouse biting the nail of her pinky finger while smiling. She has a coffee mug and cake in front of her.

Girls have a funny way of showing they are interested. Most girls tend to be too shy to come out and say that they like you and you might even have a few dates where the girl only talks about herself. It could be because she is nervous but her body language when she likes you should still be noticeable.

A few important things to look out for are:

  • She’s smiling a lot
  • She doesn’t hesitate to touch you
  • She sits close to you
  • She is playing with her hair or leaning towards you
  • She asks you a lot of questions
  • She’s biting her lips
  • She allows you to be in her personal space

Here Are Some Tips On How To Make Her Want You More

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1. Confidence - Girls like a man who makes the first move. Try not to come off as arrogant though. Take your chance and be gracious if you are rejected, it could actually change her mind.

2. Don’t Smother Her - Women like having their space, if you’re around them 24/7 you are not giving her an opportunity to miss you. Take a break from texting her for one day and fill your schedule with some fun activities, let her send the first message for once.

3. Hint That You Are Interested - If she doesn’t know you want her, she might distance herself. Flirt with her and make sure she knows your feelings are mutual. Being transparent with your feelings can also help you avoid being thrown in the dreaded friend zone.

4. Text Communication - Let her know you are thinking about her even when you’re busy at work. A man that takes some time out of his busy schedule to check up on a girl comes off as sweet. Make sure that you have time to exchange a few more texts after her response though, it’s not a good look to start a conversation and leave her high and dry.

Last but not least, silence doesn't always mean "awkward moments". It's easy to run out of ideas for conversations to have with her, but being comfortable with each other in silence shows compatibility. If things get awkward though, here's a few topics you might want to try to cover:

  • Travel
  • Movies
  • Work
  • Hobbies
  • Pets

If your relationship has not been established yet, then there’s so many ways you can go about flirting your way to her heart. The beginning stages are always filled with learning about each other and getting to know who they are. Be playful and be cheeky but remember to pay attention to the things that matter.

When things get silent, remember that it’s not always a bad thing and if you can’t come up with something to say, you can also use your body language to convey what you want to express.