There isn’t much that has not been said about online dating sites and apps and yet, we still feel the familial old apprehension and nerves when deciding whether or not to make that first move. All sorts of questions dance in your head. Will they like you? Will they turn out to be boring instead? Could you be about to make contact with the love of your life? Will they even get back to you at all?

All of these doubts show themselves at some stage or another and we can’t help it. As humans, we’re hardwired to think (or in most cases overthink) about all the different outcomes our actions have in order to make the best possible decision. But, when it comes to online dating, this can sometimes be crippling and we are either too scared to make a move - or worse, end up settling on that dreaded monosyllabic failure: “hey”.

So to make things easier for you, why not try using some icebreakers? It can be an easy and original way to grab someone’s attention and take some pressure off making that first move. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we make some of your stresses about online dating a thing of the past!

What Is An Icebreaker?

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First of all, understanding exactly what an icebreaker is might help you get a better idea of why you should be giving them a try. Icebreakers are used as a tool to get people who don’t know each other to warm up to each other. In other words, you’re figuratively breaking the ice!

It makes the whole process of meeting someone less formal and it’s easier to open up to each other and let your personalities shine through. In fact, the way icebreakers create a bond and connection is so effective, they are a common part of the corporate world in team-building exercises and meetings. Using them in your dating life is almost a no-brainer!

Now that we’ve covered what they are and why they work, here are some for you to try out for yourself!

Best Online Openers

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1) Hey you, do you think I could be your reason for finally deleting this app?

2) What’s the worst opening line you’ve ever gotten from someone? And please don’t say it’s this one!

3) Red or white? I’m just wondering what to order when we go on our first date!

4) Tell me about the worst date you’ve ever been on. Just so I know what not to do if we go on one!

5) Are you a 5-star restaurant wine and dine kind of person or more of a “let’s get a takeaway and watch a movie at home” person?

6) I don’t really have a gimmicky way of starting a conversation but I just wanted to say that I thought you were cute and would love it if we could talk.

7) What three words would you use to describe yourself? What three would your best friend use?

Funny Icebreaker Questions

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8) If you could spend a day with any cartoon character, who would it be and what would you do?

9) Which surprising non-scary character from a TV series or movie were you terrified of as a kid?

10) What’s one of your worst roommate-from-hell experiences that in hindsight makes you laugh?

11) Growing up, what is the most embarrassing phase that you went through?

12) If you were a vegetable or a fruit, what would you be and why?

13) What TV show is your guilty pleasure that you’re a bit embarrassed to tell other people about?

14) What is the worst but funniest pick-up line that you ever got - that ended up actually working on you?

Flirty Icebreakers

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15) I think even if all gravity on earth suddenly disappeared, I would still fall for you!

16) Some people may call it flirting but I prefer to think of it as being extra nice to someone who is as attractive as you!

17) I think I need to get my eyes tested, I can’t seem to take them off you!

18) If you hug me one day, can I brag that I’ve been touched by an angel?

19) If your lips are feeling a bit lonely then I’m sure they’d be happy to meet mine one day!

20) Kisses are like snowflakes and with me, you would always be in a blizzard!

21) If I could be any animal, I’d be a cat so I could spend all of my nine lives with you.

Deep Icebreaker Questions

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22) I was wondering, who do you look up to most in your life and why?

23) Say you were just given a million dollars and a year off from working - what would you do with your time and money?

24) If you were able to change one thing about society overnight, what would it be and why?

25) What happened in your life that turned out to be a major turning point for you? Something that changed the course of where you thought you were heading.

26) Can you tell me the most important life lesson you learnt? How did you come to learn this?

27) If someone were to visit your gravestone one day, what do you want your epitaph to say?

28) Do you ever think that, in the quest for self-improvement, we will ever be genuinely happy with who we are?

Icebreaker Games

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29) Tell me a summary of your life story but only in emojis. I will tell you the story back to you and you let me know how well I interpreted it!

30) Let’s play two truths and a lie - say three things about yourself and I have to guess which one isn’t true.

31) If a genie gave you 3 wishes, what would they be? And you can’t just say you wish for endless wishes!

32) What do you think you would have been doing if you were alive 300 years ago?

33) Let’s tell each other the most outrageous general knowledge fact we know and see who has the best one.

34) Guess the song! (Say the first line or two of a song)

35) Guess the movie from the quote - extra points if you say who said it.

There you have it! So the next time you’re wondering what to say when online dating, you have a few tricks up your sleeve to let your personality shine! You are bound to leave them impressed, intrigued and eager to know you better!