Age Match Introduction

For a niche site, Age Match makes a very strong case for itself in the world of age-gap dating. While there are many intuitive features that competitors lack, there are also some basic features not present which results in them falling just short of a 4/5. 

They say that age is just a number and in today’s society, the rules about who you are “allowed” to date become more and more blurred with each year. Ten or twenty years ago an age difference of more than 5-10 years between partners would result in many raised eyebrows but today almost nobody bats an eye at this. The very existence of a dating site dedicated to age-gap dating like Age Match is a testament to this!

Love knows no limitations and bounds and can come in all shapes and sizes and that is exactly what makes AgeMatch dating so appealing. Whether you are someone younger and looking to date someone mature and more experienced in life or you have a few years under your belt but still feel the bright spark of youth coursing through your veins, Age Match is here to help the perfect partner for you.

What makes Age Match stand out from other age gap dating sites is that it is focused on creating genuine and lasting connections - you will struggle to find an AgeMatch sugar daddy or mommy here! So no matter what age you are, sit back, relax and come with us as we take you through our Age Match review, showing you all the ins and outs of what this promising platform has to offer.

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What Type Of Dating Site Is Age Match? dating site homepage
  • Age-gap dating
  • Meetups
  • Serious relationships and long-term commitments
  • Chatting
  • Friendships

As the name suggests, Age Match is first and foremost an age-gap dating platform. What this means is that the age of their partner is not important and a larger age gap is almost preferred. Whether you are older and looking for someone a bit younger, or the other way around, you are sure to make meaningful connections and find some happiness here. 

Don’t get the wrong idea though, this is not a platform for sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies! The vast majority of members on Age Match are after something a bit more serious and longer lasting so if you are after a bit of gold-digging, think again! The design of the site as well as what is allowed to be posted on your profile or photos ensures that there is no smutty material and only hits home the point that erotic and carnal pursuits should be reserved for other platforms,

Who Is Age Match For?

  • Singles looking for serious relationships specifically with larger than conventional age gaps
  • Couples looking for a third to join them in some adventures
  • Straight
  • Gay and lesbian
  • Bisexual

Age Match is quite inclusive and offers the option for most people although we could not find much in the way of non-binary trans-inclusivity. This is something that you can no doubt write on your profile when telling others a bit more about yourself but in 2022 it is slightly disappointing to see only the usual binary gender options.

Age Match is aimed more at making longer-term connections so those after a quick flirt and some erotic fun might get frustrated with the sort of members on the site.

Stats Of AgeMatch Members

Male - Female Ratio dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process Of Age Match

Age Match has a very simple and straightforward registration process that we were able to complete in less than five minutes. The first step to creating your member login is to fill in your email address and then select your gender (only the binary options of male or female are available here) and who you are looking for (men or women, or both). 

Next, you are asked to fill in your height, ethnicity and relationship status - both of which have plenty of options

The next two sections can take a bit longer to fill in as you are asked to create a profile headline and say a bit more about the sort of partner you are looking for. The good thing about this is that you are able to come back to it and edit it after you have set up your profile.

Uploading a photo is a requirement as well as verifying your identity with a photo of your ID (this is not shared with anyone and is only used by the site for security purposes). Many sites give you the option of skipping over the photo or verification steps but we were pleasantly surprised to see that this was not an option. It seems that creating a fake account is a bit trickier than other platforms!

A verification email is sent to you after you have completed all the necessary steps and from here you are free to browse the site and edit anything on your profile that you feel could do with some tweaking. The platform itself is very easy to navigate and quite basic in its layout. This is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how tech-savvy you are. For someone older or not well-versed in computers, it will be very easy to get around but for others who know which is up on an iPhone, it can be a bit frustrating at how limited certain features are! However, all things considered, it is one of the more user-friendly platforms that we have tried and we can’t fault it for that!

AgeMatch Mobile Application / Compatibility

In addition to having a well-designed and easy-to-use desktop site, if you browse the site on a mobile device it smoothly reconfigures itself to give you the same great experience. If you would like to use a free age gap dating app to find a match then you’re in luck. Age Match has a free mobile app that is available on the Apple App Store as well as Android-based devices. This is a great feature that many other smaller and niche dating platforms lack. dating site mobile app and mobile compatibility

Whether you use the desktop site, the mobile site or the AgeMatch app, your experience will be largely the same on each platform which is no bad thing. As an age gap dating app, this is as good as they get! It appears that the same amount of care and thought went into the creation and design of each one and no corners were cut. One criticism we might have though is that while the site is well-designed and simple, it could almost be a bit too simple and almost old-fashioned. This could be easily fixed with an update or two to bring it more in line with the competition.

Men Vs Women On Age Match

Unlike many other sites, there is no difference in the registration and use of the site whether you sign up as a man or a woman. Other sites try and offer discounted rates or free features to women that men normally pay for in order to increase the number of female members but that is not the case with Age Match. Everyone is offered the same features whether they use the free version of the platform or the paid version and there is no change in pricing for the subscriptions.

Age Match Top Features


The first feature worth mentioning is one that will take a lot of effort away from your search for a match. This is essentially playing matchmaker and you will be recommended different profiles based on your mutual interest and preferences. You can either choose to “Like” or “Pass” on these suggestions but it’s a very intuitive system that seems to read your mind at times!

First date ideas

Next up is the First Date Ideas section. If you have great ideas for a first date that you want to share with others, or you are stumped about what to do then head over here! There is a real sense of community here where everyone gets together to talk about how to make that crucial first date as magical as possible. Not only can you post or read about first dates, but you can also comment on others’ ideas which is a great ice breaker that can lead to an unforgettable first date of your own!

Match or Not

The last feature is something that we have not come across before but we think it’s genius! Are you unable to decide what to wear on your first date? Not sure if those shoes go with that bag? Hat or no hat? Age Match has your back! 

Post photos of your outfit and have it reviewed by the fashionable team behind this feature. They can give you tips on what accessories to add or remove, whether you should try your outfit with a jacket or a hat and much more. Think of this as having your own personal virtual stylist! dating site match or not feature

Age Match Subscription: Prices & Perks

Age Match makes things refreshingly simple for its members by offering a choice between either the default free membership or a premium membership. There is no additional system of buying coins or packages in order to use the site which different from many other sites with their endless list of in-platform offers.

Subscription Description

The free membership is the default offer when you have created a profile and it is somewhat limited in its features and capabilities. As we will discuss below in the Subscription Perks section, the premium membership option offers plenty more so if you are serious about finding your match, it will be well worth considering.

Subscription Prices

There are three premium membership options to choose and from what we can tell they all offer the same features but differ in the duration of the membership. 

Duration Price Total
1 Month $29.95/Month $29.95
3 Months $19.98/Month $59.95
6 Months $15.99/Month $95.95

It should be noted that while they break down the cost per month, if you choose to go for the 3 or 6-month membership option then you will be billed for the entire period upfront. So for the 3-month membership you will pay $59.95 and for the 6-month membership you will be billed $95.95 to have access to the premium features for the duration of the relevant subscription. 

Subscription Perks

As we mentioned earlier, all of the premium subcriptions offer the same perks and these are quite extensive when compared to the limited free membership.

The main limitation of the free membership lack of the ability to iniate conversations and send unlimited messages. You are able to send messages, but only in reply to a premium member having contacted you first. This is biggest consideration when it comes to the paid membership - if you would like to do anything more than just looking around at different profiles, unfortunately you have to pay! Read receipts and pinning your favourite matches to the top of your inbox are also reserved for premium members.

In addition to unlimited messages comes the ability to see who viewed your profile, who has liked your profile and going back on a profile that you accidentally said “no thanks” to. With the premium membership also comes further profile privacy options as well as more advanced search capabilities. You can also change your profile’s visibility to others and limit who is able to see you or not.

In addition to the unlimited messaging we mentioned, you also have unlimited likes and winks so there is nothing slowing you down to show your interest in as many people as you want.

The premium membership offers a lot and we like that the different paid subscription options all offer the same perks. It is a shame that the free version of the site is so limited however. Having the option to explore the site a bit more freely before deciding to upgrade your membership would have been a welcome feature.

Age Match Pros & Cons


  • The Age Match dating app is free to download and is Android and iOS compatible
  • 24/7 access to their Customer Service team
  • The user base is quite large for a niche site
  • Identity verification reduces the chances of coming across fake profiles and scammers


  • The free version is very limited and a subscription is required to access most features
  • The design of the platform is very basic and slightly old-fashioned
  • Some members might not understand the point of the site and you could come across someone looking for sugar daddies/mommies
  • Premium membership lacks many basic features that competitors have (for example, there are no video chat options)

Age Match Safety & Security

Affiliates and third parties

Age Match works with a number of different affiliate sites in order to increase the number of people you can match with. The profile that you have created (and any content that you upload) is available to not only members of Age Match, but also those who have joined the site from any of their affiliate sites. Consent to share information across the sites is automatically given upon registration and unfortunately, there is no way to opt-out of this feature.

This is a good way to increase your chances of finding a match because it gives you a larger dating pool, however, we would have liked there to be an option for whether your profile is only available on the main site as opposed to being visible to other sites.

Data security 

In the Privacy Policy, it states that Age Match has various procedures in place to safeguard and secure any information that is collected about you. These are regularly monitored to ensure effectiveness against cyber attacks and to find any vulnerable points. However, Age match does not warrant or guarantee the security of the data you send us - their reasoning for this is that no technical or organisational measures can ever be 100% secure.

To their credit, this is more than what many sites do so it is reassuring that they have gone an extra step to make sure that there are some precautions in place to try and prevent worst-case scenario hacking or data breaches.


Very often when we review niche dating sites they are unpolished, difficult to navigate and rife with fake profiles, time wasters and scammers. We are very happy to say that Age Match does not fall into that category. If you are someone looking for a secure and reasonably priced platform to find love outside of your age group, this should definitely be on your shortlist. 

Of course there are a few things that can be tweaked and improved upon, nobody is perfect after all! We would have liked to see some video calling options, a more modern-looking interface and slightly more capabilities and features with the free version of the site. Despite these shortcomings, there are many positives. We love the Match or Not feature and the First Date ideas section - they are clear indicators that Age Match cares about making things easier for you and they want to help you in whatever way they can in your pursuit of love. 

Pricing is reasonable, there is the option of identity verification to reduce the chances of fakes and time wasters and for a smaller dating platform, it has a large user base. So for those who are looking for a match with someone older or younger, give Age Match a try - you might even make a few unexpected friends along the way!

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Age Match Tips

Use Private Notes To Help Keep Track Of Who’s Who

This intuitive feature allows you to add quick notes about your matches - this is very handy if you are speaking to a lot of people at once! Write quick reminders about them like their birthday, favourite foods or things to do, any upcoming or ongoing travel plans etc.

The best part of this feature is that it is only visible to you so nobody needs to know that you have a little “cheat sheet” about them!

Customise Your Profile Privacy To Streamline Your AgeMatch Search

While this feature is only available to premium members, it is a good one and can be used to great effect. 

Select who you are visible to, whether it is only men or women, only members that you liked, only other premium members or if you want to take a break hide your profile entirely! You’re also able to hide your activities so if you want to browse incognito then you can do this too.

Verify Your Profile With Your ID

We know what you’re thinking, anything that needs me to upload my ID is inherently dodgy and dangerous, right? Not in this case! Your verification document isn’t visible to anyone and is not shared with any third parties so it is safe and secure. By uploading your ID and verifying your profile, you increase your chances of success as your profile will be recommended to other members more often. It also shows that you are credible and serious and not here to mess anyone about! We really wish this feature was available on more sites!


What Can I Do If I Forgot My Password?

If you have forgotten your password and have trouble with your Age Match login, click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and enter the email address you used for registration. A link will be sent to your email so that you can reset your password (check your spam/junk folder if it is not in your inbox). If you are still having trouble with your AgeMatch com member login then try contacting the Customer Support team for further assistance.

Can I Change My Username?

If you would like to change your username, click on the “Profile” icon at the top right of the homepage and then select the pencil icon next to your name (this will be below your main photo).

What Can I Do If My Photos Are Not Being Approved But I Am Sure That The Guidelines Are Being Followed?

If you have double-checked that the photos you are trying to upload follow the guidelines then there are a few additional factors to bear in mind. Ensure that your photos are in the correct format (GIF, JPG and PNG files only), larger than 200x200 pixels and smaller than 50MB. In addition, any photos containing identifiable information, nude, obscene or offensive content are not allowed. Make sure that there are no children in the background or in your photo and that you are clearly visible in your photo.

What Is The Difference Between Public And Private Photos?

Public photos are visible to all users on the site (unless you decide to change the privacy settings regarding these). Private photos are only able to be seen by people who you have specifically given access to do so.

Do I Have To Become A Premium Member To Send Or Reply To Messages?

If you are not a Premium Member, you cannot send messages to other users to initiate conversations. However, if a Premium Member has messaged you and you have a Standard Membership, you are able to reply to these Premium Members for free.

What Does “Verify” Mean?

Completing the Verify section on your profile is your way of proving your identity on Age Match com. A clear copy of your ID or driver's license is required; this is a good way to show other members that you are serious. Your identifying documents and information are not disclosed to any other members or third parties.

What’s The Difference Between Blocking And Hiding Someone?

When you hide someone's profile they will not show up on the search results page. However, they will still be able to see your profile and are able to communicate with you. If you block a user you will be unable to send or receive any communication from them in addition to them not being able to see your profile.

How Do I Cancel The Automatic Renewal Of My Membership?

If you would like to turn off the automatic renewal of your Age Match com membership, click on the Subscriptions page which is found under your Settings. Select the link “To cancel your subscription, click here” and follow the prompts.

How Do I Delete My Profile? 

Go to your My Account page under the Settings tab and follow the steps in the link that says “Click here to disable or delete your account”. Once this is successful, your profile has been removed from the website and will not be visible to others. If you would like to reactivate your account, it must be done within 6 months of having deleted it. After 6 months have passed, the information for your profile has been permanently removed from www Age Match com.