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Being of the Islamic faith shouldn’t make dating opportunities and sites feared, or even labelled as haram. Especially when trying to find a life partner to build a prosperous future with. We put to the test to see how halal it is for all Muslim singles out there.

Created by Adeem Younis, and launching back in August 2000, the matrimonial site has approximately 2 million users across the platform. They are engaging with the ever-growing Muslim community, and obviously, they are doing something right!

In this extensive review, we’ll cover our thoughts on the registration process, how user-friendly the mobile application is, and some of the site's key features. Furthermore, we’ll have a look at the pricing of the service, pros & cons, site safety, and more.

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What Type Of Dating Site Is

SingleMuslim dating site homepage

Whilst you can add specific information about what you’re looking for in the “What I Am Looking For” box found on your profile, here are the general types of relationships that can be found:

  • Hookups
  • Friends
  • Marriage
  • Serious Dating
  • Meetups

Who Is For?

  • Straight Males
  • Straight Females
  • Gay Men
  • Lesbians 
  • Bisexual individuals

Stats & Infographics Of

Male - Female Ratio

Audience composition can reveal a site's current market share across various audiences.’s current demographic is:

SingleMuslim dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

The majority of the site's audience seems to fall into the young adult age group, you can find the breakdown below:

SingleMuslim dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

The site has attracted the most members from the following countries, which seem to be catered mostly to English-speaking ones. Taking this into account, this would answer why the UK has been placed at the number one spot:

SingleMuslim dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process Of

SingleMuslim dating site registration form

To get the hunt underway for that special someone, we needed to create and register our account. The single Muslim service went to town making this an in-depth experience, but ultimately that makes the chances of success a higher one! After clicking the welcoming “Register” button in the middle of the homepage, we’re then greeted with the sign-up page. 

Once we added our gender, username, email address, country of residence, date of birth, the reason for registering, and where we heard about the site, we were then asked to accept the terms and conditions. Now, it’s key for us to try and make everything as factually accurate as possible, therefore increasing our chances of finding what it is we’re searching for! Moving on from the sign-up page, we then have an option of verifying our account via email, or optionally via phone.

SingleMuslim dating site registration process steps

After the verification process has been completed, the journey begins with building up our profile, which is made up of 5 obligatory stages: “About Me”, “Education and Work”, “Personal”, “Religion”, and “Office Use”. The sixth and last stage which is “Add Photo”, is optional as it can be skipped. Upon profile completion we’re then greeted with the membership package page, which can be skipped, so we can start to familiarise ourselves with the rest of the site. Mobile Application / Compatibility

With more and more services making jumps to mobile applications nowadays, it’s great to see that this has also been the same for the site. Halfway down on their homepage, they have the Apple and Google Play Store links to go and get their free mobile application from. We downloaded this on our android device to see if we could find any differences between the mobile app as opposed to the desktop version of the site.

After downloading and logging into the application, we’re faced with an offer page, which we can proceed with or skip. Looking at how mobile-friendly the site is through the app; it ran smoothly just like it did on the desktop version. Notable differences are that the applications menus are at the bottom of the screen (Gallery, Search, Likes, Messages, Profile), whilst the desktop version has them placed at the top. Also, when on the gallery section of the app, there is only one button for the search function, which can be overlooked as it is at the bottom of the screen. The desktop version has clear search buttons in the gallery section of the site at the top middle of the screen.

Men Vs Women On

When single Muslims come to the site, what they will notice on both the mobile application and the desktop version, are the slideshow of couples that are depicted on the homepage. is neither targeted at males nor females, even though the predominant audience of the service is 63.19% male. To see if we could find any differences between a male and female account, we went and made both, to put this to the test. 

Both male and female accounts required the same amount of information to sign-up and had the same options available when choosing from the various drop-down menus. The only noticeable difference occurred when we finalised the registration process of the male account; we were faced with the membership offer page before we could peruse the site. Once we had completed our female account, however, we weren’t faced with such an offer page before we could continue. 

Furthermore, when looking at the offers for both the male and female memberships, there weren’t any price differences. And comparing features on the male account versus the female account, they were both identically the same. So, even though there might be a slight push in selling to the bigger male audience, it's good to see that the requirements, features, and pricing are identical for the male and female accounts. Top Features

Going over the single Muslim site, we found that these were the 3 stand-out features that were key in bringing about matrimonial success. 

A yellow star symbol. Star Rating

Once the registration of our account was complete, we then noticed that we have a star rating (out of 5 stars) on our profile. Every profile on the site has this rating system and based on the amount of detail your profile has, will increase the number of stars we have. So, for example, by adding more information to our "About Me" section and uploading photos, our star rating increased. A higher star rating means that it will be more attractive to other members of the site. 

Yellow circle icon Gold Membership 

After our rating was looking rather dazzling, we needed to get our account upgraded to the gold membership, which is the bread and butter of the site. This allows us to instantly send, read and reply to messages, which is needed to instigate conversations to get things going! It also allows us to view who has liked our profile, view our matches, and see who has viewed our profile.

A light blue outline of a search icon. Filter

Following on from acquiring the shiny gold membership, we then come onto the final feature which will help us find a suitable match. The in-depth “Search” filter has various tabs to pinpoint specific traits, backgrounds, and habits of a particular type of person. These are covered from the "Religion”, “Education”, “Personal”, “Profession”, and "Username" tabs. With a search function as extensive as this, it aids in finding that special someone. Offers, Prices & Costs


Without upgrading our account, the door to matrimonial success on the Muslim singles site won’t completely open. Although we’re still able to peruse around the site and use the search function to see who our options are, it’s still limited. This is due to the ability to message other members or even read incoming messages, which is blocked behind the subscription-based paywall.

Membership Packages

The Gold Membership packages come in 4 subscription-based periods, which are required to communicate, view your profile activity, and ultimately acquire a match! By purchasing any of the available packages you are able to unlock everything locked behind a paywall on the site.

Duration Price Total
1 Week* £1.43/day £9.99
1 Month** £0.99/day £29.99
3 Months*** £0.66/day £59.99
12 Months**** £0.33/day £119.99

* This being the cheapest subscription the site has to offer, this could be used as an entry-level taster, to see what the service is all about.

** For people that want more time to get more familiar with the service, but are indecisive with the options available for them.

*** This is advertised on the site as the most popular package, where newcomers would have plenty of time to get familiar and have plenty of options.

**** For members that are really on the hunt for something special, and willing to commit to putting time aside to find that ideal match.


While not advertised on the site, at the bottom of the membership packages page, does state the following: "Auto-renewal discounts are only available for payments made via credit/debit cards, Paypal, Stripe and In-App Purchases”. This is a nice touch for looking after loyal members. Pros & Cons


  • Modernising the dating scene for the Muslim community (Helps Muslims arrange their own marriages and find a partner for other family members as well) 
  • A safe and secure site (Due to the in-depth registration process, account security features, and profiles being reviewed and verified)
  • Wide-ranging database of members


  • No keyword search
  • Subscription-based service (The subscription automatically renews)
  • Repetitive approval system Safety & Security

Profile Verification

As mentioned before, the site for single Muslims has put safety and security at the forefront of their service, helping to greatly minimise any fake or pointless accounts being made. Located at the bottom of the site, there is a “Privacy & Security” section, where they explicitly state they are registered under the UK Data Protection Act. Meaning that member's details are kept encrypted and kept in a separate database away from the website. They urge people to contact them for any further questions or queries regarding this.

Communication Preferences

Whilst the site for single Muslims reaches an Islamic audience all over the world, this may be a bit far-flung for some people. Located in the "Preferences" section there is a tab named "Communication Preferences" which allows members to hone in on the countries that they desire to receive messages from. Therefore, reducing the amount of unwanted contact, and increasing the level of privacy for the member.


To sum up, has managed to harness an expansive community in a coherent and extensive way. This is done by making sure that new members are genuine, and maintaining safety and security for existing ones. This brings about peace of mind for the integrity of the Muslim marriage service. Whilst the user-friendly aspect of the desktop version may make newcomers feel apprehensive with information overload, the mobile application simplifies the experience and makes up for it.

So, coming back to our original point, this is certainly a welcoming and safe space for a single Muslim to start their spouse-seeking journey. Not only does it allow for self-arranged marriages and family arranged marriages, but also done at arms-distance to keep things very much halal. As long as you’re prepared and ready to commit to finding that special someone, this site has you covered and is the right place to do so.

Visit Site Tips

  • Profile completion. Adding as much information as you're willing to add, this will help increase the star rating of your profile, and make it easier for you to be seen by your ideal match.
  • In-depth search function. Whether you have personal or religious preferences, you can never go wrong with being specific.
  • Check other users' "What I Am Looking For" profile section to be sure your interests and relationship prospects are lined up.


Here is a popular question that members of the single Muslim site have been asking:

“What are the benefits of registering with”

There are lots of reasons for registering on! Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Register and search for free!
  • With over 2.5 million registered members, your chances of meeting your ideal partner are second to none.
  • See who's online in real time.
  • Use the ‘Near Me’ search feature to find Muslim singles in your area.
  • A service run by Muslims, tailored for Muslim singles.
  • A safe, secure, and discreet service.