Elite Singles Introduction

Online dating can be a daunting experience for anyone. Whether you're new to the world of digital dating or not, it's full of hurdles and challenges. Each site has its positives and negatives that make each experience unique.

Since its establishment in 2013, Elitesingles has made a lot of effort to keep the focus on its main objective. That objective is to help elite single professionals find a compatible, loving relationship.

Elitesingles uses a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm for its matches, resulting in over 2000 new relationships being formed worldwide each month. Elitesingles also has over 13 million members from 23 different countries.

With so many individuals utilising the service and its finesse in delivering that service, you might be expecting to find your match. But it’s not that simple, Elitesingles members can be very picky and it’s not a dating site for just about anyone.

This elitesingles review will look into the people the site is most suitable for and the relationships you can make on it. We'll also take a careful look at the signup process, the advantages and disadvantages, the site's safety, and some tips if you decide to proceed.

By the end of this review, you will have the right know-how to fully understand whether Elitesingles is the right dating site for you.

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What Type Of Dating Site Is Elite Singles?

elite singles dating site homepage
  • Long-term dating
  • Casual dating
  • Personality match dating

Who Is EliteSingles For?

  • Gay or Lesbian singles
  • Straight singles
  • Singles looking for a relationship
  • Educated singles
  • Professionals

Elitesingles name says it all. It's a dating service for other singles, not for people in relationships. It is gay and lesbian friendly, with the primary goal of assisting educated professionals in finding suitable partners.

Stats & Infographics Of Elite Dating

Male - Female Ratio

elite singles dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

elite singles dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

elite singles dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process Of Elite Dating Site

Registering on Elite singles UK is both straightforward and easy to understand. To register all you need is essentially a valid email address. However, the registration process can be lengthy and can take up to 45 minutes to complete.

This is because Elitesingles uses an intelligent matchmaking algorithm for users to match with one another. So the registration process is filled with over 80 personality-based question swhich you will have to go through before you jump into the site.

So take some time to register, don't rush, otherwise, you could end up matching with someone who's incompatible.

Each country has its own URL so for Elitesingles UK you need to go on the .co.uk version. Once you've inserted the correct URL in the address bar, you will be asked to insert your gender and the preferred gender you are looking for. This comes hand in hand with your password creation and the addition of your email address.

The registration process is mostly text and image-based multiple choice questions which can be broken down into 3 main steps.

First, you will be presented with a total of 18 questions based on your background and preferences. The majority of the first few questions cover things like your preferred gender, your education and your religious beliefs. Based on your answers, the algorithm will match you with people who share (or don't) your religious beliefs or educational background.

If you wish to change your answers at any stage of the process, you can always click on the “back” button on the bottom left of the homepage.

Moving on, you will be presented with a total of 32 new questions which go more in depth about your own personality type and your wants in a serious relationship. Finally, a total of 36 multiple choice questions will be presented, covering your lifestyle, smoking and drinking habits, and your stance on kids.

There are also some optional questions covering your passions and any activities you do. These answers will later make up part of your profile. So it's best not to skip them.

After completing the personality test, Elite singles UK will prompt you to verify your email. In case you didn't receive a verification email, check if you accidentally added the wrong email address and correct it.

Once you have your Elitesingles login information and have verified your email. You'll be asked to upload a photo of yourself. Although it is optional, we strongly advise doing it because not many people want to talk to profiles with not even a profile picture..

Following the photos, Elitesingles then guides you to a membership subscription page. On the top right-hand corner of the Elitesingles.co.uk there is a “back” button which allows you to put off paying for a subscription package if you wish to do so. If you click onto it, you will be directed to Elitesingles' homepage where you can start viewing some potential matches.

Nevertheless, we do recommend you do a couple of extra things that would be handy to maximise your chances of finding someone special.

Overall, if you're expecting a quick registration process, don't. Elitesingles isn't your standard dating site. So it's important you take your time! Mainly because the answers to the non-optional personality test will later define your compatible matches. 

Top EliteSingle Features

Personality Test

elite singles dating site personality test feature

A definite top feature offered by Elitesingles is the intelligent matchmaking algorithm. The matchmaking algorithm is based on your answers from the personality test you go through during your registration process.

Some of the questions are very unique and not something you encounter on most dating sites. For example, some questions were about how you make plans with a potential partner. Whether you'd meet in the middle, leave it to them to organise or choose to organise it yourself.

Other questions were about how you resolve conflict and some even asked if you'd be the one to initiate a kiss on a first date. This in-depth personality test will ensure that later on the potential matches you get are unique, compatible and personalised.

Moreover, after you've completed the registration process you can see the results of your personality test on your profile settings. For premium Elitesingles users, there's also an option to further access in-depth functions to examine your personality tests even closer.

Daily Match

The daily match is another awesome feature offered by Elitesingles. Not only is it practical, but it's one of the best ways to get matched with the most compatible people on the site.

You can use the feature right after you register too. To find your Daily Matches, visit the "Matches" tab at the top of the homepage which is right next to the "Messages" tab.

From there, you will be able to view you preferences on the left-hand side of the screen and matching profiles for each on the right side.

Your preferences are automatically selected based on the answers that you gave during the personality test. Regardless, you can easily change them by clicking on "Matching settings".

Once you're on your preferences you can change various options to make your potential matches even more unique. So you will really increase the chances of finding that amazing someone on Elitesingles to hit it off with.

Do keep in mind that your matches change on a daily basis, though. If you make any changes to your preferences, you will have the same matching results only for the next 24 hours. So, don't waste any time when you find someone you like!

You can even see a matching score for each profile in the upper right corner of the person's picture. Your preferences and the personality test you took as part of your EliteSingles UK registration are used to determine your score. Therefore, the higher the score, the more compatible you are with one another!

If you're the shy type and you don't want to message anyone right away. You can let them know you are interested by adding them to your favourites or sending them a "smile".. The option to add someone to your favourites is located at the top right-hand side of the profile tile above the message button. The “send a smile” option can be found on the left of the message button as well.

This is a good way to save profiles that caught your eye from your daily matches but have not managed to get to them within the 24 hour limit.

Have You Met

Another way to come across potential matches is using the “have you met” feature. It's located on top of the menu bar on Elitesingles.co.uk.

When you've selected the option you will come across even more potential matches. However, these don't have a compatibility score and you can't see their full profile.

Much like how your daily matches work, "have you met" allows you to choose and interact with a user by sending a message (if you are a premium user) or sending a "smile" to them. Alternatively, if you didn't like the profile displayed then you can click on the “x” button to move on to the next one.

This can be a very useful feature if you've not found anyone that took your fancy in your daily matches. It's also great for those who like to take their chances with people the algorithm didn't match them with. After all, opposites attract.

Elite Singles Cost, Offers & Prices

A lot of people tend to ask, is Elitesingle free? The answer is yes and no. Although it's free to register and most of the site's features are free to use, in order to message other users you're interested in, you will have to upgrade your membership by purchasing a Premium package.

There are a total of three membership packages, all of which are time-sensitive and renew at the end of your subscription period.

If you are wondering which package is the best value for your money, we would recommend the 6-month premium classic one, as it also has the added discount and it still allows access to everything the site has to offer.

All their subscription packages allow you to view other users' photos, see your own profile visitors and read message receipts with timestamps.

Keep in mind that while the subscription payments seem to be monthly, they might be processed as a one-time payment (Including VAT). Your payment options are Paypal and directly with your credit card.

You do have the right to cancel your membership within 14 days after purchase if it's within the terms and conditions. But you will have to contact Elitesingles directly through their dedicated email address.

It's worth noting that you'll have access to all the Premium features until the subscription ends.

You can't downgrade your package either, you have to cancel your existing package or wait until your existing one expires.

Pros & Cons Of Elite Singles


A green tick symbol. Personality-Based Matches

Elitesingles' matching algorithm is top-notch among the best in the industry and is definitely bound to help you in your online dating endeavours.

A green tick symbol. Perfect For Long-Term Dating

Interacting with other users is a great experience. Most users are very polite, know what they want and are very active. Although you might at times notice the lack of many matches. Elitesingles is not set up as a sleazy menu for you to scroll endlessly.

A green tick symbol. Modern interface

Elitesingles modern and easy-to-use interface makes the whole experience hassle-free. It is quite straightforward to go through the site, which only adds to its charm.

A green tick symbol. Friendly User Base

Their core audience is by far and large looking for a relationship.

A green tick symbol. Gay And Lesbian Friendly

If you're gay or Lesbian, the site also allows you to set up an account looking for the same gender. But whether you're gay or straight, if a relationship is your end goal, then you will have a very positive experience.

A green tick symbol. EliteSingle Dating App

Elitesingles also has an Elitesingles app version available for android and IOS. However, most users do prefer to use the desktop version. But it's still handy to download if you want to use Elitesingles on the go.


A red X mark symbol. Repetitive Questions On The Personality Test

Some of the questions posed during the personality test seemed repetitive. For example, when you first encounter the site you're asked for your gender and what you're looking for. Then later you're asked the same question during the personality test.

The most negative aspect of Elitesingles is that some people might feel they didn't get a reward after spending so much time registering. This is primarily because you can't message anyone or see anyone's photo without being a premium user. This makes using Elite singles as a free member almost impossible and pointless.

A red X mark symbol. Expensive

If you do upgrade your membership, the price of Elitesingles UK premium packages starts at £95.95. Given the only features are being able to see other members' photos, see profile visitors, send messages and the extensive results of your personality test. In terms of price, Elitesingles UK is a very expensive one compared to some other dating sites around.

A red X mark symbol. 85% Of EliteSingles Users Are 30+ Years Old

With over 85% of Elitesingles users being over 30, the chances of finding someone under is very low. We found that when we placed the preferences for 20-30 there were almost no matches. So if you want to find someone younger or the same age if you're in your 20s you might be disappointed.

A red X mark symbol. No Option For Bi Or Trans

The service is not entirely LGBTQ-friendly, owing to the fact that Elitesingles only allows you to select between two genders and whether you desire the same or opposite gender, rather than both. This means that if you're trans or bi, won't have any luck here.

Safety & Security Of EliteSingles.com

Most Elitesingles reviews left by users will claim the site is filled with fake and bot accounts. But if that's the case, is Elitesingles legit at all?

The answer is yes, it's a legit site to use and it's safe and secure. But you still should be aware of a particular set of terms and conditions

These particular terms essentially allow Elitesingles to do what they please with any content you upload. Although the company is unlikely to use your content for marketing, they can. So if you want to be discreet, then be careful with what you upload and disclose with them on the site.

However, all your data is maintained with the EEA, the European Economic Area. This means that your data is not transferred to servers based in countries where they have a high risk of being accessed.

Aside from the terms set out in section 20.5 their terms are fairly standard across the dating industry. We didn't encounter any situation where we felt we were engaged by a fake or bot account.


So you might still be wondering if elitesingle is any good.

It depends mainly on your long-term goals and age. If you are in your 30's looking for someone of the same age who wants to find a serious relationship online, then it might just be the dating site for you.

Their subscription packages are by no means cheap, but we stand by their matching algorithm and users. If money is not the issue, elitesingles can give you a great place to meet others with the same interests.

The majority of its user base has a degree and the site is filled with lawyers, doctors and teachers. Their members are very friendly, easy to engage with and almost all are looking for something serious.

Overall Elitesingles is the ideal site to find someone to settle down with, without stressing about it. Elitesingles makes dating seem effortless.

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Elite Singles Dating Tips

  • Take your time during the registration because it takes 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • Be extremely honest when doing the personality test so you match with compatible individuals.
  • After you register, complete your profile further so people notice you more.
  • Edit your preferences to niche your potential matches further.
  • If you believe there is some truth in the saying "opposites attract", then you might want to check out the "have you met" feature.
  • Be careful with the content you upload, Elitesingles is able to reproduce and own it.
  • If you're on the move consider using the Elitesingles dating app version
  • If you choose to upgrade you have 14 days to cancel and get your money back
  • If you upgrade also consider cancelling the auto-renewal feature.