Wales has plenty to offer and it’s not surprising that the Welsh are so proud of their beautiful country. The UK’s deepest cave can be found within its borders, St Patrick (the famous Irish patron saint) was actually a Welshman, there are nearly 3 sheep for every person living in Wales - the list goes on! But what Wales also has to offer is a bustling and vibrant dating scene.

The active online dating world that Wales has to offer is partly a result of the pandemic and the strict rules that were in place throughout their lockdown. The upside of this is that there has been an increase in almost 38% of people turning to dating sites to find love (or something a bit briefer). Dating in Wales has never been this busy! So, to help you out, we’ve handily compiled a list of the top dating sites in Wales so you can find someone to “cwtch” with on a rainy day!

We start off with a site that is named after one of the most commonly used words in the Welsh dating world. “Cwtch” loosely translates to cuddle so this site seems appropriately named! was started as a way for locals to meet up, make friends or find that special someone. It’s mainly catered toward South Wales dating but the North Wales dating scene is not left out of the equation at all! If you are after a proudly local dating site then is the one for you!

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Dating Cymru

Another unashamedly Welsh dating site (you’ll find no shortage of these!) Is Dating Cymru. What makes this site stand out is how narrow you can make your search on your quest for a partner. There is an entire section solely dedicated to selecting where you are based and from there, you can find matches closest to you.

It has all the usual features of the most successful mainstream dating sites from instant messaging, recommendations, sending each other “gifts” and more! And on top of that, Dating Cymru proudly boasts “the largest database of Welsh singles” so you really will be spoilt for choice!

Smwch Dating

Not to be confused with, Smwch Dating is cheekily named after what you will hopefully get at the end of a good date - a smooch! This site has been featured on various reputable news sites such as Wales Online, the South Wales Argus and more!

Smwch dating also prides itself on a near 50/50 ratio of male to female users and you can’t argue with those numbers. While this may not be one of the free dating sites in Wales, a quick look at the user reviews will show that it is worth every penny. And if you find that it’s not for you, you can just cancel your subscription at any time!

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Love in Wales

You really can’t go wrong with a name like “Love in Wales”. Immediately images of flying cherubs with bows and arrows, and floating hearts come to mind, with the backdrop of the dramatic Welsh countryside! This chat-based site has the advantage of only letting your profile be visible to other members so you shouldn’t be bothered by time-wasters.

While it is a paid site and many features are unavailable to those who haven’t subscribed, they do offer a 3-day trial subscription. This is an easy way to test the waters without the long-term commitment of most sites. Another feature that makes Love in Wales stand out from the competitors is its live webcam chat feature.

Muddy Matches

With the vast majority of land in Wales used for agricultural purposes, the countryside is almost literally on your doorstep! There’s no better way to make the most of this than by using a dating site specifically geared toward love in the great outdoors!

If you are looking to see what it’s like dating a Welsh farmer, or just someone who prefers living away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Muddy Matches might be for you! This site seems to be one of the dating sites with the best results - which is not so surprising given how niche it is and users most likely have plenty in common from the get-go. One thing to note, however, is that Muddy Matches is used across the entire UK so you will need to do a bit of tweaking with your location preferences.

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Last but not least, no list would be complete without one of the dating sites with the most users - Tinder. With just under 2 million users in Britain alone, dropping your fishing line in the “Tinder pond” will definitely end up with you getting a bite or two.

What makes Tinder so successful is the ease of using its app offers and the countless ways you can filter your search. Finding a date in Wales on Tinder should be a walk in the park (or a stroll in the countryside).

If this list has made one thing clear, it should be how proud the Welsh are of their culture and background. Four out of the six sites we recommend are specifically made for Welsh dating, by Welsh people! This should also give you an idea of what it’s like to date someone from Wales - they take great pride in their country and heritage!

So whether you are just passing through and looking to meet some locals or you have a taste for love in the countryside. Maybe you are just looking for love in your neighbourhood! Hopefully, we’ve given you the ammunition in order to guide cupid’s bow and arrow on that special someone!