Have you tried all the popular dating apps and still feel you’re falling short in finding your perfect match?

The truth is that online dating apps are not for everyone. Some of us prefer having that face-to-face conversation and not spending a long time messaging online. It’s easy to get misunderstood over a text compared to a video or live date where facial expressions help.

Then, What Are Our Alternatives?

Have you thought about speed dating online? Traditional match-making companies relied heavily on speed dating events to find compatible matches for their clients. Today, the trend continues. However, these companies have also kept up with the technological innovations and introduced online speed dating events.

How Does Speed Dating Work Nowadays?

In-person events usually continue for two to two and half hours. The event has two stages. In the first stage, all participants can engage with one another. Then, people spend about 10-minutes on individual dates with five to eight dating partners. The matches are made by the dating company and are based on the initial client's preferences, background, and interests.

Following the speed dating event, the company requires your feedback. Did you enjoy the individual dating partners, or did someone else catch your eye during the group event? Once all the data is compiled, the dating company offers you a list of daters that have also enjoyed talking to you. If there’s a match, either person from the matched pair can contact the other.

If you prefer to go on an online speed date instead of a live event, you have that option to do that too. Some platforms offer online events where you can use your laptop, tablet, or phone to engage with new singles.

The date is arranged through a dating platform, and you’re invited to video call your match at the set time. Following the short date call, you’re asked to rate your date. Based on both partners’ feedback, you can exchange numbers, chat on the platform or never see each other again.

Online Speed Dating UK

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Founded in 2003, OriginalDating is a popular speed dating and singles parties event organiser. You can choose between eleven of the biggest cities in the UK, from London to Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, etc.

The platform also organises live speed dating events, from the traditional five-minute speed dates to Lock&Key and Quiz Dating. In a Lock&Key party, men are provided with keys, and women hold the locks. The game-like interaction allows people to talk to anyone without the awkwardness of a first conversation, as everyone has a common goal - finding their missing lock or the right key.


A global self-service ticket platform will be the last place where one will look for online or in-person speed dating events. However, the platform hosts a variety of these events.

The organizers of the events have gone as far as to name the events based on religious preferences, group age, or sexual preference. That allows you to quickly sift through the numerous events and find the one that works best for you.

All you have to do is go to the UK’s official site of Eventbrite and write online speed dating in the search box. You are automatically presented with all upcoming events, and you can filter your search by a specific region, such as London, Birmingham, Nottingham, etc.

The best part is that you can look for both online or live events that different organisers offer in your area.

Speed Dating Online London

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CitySwoon is a speed dating service that offers both online and live events where you can meet and date new and exciting people. Currently, they specifically cater to Londoners, so if you’re living in the area, check out their Speed Dating 2.0, which involves speed dating, virtual dating, and an online chat portal.

CitySwoon’s staff will match you with a couple of individual dates during their live events. Following the dates, a meet-and-greet cocktail allows you to interact with whomever you like. Your dating companions are chosen based on your feedback from the previous events and the initial questionnaire you fill in during registration.

As for the virtual speed dating option, you have online dating suggestions that you can accept or reject. The platform pushes more for in-person interactions, but it allows you to browse the profile of online daters with whom you might be compatible with.


TrueDating is a regular dating event company that runs things in an old-school way but does not stay behind in the fun and successful matching department. Running since 2019, the company has organised an array of live, in-person events for Londoners.

The company runs weekly events for people aged 25 to 50 in prominent places within the city of London. The friendly and helpful hosts are there to make the experience seamless and enjoyable. So, even if you’re going alone at these events, you’ll always have a friend there to help you navigate the space.

More Online Speed Dating

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Filteroff - Video Dating App

For those interested in a more virtual approach to online dating or video chatting, Filteroff is a great online speed dating app that can be the answer to your needs and desires.

Contrary to dating apps, there’s no swipe and matching on Filteroff. Instead, the staff sets you up on dates with people having similar interests. The dates are set up as a video call for a short period allowing you to meet the other person. After the date, you and your date must either like or reject your profile.

As it is a video online dating app, you can try online speed dating with people from your city or other countries. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t waste time in fruitless chats.

Dating takes time and commitment. However, instead of wasting your precious time matching and having short, unsatisfiable conversations with singles online, you can try speed dating through event companies specialising in matchmaking.

Having professional and advanced algorithms to guide you in finding your perfect match might sound debilitating, but we all need a little help to reach that end goal. Trying something new might be what you need to get a fresh perspective on dating.