With how popular and widespread online dating is, it’s sometimes baffling to see how many people still struggle with something as basic and crucial as how to write a good dating profile. We’ve all been taught not to judge a book by its cover but when it comes to online dating, the cover of your book is paramount. If you can’t immediately capture someone’s attention and make them curious for more, then you will stay on that shelf collecting dust as they pass you by.

The trick to online dating success is creating a profile that makes you seem genuine and interesting - but also not like you’re trying too hard! It’s a delicate balancing act that is hard to get right, but you’ll immediately know when you’ve nailed it.

There are two parts to every successful dating profile - what you say in your bio and what you show with your photos. It doesn’t help to have an interesting paragraph on your profile but then only a single blurry photo (or even none at all)! The opposite is also true - having great photos but no description about yourself is one of the big dating profile red flags.

The good news is that creating a winning profile isn’t difficult and we’re here to show you some of the key elements you should be including.

Writing A Dating Bio To Be Proud Of

This is often the more neglected part of dating profiles but if you drop the ball here then you will struggle to find success! Not everyone is an eloquent wordsmith and you don’t really need to be! Just keep things simple, authentic and lighthearted and you’re off to a great start!

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Make It Clear Being Around You Will Be A Positive Experience

If you wonder what things people look for in a partner, one of the most popular traits is someone who is fun, positive and kind. Keep all the negativity out of your profile and make it clear that being around you will be a happy and wholesome experience!

Open The Door For Conversation And Make It Easy For Them To Approach You

Mention some of the things that you enjoy doing or are interested in. If someone sees something that they can relate to, they will be more inclined to reach out. Making it easy to establish a common ground with mutual interests is very important.

Keep It Short And Sweet

When writing a dating profile, it can sometimes feel like you have too much to say and you want to try and get all of it down. This can be overwhelming to read so, instead, give just a taster of who you are and leave the rest for them to discover later on. When applied correctly, less really is more!

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Be Yourself

A common thought in the back of people’s minds is the worry that they might say something that will scare people away. But if you think about it, why is that a bad thing? We tend to want to be liked by everyone but that’s impossible - why hide who you are trying to achieve the unachievable? If something about you will put someone off then they are not the person for you! Don’t be scared to let your freak flag fly high and proud. Be authentically and unashamedly yourself and someone who loves your uniqueness will find their way to you!

Show Off That Great Sense Of Humour

Funny dating profiles are truly underrated. This is another chance to stand out from the crowd because people love being made to laugh! If you show that you don’t take life too seriously and can make people crack a smile, it will be difficult to not be attracted to you! Consider adding a funny quote to your bio - it might just be the ice-breaker you need!


Be Too Generic

We’ve all come across these profiles. They usually have a variation of the same list, “travelling, coffee, long walks, family” or descriptions of them being “fun-loving” or “laid-back”. To be blunt, these are boring, unimaginative statements that could apply to almost anyone and should best be avoided.

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List What You Aren’t Looking For

Actively excluding some people from your search by saying what you don’t want can be a turn-off. It comes across as negative and potentially that you are prejudiced or close-minded. A more effective way to filter out what you don’t want is by saying what you do want.

Leave It Empty

This one really doesn’t need much explanation at all. Not even bothering to fill out the entirety of your dating profile sends a clear message. You don’t want people to think that you are someone who doesn’t put in much effort and that you are lazy and uninterested. An empty profile isn’t going to attract anyone!

Photos Speak A Thousand Words

So now that we’ve shown you what to write on a dating profile, maximise your chances of success by combining it with some photos that show you off best. Choosing the perfect photos to put on your profile can be tricky - most of us have thousands of photos on our phones so which ones should you use?

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Let Me First Take A Selfie

The first and most obvious photo to add is a selfie. Everyone has selfies but knowing how to take a good selfie is very important - and easier than you think! Make sure it is a high-quality and well-lit photo. An interesting background is also good to have but, above all, a big smile is the winning element!

Get Up And Go

Show yourself doing some of your favourite hobbies, or perhaps a travel photo in a different city or country. Maybe even just a photo of you at the gym! The point of this photo is to show that you are active and full of energy. Tell the world that you like to get up and do things and that boredom has no place in your life!

Pets: The Unexpected Wingman

If you want to create the best dating profile, having a photo of you with your pet (especially dogs) is crucial. 60% of people say they would rather match with someone who has a dog on their profile, so don’t be shy to show off your fur babies!

Avoid Outdated Photos

A good rule of thumb is to only add photos that are less than a year old. Yes, you might have had a great haircut or beach body 2 or 3 years ago but remember, people are looking to date who you are now - not who you used to be. Don’t mislead someone by having them believe you look a certain way just because your photos are not up to date. When it comes to photos, the more recent they are the better it is!

With these tips and tricks in your arsenal, there is no excuse for your dating profile to not work in your favour! Just remember: don’t lie about who you are and always be authentically true to yourself.

The right person for you is out there and you have the tools you need to create the perfect way to find them. Take your time with each section of your profile and try to keep the serious talk for the second date!