It’s 2022! Great, you’ve made it through the toughest part of a global pandemic (hopefully as unscathed as possible). What else could possibly go wrong? Oh right, the age-old struggle of asking a girl out on a date. But don’t worry, we have your back.

Probably the most important part of courting a girl is to make sure that she is just as into it as you are. We don’t want to have things end in disappointment. But luckily for you, most girls give off tell-tale signs, and all you need to do is interpret them correctly.

Signs She Wants You To Ask Her Out

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Now, it’s a lot simpler than you might think. You are pretty much in the clear if you both put in the same amount of effort, show equal interest in each other, and can communicate well. Yes, these are all green flags to look out for.

How Do You Spot Them Over Text, You May Ask?

- She asks questions and is eager to learn more about you

- She sends you a selfie to let you know what she is up to

- She openly flirts with you

If she ticks all the boxes, it might be time to make a move, my friend. Don’t wait too long as she might think you are not really all that into her. Recognise when the time is right.

How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

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1) Get To Know Her Better First

This shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. It’s paramount to know what she likes and to find out if you’re even after the same thing. There’s no point in racing ahead when the two of you are aiming in different directions. Make every question meaningful and ask with an end-goal in mind.

2) Identify The Signs That She Is, In Fact, Into You

Check for the signs we mentioned above. You should feel confident that she wants things to go further with you. Be sure to also be on the lookout for signs that she might not be all that into you. It does happen guys, and it’s best to notice it sooner rather than too late.

3) Ask Her For Help

Too many guys forget that the only way to know what a girl is thinking is to ask her. It’s that easy! You don’t need to wonder if you are doing the right thing. Simply ask her what she would like, ask her what she looks for in a guy, and ask her how a perfect first date would go. All you need to do is follow her lead.

4) Communicate Your Interest

Remember what we said earlier about proper and concise communication? Well, this needs to go both ways. Be very clear with your intentions and be intentional with your words. Project a tone of confidence when asking her out. A good tip is to stay away from ifs and maybes. And don’t be too vague with the where, when, or what of the date either.

5) Be Respectful Of Her Choice

When you’ve asked her out, how you reply to her response will tell her a lot about you and set the tone for if and how things will continue.

- If she accepts: Be excited and let her know how much you look forward to seeing her

- If she can’t make it: Be courteous towards her schedule and ask whether another time might suit her better

- If she declines: Drop it respectfully and politely end the conversation - unless you both want to attempt pursuing a friendship

Where To Take Her On A Date?

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We had a feeling you might be wondering where to go. There are a lot of right answers, and it mostly depends on what she would like, but there are also a few definitively wrong answers to this question:

Steer Clear From Any Family Gatherings

There is already enough pressure from it being the first date, you don’t want to overwhelm her by having her meet your Nonna and seventeen cousins at your uncle’s wedding, do you?

Keep Things Intimate

By intimate we mean it should only be the two of you. Take her somewhere she will have your undivided attention for the time you set out for this date.

Make It Memorable

How you make it memorable needs to be a personal touch you add to the date to make it an unforgettable experience. Did she mention her favourite flowers at some point? Well, surprise her with a bouquet. Is she into poetry? Just kidding, that one was a rhetorical question - no one is as good a poet as they hope to be, so leave the poetry for now. Unless you plan to make a joke out of it to get her laughing!

Giving Her The Option To Choose

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The very last question you might still be pondering is “Should I give her options for a date?”, and the answer is yes. But there is a certain way to do it that will increase the chance of her saying yes. There are two approaches, each allowing her some choice and simultaneously reducing the likelihood of her saying no:

1) Tell Her What You Would Like To Do, Then Ask Her What Day She Will Be Free

It shows that you are confident but you are still respectful to her schedule. You might get an “I’m free Friday” response instead of an outright “I’m busy” if you asked her on a day she isn’t free.

2) Ask Her If She Feels Like Grabbing A Coffee During The Day Or A Drink After Work

Once again you are showing interest in her, but allowing her to feel in control of the date. It will be easier for her to choose between two date options instead of feeling like she has to choose between a yes or no.

Above all else, remember to be your authentic self and treat every girl with the utmost respect at all times. You might be surprised how far a bit of confidence, respect, and a good sense of humour will get you in life.

So whether you are still wondering “should I ask her out”, or if you now have the confidence to approach the question, we are sure these nuggets of knowledge will be worthwhile. Go with the tip you think is the most helpful for you to level up your game!