From the stunning winter landscapes of “Game of Thrones” to the hilarious nostalgia of “Derry Girls”. Don’t forget about the critically acclaimed “Line of Duty” or the breathtaking spectacle that is “The Northman”. Northern Ireland has much more to offer than just breathtaking filming locations!

This small island country has a vibrant and bustling dating scene and, in the golden age of online dating, the time has never been better to give some new dating sites a try! Before we run through the top 5 dating sites Northern Ireland has to offer, let’s briefly go through what you can expect when dating Northern Ireland people.

According to a recent survey, the Northern Ireland accent is the second sexiest accent in the UK, specifically from the Derry region! Family life is also very important to the Irish so don’t be surprised when you meet their parents (and many many cousins!) very early on! The Irish are also not the sort to hold back on their thoughts and opinions so if they are unhappy about something (or someone), be prepared to hear about it - often in a hilariously colourful way! Whiskey is also a very big deal over here so you could always find yourself on a cosy Northern Irish whiskey tasting date.

Now that we’ve given you a brief taster of what you can expect, let’s get on to linking up with singles in Northern Ireland!


We start off in the capital of Northern Ireland: Belfast. This site is aimed predominantly at singles in the capital city, but don’t let that put you off. Belfast is the largest city in the country after all! The sign-up process is quick and easy, so catering your profile to show your hobbies and interests will give you the best chance of finding your perfect match.

If you are into astrology and star sign compatibilities, then this might just be the site for you! Date Belfast Singles is one of the few dating sites that allow you to apply a star sign filter so you can follow what is written in the stars to find love!

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Based in the picturesque setting of County Down, this next site’s reach extends to the entire island of Ireland. What stands out here is their more premier look and feel to conventional sites. This is not just a mere dating site, no, they describe themselves as a dating agency and the advantages of this are clear. You are not just contacting endless profiles in the hopes of someone being interested, instead, a dedicated matchmaker works closely with you in order to help find someone best suited to you.

Diamond Dates is perfect for those who feel lost when it comes to love and are ready to give up on finding a partner. If you haven’t had any luck on your own, then why not let the professionals handle it? It should be noted that this is not a free service, however, but with the quality of support and attention you are getting, it will be worth every cent! Is this the best dating app Northern Ireland has? It might be, but just don’t call it an app!


If you are heading into the autumn of your life and looking for someone to have an exciting and unforgettable few more years with then step this way! Ourtime is a dating app aimed toward people over the age of 50 and, while they cover the entire UK, they have a dedicated section for Northern Ireland.

Dating while being older can be daunting and even a bit overwhelming at times, so why not take the stress out of it? OurTime has an easy to use website with myriad mature singles, just waiting for love! Feeling a bit nervous about that first meeting with someone you are connecting with? OurTime has you covered with their live video conversation feature. While this may not be one of those dating sites with free messaging, having a whole platform aimed solely at an older demographic makes up for this!

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This is a back-to-basics site and is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to bother with all the bells and whistles of some more intricate apps. It’s also clear very early that MeetVille is aimed at, as the name suggests, meets! You can use it as a chat platform, but the general goal here is to meet up with someone as quickly as possible and see if the sparks fly in person!

For anyone who has used dating apps before, MeetVille will feel instantly familiar and natural to use. It follows the tried and tested chat-based format and browsing through profiles of potential matches. This app is well-designed and the sign-up process is as painless as they come! Set your profile preferences, give a little description about yourself, add a pic or two, and you’re good to go!

No list would be complete without mentioning one of, if not the, best in the business! has countless success stories of people finding love all around the world and there is no reason why finding love in Northern Ireland should be any different! Their trump card is that they are arguably the best personality test dating app out there - and not without reason.

By combining tested science with matchmaking, you are in the best possible place to find someone you are compatible with. There’s no need to sift through countless profiles of people you aren’t interested in, takes you directly to the people best suited for you. In fact, they are so confident in their algorithms and ability to find someone for you, that they have a money back guarantee if you don’t match with anyone within 6 months of subscribing!

It’s not surprising that they are so self-assured in their service, and having been around since 1995, you would expect nothing less! So even though you might be looking for the best free dating sites Northern Ireland has to offer, it might just be worth considering signing up for something as promising as this. It’s all in the name of love after all!

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Dating in 2022 is a tricky business. We are just emerging out of a worldwide pandemic and the world always seems to be on the brink of some new catastrophe. But don’t let that get in the way of finding happiness with that special someone.

If you find yourself in Northern Ireland, take the time to stop and breathe the crisp North Atlantic sea air. Enjoy a whiskey or two. Take shelter from the rain in an abandoned castle! One thing is for sure, you will fall in love with the country - and who knows? You might just fall in love with someone too!