Dating can be tough for just about anyone! As we age, it seems like every year the pool of possible partners only gets ever smaller, seemingly drying up. But that doesn’t have to be the case. More and more mature singles are heading online to meet their match, and is just one of the many sites where they do so.

The site itself is part of a giant network of online dating websites, all owned by Venntro Media Group Ltd. Venntro Media does get quite a bit of criticism on the internet for leaking data and possibly having scammed people via fake chats, which supposedly lures users into a ‘subscription trap’. So we would advise caution, as with any site, to ensure that you know what you are signing up to.

After doing some research, it is evident that most older dating company reviews are quite negative. Some criticism gets directed toward the site no matter who you ask. Most reviewers only concentrate on the fact that users’ data gets leaked. Data security is always a serious thing to consider. But the way the site "leaks" your data is to put your profile in their directory of over 3,000 websites to link you, more accurately, to a potential partner. Seeing as those sites are also owned by Venntro Media Group Ltd, we wouldn’t exactly call it leaked data, but rather more-efficiently-used data.

The second thing that gets mentioned often in reviews for olderdatingcompany is the fact that there are supposedly fake accounts. This would scare off just about anyone from using the site, but keeping an eye out for suspicious accounts (and then reporting them) is a tip we would give anyone on any other dating site or dating app. Unfortunately, not everyone you find online is always who they portray themselves to be, and a bit of discernment goes a long way to make sure you are only talking to real people. We share some tips on this later on!

What Type Of Dating Site Is Older Dating Company?

• Mature dating site for over 40s

• Subscription-based dating site

• Exclusively website based

Who Is For?

• Mature straight singles who are over 40

• Mature men seeking to date mature women

• Mature women seeking to date mature men

Older Dating Company Dating Site Homepage

From the first interaction on the site, it is clear that this is purely for straight singles over 40 who are looking to date other straight singles over 40. The site only gives its users two options as to what they might identify as namely: “Man looking for a woman” and “Woman looking for a man”. Sorry to any LGBTQ+ folk, but this might not be the best site for you to try out in 2022.

It is also good to know that you will only be able to use the site if you live in any of the following countries: the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. For anyone from anywhere else trying to sign up, there will be an error screen preventing you from going any further.

OlderDatingCompany Stats & Infographics

You might think (as the name suggests) that the biggest portion of visitors to might be the ‘older’ crowd. It would make sense that the greater deal of its visitors would predominantly be part of the 40+ demographic, as this is their target market. The largest age group of visitors, however, are actually between the age of 25 and 34 years old. They make up 26% of the users who visit the site.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Age Distribution

Geographically, the largest audience is located in the UK and the US, with a total site visit reaching 13.8K for July 2022. 54% of its total visitors log in from the United Kingdom, and 46% are from the United States.

The gender distribution for site visitors is balanced between 40% women and 60% men. It would seem like women have the pick of the litter on here. On average, anyone who logs on only stays for around 5 minutes at a time and only views an average of 2 pages. If you find it interesting to know, the bulk of their marketing is referral-based, meaning that most of the members join via an external link rather than finding it through an online search engine like Google.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Gender Distribution

Older Dating Company UK Registration Process

Dating sites for older people tend to make their registration as simple as possible, and OlderDatingCompany is no exception. Signing up is an easy-to-follow 6-step process, with each step describing what is required at that step, asking for different fields to be completed each time.

If at any point, you don’t feel like filling in that section right away, you can skip that step and move on to the next. You can always complete the steps later on!

When loading the website for the first time, you will get asked to select your location from the list of countries we mentioned earlier, select whether you are a man or woman looking for the opposite sex, and click “next”. After providing your name, birth date, and email address, you will go to step 1.

Step 1: “Show Us What You Look Like”

The first step asks you to upload a profile photo. Click on the big camera icon and select your most flattering photo to add to your profile.

TIP - If you are using your computer, the photo needs to be on your computer as well. An easy option is to email yourself the selfie that you just took on your phone. OR log in from your phone later to finish this step.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Registration Process Step 1

Step 2: “Questions”

The second step is to answer three questions about yourself. What do you do for fun, what is your favourite meal, and what is the most interesting fact about you? There is more than enough space to write a paragraph if you wish. By clicking on the yellow face icon to the right of the tab, you can even add emojis to let your personality shine more. There are more questions to answer once your profile has been created, should you choose to.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Registration Process Step 2

Step 3: “Tell Us More About You”

In the next step, you are asked to describe yourself, and here you can mention anything that a potential partner might find interesting to know about you.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Registration Process Step 3

Step 4: “Reveal More About You And Your Lifestyle”

In this step, you are asked to select from a drop-down bar to reveal more about you, regarding your appearance and lifestyle. You can describe what you look like from eye colour, to height, and also what your current lifestyle is like. Lifestyle questions include things like drinking and smoking habits, your occupation, religion, etc.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Registration Process Step 4

Step 5: “Select Your Interests”

The penultimate step is to tick off any interests you have from the given list. Here you can select your music preferences, whether you watch or play sports, and any other hobbies you have to pass the time.

TIP - If there is a specific interest that you would like shown on your profile, but if it isn’t in the given list, then add it to your description in step 3.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Registration Process Step 5

Step 6: “Unlock Your Free Introduction”

The site offers new users a free introduction before they decide to sign up for the subscription service. To receive that freebie all you need to do is upload a photo to your profile, answer at least three questions, and fill in the personal description. These were all covered in previous steps, so if you haven’t skipped any you should be good to go.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Registration Process Step 6

The Top 3 Features Of OlderDatingCompany

It was difficult to choose three features that stood out. To be honest, the website is pretty standard as far as dating sites go, but the best features they offer are as follows:

1) Swipe-Like Matching Style

On the Older Dating Company site, it is called “encounters”, and it very clearly takes inspiration from how you might match with someone on tinder. You won’t be able to swipe on your screen though, but you will be given the option to click either “yes”, “no”, or “maybe" on possible matches.

2) Diary Entries

Almost like posting your thoughts and feelings on your Facebook profile, on you can share a post for other members to read. This feature increases your chances of being found by possible matches even more. Members can then ‘like’ or ‘heart’ your post, and even send you a reply straight from there.

3) Search Capabilities

What easier way to find what you are looking for than to narrow things down to a tee? Your main search parameters will be based on age and location. You can however add filters to your search to be even more specific. These filters can be customised to find someone based on their appearance, lifestyle, interests, and whether they have a video or photo on their profile.

What Does Older Dating Company Cost?

There are no coin plans, and to use most of the site's features you will need to sign up for a subscription. When you are on your older dating company profile the subscription plans are easy to find. Every page will have an “upgrade now” button, and if you attempt to use any of the paid-for features you will be redirected to the payment page to subscribe first.

For those who’d rather test things out before committing there is the “free introduction” feature we mentioned before, and there is also the option to sign up for a 3-day trial period.

3-day trial period: R40.99

3 months: R95 per month (R3.17 per day)

6 Months: R70.84 per month (R2.37 per day)

1 year: R66.25 per month (2.18 per day)

Older Dating Company Dating Site Costs And Prices

For those signing on to the older dating company UK site, the prices will look something more along the lines of what is shown below. Please note the following prices are only an estimation based on the current exchange rate at the time of writing this review and actual prices may vary.

3-day trial period: £2.05

3 months: £4.76 per month (£0.16 per day)

6 Months: 3£.55 per month (£0.12 per day)

1 year: £3.32 per month (£0.11 per day)

Full Member Benefits:

- Read and reply to messages

- Add Bolt-on features

- Chat online with members

- See who’s viewed your profile

- Write your own dating diary

- And so much more… Pros & Cons

Senior dating sites all have their pros and cons, and is no different. The feel of the site is very similar to that of the Older Dating Agency website. It has a slightly outdated look and feel, but some of the older generations might actually prefer this. The site is very responsive and you will find it working just as well on your computer as it will on your phone screen. There is however no dedicated mobile app available.


• Live-chat capabilities.

• Well-established dating pool.

• Easy to report spam profiles.

• Swipe-like style of matching.


• There is no mobile app.

• Users are not required to have any proof of identity.

• Outdated website layout.

• There definitely are spam/fake accounts (please read below).

Older Dating Company Security & Safety

While we were constantly reminded to “add more photos to boost our chances of success”, we were surprised that even with no photo uploaded we received 20+ messages from other members in the few days we had tested the site. Two profiles stood out above all. These profiles were under different names but had the same age, location, and profile photo (even though one was slightly edited), and both sent a message only hours apart with the exact same subject line (the capitalisation of the words was the only difference). Was this a scam profile, or an example of what might happen when your information is placed on multiple sites under the Venntro Media Group Ltd umbrella?

Older Dating Company Dating Site Security And Safety

As with most dating sites, their terms of service are quite lengthy but clearly state that it is an “entertainment service”. Those two words usually let off alarm bells in the online dating world. Usually, it means that there are fake accounts that are used solely to keep users online and paying. By using the site you are also agreeing to the terms that “messages and communications on the site may not be genuine”, so we’d suggest practising caution when chatting with anyone through the site. Now, this could purely be a case where the site does not take responsibility for what their users get up to, and not that they are being scammy, so keep an eye out and be smart about who you chat with online.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Profiles & Messages

As mentioned before, in using the site you also agree to have your data shared on any other dating site owned by Venntro Media Group. Unfortunately, you will not know which sites these are, and this is purely up to Venntro Media’s discretion.

Older Dating Company Dating Site Shared Network

The TakeAways From This OlderDatingCompany Review

Use at your own discretion. For anyone wanting to join the older dating community, there already are much better sites available with much better track records in safety and success rates. Trying out more than one site can be a good idea, but we advise sticking to the tried and tested.

While this might not be the next Ashley Madison there is always the slight possibility of finding the perfect match on a site like OlderDatingCompany. It just seems there will be a lot of time spent sifting through a multitude of profiles to find out who is real or not before even seeing if you have anything in common.

Tips While Dating Online

Trust Your Gut

If your instincts tell you that something is off and it doesn’t feel right, why take chances? You can gracefully disengage if it doesn’t work for you.

Don’t Give In To Pressure

If someone asks you to give out personal information, or send photos that you are not comfortable with, politely decline. Especially if you are being pressured to meet before you are ready.

Protect Your Identity

Don’t give out your physical address or personal contact details. Add a photo but make sure it doesn’t have your home, family, car, or friends in it.

Be Wary Of Chats Around Finances And Love

A big red flag is when someone declares their undying love to you after only a few interactions. An even larger red flag is when someone asks for your financial details, there is never a reason to disclose that online. Consider what their motives might be.