Are you thinking about hitting the asian dating scene? It’s no secret that it’s worthwhile to date people who are similar to you in terms of interests, goals, lifestyles, beliefs, and even ethnic backgrounds. While some people may find it quite controversial to date exclusively within your own race, there are many advantages to dating someone of a similar demographic.

As an Asian person, you may be longing for a long-term romantic relationship that eventually leads to marriage and kids. At the same time, you may also be having difficulty finding a suitable match and bumping on specific Asian dating websites. This is because most of the “big fish” dating websites target a wide variety of people, making it hard to connect with your perfect Asian match. You would have far better luck using an Asian dating site that specifically aims to connect Asians with other Asian people.

Asian dating sites take away the hassle of combing through a large pool of incompatible matches. They make it easier for you to find a suitable partner because everyone on those sites has a vested interest in developing relationships with Asian singles. Notice that we said Asian singles? Asian people value commitment and loyalty, so you won’t find too many attached or taken persons using Asian dating sites.

On the flip side, you don’t have to be of Asian descent if you wish to find Asian dates as long as your intentions are pure. By pure intentions, we mean that you have a sincere adoration and respect for Asian people and their values, and this has inspired you to pursue a romantic relationship with them. Perhaps, you admire the dynamic of Asian dating, and this makes you desire a similar experience for yourself. Whatever the case may be, we are sure that you will be welcomed with open arms on any Asian dating site, provided that you are there for the right reasons.

With that being said, if you’re looking for Asian dates, you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to tell you all you need to know about Asian dating and how to navigate the online Asian dating space!

Things You Need To Consider When Dating An Asian

Brunette man and Asian woman at a romantic dinner date. The woman is smiling while looking at the man who is talking.

Everyone is unique, but there are certain characteristics that are distinctive to persons of Asian descent and it’s important to keep that in mind when pursuing an Asian partner. Asians strongly believe in the importance of commitment, togetherness, and family. The end goal of Asian dating is typically marriage and kids. So, in order for you to thrive in the Asian dating space, you must be open to potentially settling down. Here are some important things you should consider before pursuing an Asian:

Hookup Culture Is Not As Popularised As It Is In The West

While choosing to have sex is ultimately an individual choice, many Asians wait until they’re married to have sex for the first time. In fact, studies have actually shown that people in Asian countries tend to lose their virginities much later in comparison to their Western counterparts. This is mainly due to religious reasons and parental influence. However, this doesn’t mean that Asian singles aren’t having premarital sex at all. It just means that they’re less likely to and if they are, they definitely won’t be vocal about it, especially in front of their families. For these reasons, if you’re looking for a quick Asian hookup, then you probably aren’t cut out for Asian dating.

Marriage And Children Are The Expected Outcome

Dating is fun, but Asian singles don’t date JUST for fun. They date with a purpose in mind and that purpose is often to get married and have children. When dating an Asian, expect to have conversations surrounding topics such as your personal background, familial relationships, finances, communication style, commitment, kids, and all of the things that play a part in having a healthy marriage.

Family Approval Is VERY Important

Asian culture is quite collectivistic and encourages group decision making. Many Asian singles seek their parents’ blessing before moving forward with marriage or even a serious relationship. Some Asians even choose to keep their relationships private out of fear of parental rejection and disagreement.

Family of Asian woman and European man sitting down having lunch and smiling while drinking coffee and eating fruit.

Public Displays Of Affection Might Create Uneasiness

It’s uncommon to engage in PDA in Asian culture. In countries like China, Japan, and Vietnam, something as simple as holding hands in public is similar to taking a piece of forbidden fruit. Upbringing plays a major role in this. Asian parents are wonderful providers – they make sure that their kids are well taken care of and comfortable, but they are not overtly affectionate nor do they discuss sex with their kids. As a result, you have a lot of Asian persons who feel uncomfortable with public intimacy, so tread lightly in this area. You don’t want to make your Asian date feel uncomfortable.

Financial Stability And Education Matter When It Comes To Attraction

From a young age, many Asians are encouraged to do well in school and find good jobs. Deviating from this norm can make you less desirable to your Asian date or even worse – their parents. Asian males are expected to be well established and capable of providing a comfortable life for their partners. Additionally, Asian women are expected to be educated and well situated in their careers if they hope to impress their partner’s parents.

Love Is Shown Through Acts Of Service

Hugging, kissing, and saying “I love you” might be a big thing in the West, but to Asians, love is best shown through acts of service. In fact, there are no Chinese or Japanese words for romance. Food is jokingly known as the “ love language ” of Asians. For many people in Asia, food is not just about filling your stomach, it’s about filling your soul. If an Asian person cooks or shares their food with you, consider it a big deal.

Traditions Are Held In The Highest Regard

Asian people are quite traditional. You will be introduced to numerous customs and family traditions by your Asian partner. Asians tend to listen to their elders, and they also try to keep traditions alive. You might also notice that your Asian partner has a preference for Asian food and music.

Wearing Matching Items As A Couple Is Pretty Cool In Asian Dating

Don’t raise an eyebrow if your Asian date asks you to match with them from time to time. Asian couples love to wear matching outfits. It would be odd to see a couple French kissing on a park bench in South Korea, but quite normal to see them wearing matching shirts or hats. This is not limited to just clothing either – you can match using cups, backpacks, sunglasses, and many more!

The Differences Between Asian Dating And Western Dating

Asian couple and western couple next to each other. The women are hugging the men from behind while smiling.

Asian singles’ perceptions of dating differ greatly in comparison to persons in the Western world. Interestingly enough, it appears that the younger generation of Asians is influenced by the Western way of thinking which has undoubtedly created pressure to adapt. However, there are still a few obvious differences that are important to point out:

Different Definitions Of The Word “Dating”

What dating means differs significantly when you compare Asian couples to Western couples. In the Western world, dating consists of getting to know each other, hanging out together, and possibly having casual sex. For a Westerner, it’s normal to do all of these things and still be single. It’s also possible to date for months, even years, and still not be official. That’s called being friends with benefits. Dating an Asian is much different. You can go on a few dates with an Asian person and if all goes well, then you’re no longer dating. You’re in a relationship with that person.

Family Opinions Matter

Western culture is typically individualistic, which means that they are less likely to consult their relatives regarding romantic partners. Furthermore, their families’ opinions do not overrule their own thoughts and feelings. In the Asian dating space, family is everything. Families will usually want to know about your personal and professional background, your social status, and your own family as well. Moreover, if you don’t have a good relationship with your own family, your Asian date will want to know why. Many Asian people will cut ties with a person simply because their family doesn’t approve. So, not only do you have to win over your Asian date, but you also have to win over their family too.

In China, there is something called “match making corners” and these are where parents congregate to find partners for their children, particularly their daughters. When pursuing something romantic with an Asian, expect their family to be heavily involved, but this shouldn’t deter you from dating an Asian. If their family accepts you, they will treat you like their own flesh and blood.

Cohabitation Is Not Normal

It’s not odd or “sinful” for an unmarried couple to live together in the Western world. Even single persons are encouraged to move out of their family home and be independent. Some unmarried couples even go on to have kids and no one bats an eye. On the other hand, Asian singles normally live at home with their parents until they’re married. Asians have a collectivistic culture so sticking together as a family is what many Asians opt to do. They’re also quite traditional and religious, so moving out to live with your romantic partner can be seen as audacious and, in most cases, something to be ashamed of.

What To Know When Dating An Asian Woman

Brunette Asian woman wearing a blue shirt with white dots, sitting down having her coffee while smiling at her phone.

Asian women have many qualities that make them desirable partners. To name a few, they’re kind, loyal, nurturing, and adaptable. However, there are several additional things that you should be aware of should you decide to pursue an Asian woman.

They Are Traditional

Asian women can be quite traditional, conservative, and modest. For the most part, they don’t partake in premarital sex, dress provocatively, or disregard religion. This is mainly due to their upbringing. As children, they are taught to respect their elders and uphold traditional values, and they pass this line of thinking down to their children. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but you can expect this from most Asian women.

They Are Family-Oriented

Asian women tend to be rather close with their families. They share a lot of personal information with them and seek them out for advice. You will also find that many Asian women opt to live at home until they get married. Many of them actually contribute to the expenses of the house. Your future with your Asian date is highly dependent on your relationship with her family, so be sure to make a good first impression!

Marriage Is Their End Game

The dating end goal for many Asian women is marriage. You won’t find too many of them seeking hookups and casual sex. They crave stability, commitment, and have a strong desire to build families of their own. The first step toward making all of this happen is to get married.

Cooking Is A Big Hobby

Food is a very big part of Asian culture so by their very nature, Asian women love spending time in the kitchen. They love to cook traditional Asian cuisine and will be eager to see you try it. When your Asian girlfriend serves you a plate of food, consider it a big honour because this is her way of saying that she cares about you.

Appearance Is Everything

Research has shown that there is a lot of pressure on Asian women regarding physical appearances. This is mainly because of their parents, particularly their mothers. Parents may openly or indirectly scrutinise their daughter’s appearance because an “unkempt” woman may shine a negative light on the family. Parents also pressure their daughters to look beautiful because they want them to attract suitable partners as a married daughter is something to be proud of. Take South Korea for example. They take beauty very seriously. In fact, South Korea is actually known as the “plastic surgery capital of the world” as it is quite common to have cosmetic enhancements over there. Plus, they have the fifth highest number of plastic surgeons in the world.

They May Appear Closed Off Or Unemotional

This is not to say that Asian women aren’t emotional. It’s just that they tend to contain their emotions and feelings. This is why a lot of them express their love through cooking or other acts of service because emotional restraint is the norm in Asia. In Western culture, bottling up your emotions is viewed as a weakness, but for Asians, it’s a sign of patience and self-control.

They Appreciate Sincerity

The most important thing you can do when dating an Asian woman is to be yourself. They will be able to tell if you’re putting on an act to impress them. Asian women love authenticity as it is impossible to build a healthy relationship with someone if they can’t be honest with themselves.

What To Know When Dating An Asian Man

Brunette Asian man wearing a blue jean coat and white shirt, sitting down having his coffee while smiling at his phone.

Asian dating can be quite enjoyable especially if you’re involved with an Asian man. Like Asian women, they also make great partners. They’re loyal, kind-hearted, hard-working, and they do their best to make sure that their family is taken care of. Keep the following things in mind should you fall head over heels for an Asian man:

They Are Hard-Working Providers

Asian men are taught from a young age how important education and having a good career is. Not only does it elevate their social status, but it also sends the message that they are capable of providing a comfortable life for someone’s daughter. For that reason, do not be surprised or offended if your Asian date jumps to cover the bill at a restaurant. He will never ask you to pay for anything or to split any expenses with him because doing so would be a blow to his pride.

Courteous And Polite

Very rarely will you ever find an Asian man who is not polite or respectful. That’s just not the way they are raised. Asians are taught to respect their elders and in countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, it is actually customary to bow your head when greeting someone. Your Asian date is sure to woo your family and friends when they experience how well-mannered he is.

They Aren’t Overly Affectionate

In private, your Asian boyfriend will spoil you with hugs and kisses, but in public – not so much. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love or care about you. He’s just not used to overt forms of affection. As stated previously, Asian parents prefer to express their love through food, financial support, and kindness. It is rare to hear “I love you” in an Asian household. Keeping a cool, calm, and composed face at all times is seen as a strength in Asia, so things may get awkward between you and your Asian date if you turn on the PDA!

Familial Ties

Asian men are very close to their families. They listen to their parents and look to them for insight regarding the girl they’re dating. Sometimes, that insight can even be the difference between whether he dates a girl or not. Asian men also take care of their parents until they move out. It’s not abnormal to encounter an Asian male in his 30s still living at home and handling the majority of the bills so his parents don’t have to struggle. With that being said, expect to be thoroughly vetted by your Asian date’s parents if you both intend to get married in the future. Try not to take anything to heart because they only want the best for their son.

They’re Smart

Education is a big thing in Asian countries. Asian children take their studies very seriously and many of them go on to have successful careers because of this. Asian boys typically grow up to be upstanding members of society and they are also less likely to engage in problematic behaviours.

Stereotypes In The Asian Dating Space

Brunette Asian woman in beige coat and white shirt, confused while shrugging her shoulders with her hands on each side.

Like every other race, Asians are also victims of stereotyping. These sweeping generalisations can make dating quite disheartening for Asians on Asian dating sites. However, if enough people debunk these stereotypes, then dating as an Asian can be much more pleasant.

Asian Women Stereotypes

They Are Subservient And Docile

Some men pursue Asian women because they think they’re going to get a shy submissive partner out of the deal, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Some Asian women may be this way, but this is not a “one size fits all” trait that can be applied to all Asian women. There are a lot of Asian women out there who won’t hesitate to speak up and say what’s on their minds.

They’re Exotic Sex Objects

Experts have stated that East Asian and Southeast Asian women have long been subjected to sexualization and fetishization. There are some men who view these women as trophies they can play and show off with, then dispose of whenever they please. Asian women are so much more than that. They are human beings, and they deserve to be seen and treated as such.

They’re Only Attracted To White Men

This is another generalisation. Dating preference is an individual choice. There are Asian women out there who are dating Black men, Hispanic men, and Asian men. Think about the term “Blasian”. There is a reason why it exists.

Brunette Asian woman in white shirt and jeans, sitting down at her living room, smiling while looking at her phone.

Asian Men Stereotypes

They’re Not Manly Or Strong

The media has significantly emasculated Asian men. In movies and television shows, they are frequently portrayed as weak, unassertive, unathletic, and insecure. Their accents are often exaggerated, and they hardly ever land leading roles in Western movies. As a result, there are a lot of people who believe that Asian men are like this in reality, but that’s not true. It’s not hard to find an Asian man who’s masculine, confident, and into sports.

They’re Nerdy And Socially Awkward

Media misrepresentation isn’t the only thing to blame when it comes to this particular stereotype. The thing is, a lot of Asian men are smart and that’s because Asian culture places great importance on education and doing well in school. However, being intelligent doesn’t make you nerdy nor does it take away your ability to be charming.

They’re Cold And Not Romantic

Asian men are generally uncomfortable with PDA and expressing emotion, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not romantic. They just have a different way of showing it. An Asian guy will gladly take a girl on a date and take care of the bill. They’ll offer to hold your shopping bags and won’t forget to hold the door open for you. In Asian culture, men show love by making sure their loved ones are comfortable and provided for. Of course, your Asian boyfriend will kiss and hug you too, but mainly in private intimate settings.

They’re Scrawny With No Muscles

Asians typically have a healthy diet. They consume a lot of vegetables and stray away from saturated and total fat. Therefore, they’re normally thinner, but again, that doesn’t mean that every Asian man is small. In reality, bodybuilding and weightlifting have become quite popular in Asian countries in recent years.

It wasn’t always this way though as Asians who were too “big” were often labelled as being savage and uneducated, but as the world continues to modernise, the same is happening to people’s views. The truth is that there are a lot of Asian men who work out and have muscles. You can find them in the gym, jogging at the park, on sports teams, or even in the army.

They Have Small Penises

Since Asian guys are already viewed as “small” and “frail”, the same reasoning applies to their genitals, but this is completely untrue. Many research studies have concluded that Asian men have similar penis sizes to that of other races.

How To Get An Asian To Like You

Brunette Asian girl with pigtails, winking at the camera while leaning her chin on her knuckles. Pink background.

A lot of Asians are hesitant about using Asian dating sites or dating in general. This is due to the staggering number of persons joining these sites because they have an Asian fetish rather than a genuine interest in Asian people. If you’re not Asian, you may have trouble finding Asian dates for this reason, but don’t worry – capturing your Asian date’s heart shouldn’t be a hard task if you play your cards right. The most important thing you should do is be genuine, but there are a few things that you should bear in mind if you hope to make a lasting impression:

Show A Genuine Interest In Your Asian Date As A Person, Rather Than Their Ethnicity

Focus on topics surrounding their profession, family, likes, dislikes, personal beliefs, and hobbies. It’s fine for you to mention that you like Asian food or Asian music, but don’t make their culture the focal point of every conversation. If you don’t do anything else, you should especially avoid going on a tangent about how much you like anime, ramen, and Bruce Lee! All of these things give the impression that you have an Asian fetish.

Ask Questions About Their Culture

Your Asian date will be highly impressed by your eagerness to learn about their origin and traditions but as stated in our first point, don’t overdo it! If done correctly, this can be a great way for you two to bond.

Be Gentle And Polite

Asians are not loud and boisterous. You don’t want to inadvertently scare your Asian date away. Try not to swear or make loud outbursts. Show them kindness and woo them with your amicable heart.

Try To Be Open-Minded

If your Asian date wants you to learn a few phrases in their language, try some Asian dishes, or even meet their parents – go for it!

Be Respectful When Meeting Their Parents

Asians are normally very close to their families, so if you have a problem with them, in essence, you have a problem with your Asian date too.

Don’t Stereotype Your Asian Date

You may have an Asian friend, or you may have met a few Asian people in the past, but they do not represent Asians as a race. You might’ve even seen a few depictions about Asians in the media, but don’t generalise.

Find Out Which Asian Country Your Date Originates From

The worst thing you can do is call your date Chinese when they’re actually Korean or Japanese. Don’t make a fool out of yourself. Asia is a large continent with 48 countries. Know where their roots lie.

Where To Find Asian Dates?

Asian woman in turquise shirt and purple background next to man in white shirt and yellow background. They are holding phones

If you’re looking for Asian singles in the UK, but you have no idea where to start – try using Asian dating sites or Asian dating apps. You can use mainstream dating sites like Match and eHarmony too, but the dating pool on those sites is quite diverse, so it may be difficult for you to find what you’re looking for. It’s best to use sites that specifically target Asians and non-Asians who wish to connect with Asian people.

Since many Asian singles date with the hopes of settling down, a lot of these dating sites are geared toward finding your soulmate. However, there are some such as that also bring people together for the purpose of friendship and casual dating.

Additionally, you might be Asian, but want to connect with people of the same nationality. That means that you’ll have to further narrow your search criteria and seek out Asian dating sites that target specific nationalities. Examples of these include,,, and

Each of these Asian dating websites is unique in its own way. Some of these sites require paid subscriptions. Some not only connect you with Asians in the UK but also outside of the UK. Others are specifically marketed to Asian women and Western men. You will even find a few sites that welcome mature Asians, LGBT and interracial relationships, and hookups. The site you ultimately join is solely dependent on what you’re looking for.

Asian Dating Sites

Brunette man and woman giving the thumbs up while pointing at the phone they are holding. Yellow background.

We compiled a list of the best Asian dating sites that you can start using today!

The UK’s leading British Asian dating website that actually organises local meet ups for Asian singles.

A site for single Thai women to make new friends and connect with Western men.

A large dating and social media site for Asians and non-Asians.

An Asian dating site for British Asians with South Asian roots.

A dating site that connects Asians with people from the Black community.

One of the largest Asian dating websites with over 4.5 million members.

An Asian dating site for Asian singles and non-Asians.


An online dating site for Chinese people.

There are so many others too. It may take a process of trial and error, but eventually, you’ll find a site that suits your goals and purposes.

Who Uses Asian Dating Sites?

Brunette man and two women from different ethnicities, smiling while looking at at a phone. They are at a park.

Many Asian dating sites have tons of members, some even have millions. On these sites, expect to find:

  • Asians of various backgrounds, for example, Chinese persons, Koreans, Filipinos, Thai persons, Indians, and many more. They are typically seeking other Asians and, in some cases non-Asians, with the intention of committing.

  • Non-Asians seeking Asian dates and romantic and platonic relationships with Asian people.

Asians look for commitment that leans in the direction of marriage, so if that’s not something that you’re open to, you might have a hard time finding a match. There are also people on these sites who are seeking friendship, pen pals to help them learn a new language, and professional connections.

There’s also a vast number of Western males with Asian fetishes joining Asian dating sites to meet Asian women. If you’re a non-Asian male, you may find that a lot of the Asian women on these sites are reluctant to talk to you for this reason. The best way to combat this is to be honest and sincere about your intentions. Only join these sites if you want an Asian date for all the right reasons. Show interest – not obsession.

How To Use Asian Dating Sites?

With every Asian dating site that you sign up for, navigating it will always be a different experience, but the foundation will always be the same. You sign up, fill out your profile , upload a few pictures, and begin seeking out potential partners. Keep in mind that while there are some free Asian dating sites, there are a few that require payment in order to fully use their dating services.

Some sites even have cool features such as video chatting, blog posts, and personality tests to enhance your online dating experience. You will most likely be able to filter your searches on these sites so you can find exactly who you’re looking for. For example, if you’re an older Asian male looking for an older Asian woman, then you might be able to narrow your search according to age range so that the results only show you mature Asian women.

Many of these sites have apps too which are perfect for people on the go. If you ever need any assistance, you can easily reach out to support and they’ll be happy to help you.

What To Consider When Looking For Asian Dating Sites?

Brunette Asian man and woman, standing back to back and holding their phones. The man is looking at the woman who is smiling.

There are so many Asian dating sites and apps out there. It would be no surprise if you found it difficult to choose a site to join. Use the following factors to help you figure out which site is the right one for you:

How Many Reviews Does It Have And What Are They Saying?

You want to sign up for Asian dating websites that have positive testimonials and reviews. If you come across a site that has little to no reviews or a lot of bad reviews, chances are it’s not worth your time. If the site has an app, look for at least 3/5 stars on the app store.

Who Are You And What Are You Looking For?

Are you an Asian single seeking other Asian singles with the goal of developing a romantic relationship? Or are you a Westerner seeking Asian dates? Are you just looking to make new friends? Are you looking to connect with a particular nationality? These are all very important factors to think about because each Asian dating site has a specific purpose that’s usually outlined somewhere on their site. You don’t want to sign up for a site that doesn’t suit your purposes.

Are You Willing To Be A Paid Member?

Many dating sites have a paid feature, including Asian dating sites. If you’re not willing to pay for a subscription, then that’s your choice, but keep in mind that there is a reason why some dating sites require payment. It’s because they want to ensure that you have a top tier Asian dating experience. Paid sites tend to attract more serious users in comparison to free sites . Scammers hardly want to use paid sites because they’re trying to make money – not spend it.

In the event that you don’t want to pay to upgrade your account, just leave it at that. Don’t pressure anyone into talking off the site just because you’re not willing to pay. Asian women in particular value a man who is financially stable with a good head on his shoulders. If you’re unwilling or unable to make an investment in your love life, she might not think that you’re a serious guy.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using Asian Dating Sites

Brunette asian man in flower-print blue shirt, pointing his index finger upwards and smiling. White background.

Asian dating sites can be quite useful as they help people to find exactly what they’re looking for – Asians or people who have an interest in Asians. No longer do you have to sift through the “big fish” dating sites to find your better half when there are so many Asian dating sites and apps at your disposal. Here are a few advantages of using sites like these:

  • A narrow dating pool filled with targeted users

  • You save more time and energy

  • You get to learn about Asian culture

  • Connect with Asians from all over the world

  • It’s convenient

  • It’s great for those who are too nervous to approach an Asian in person

Even though these sites are beneficial in many ways, there are some setbacks that you may experience:

  • You might find yourself in a long-distance relationship

  • Potential fetishization by people with ill intentions

  • Travel expenses if your match isn’t local

  • Possibly being catfished or scammed

Making The Most Out Of Your Online Asian Dating Experience

Nothing in life is easy. The same logic applies to Asian dating sites. The love of your life won’t fall into your lap right away. You have to:

  1. Make your profile attractive to potential matches.

  2. Get to know each other to build rapport.

  3. Hope that you’ve impressed your Asian date enough to take the next step with you.

Here are some tried and true methods you can apply to help you score your Asian date in no time:

Profile Setup

Brunette man with beard, giving the piece sign to the camera with one hand while holding it with the other. Blurry background

Use Clear Up-To-Date Photos

Like most people who use dating sites, your Asian date will want to know who they’re dealing with before they decide to take things further with you. Furthermore, Asians are very intelligent. It won’t take long for them to figure out that you’re using a photo from 10 years ago, so don’t even try to. You also don’t want to post any lewd photos as Asians can be quite modest.

Write A Thoughtful Bio

Knowing that Asians value hard work, family, education, and commitment, this is your chance to briefly mention some of those things in your bio. If you’re a hard worker, have a degree, are very close to your family, or looking to settle down quite soon, make it known, but don’t elaborate. Expand on the extra little details in conversations.

Don’t Write Or Upload Anything About Asian Culture

It may seem like a good idea to upload a photo eating with chopsticks or mention that you’ve travelled all over Asia, but it’s not. This can be counterproductive because it makes it seem like you are obsessed with Asian culture.


Be Careful With How You Break The Ice

Asian people are not vulgar. Don’t start a conversation with a suggestive remark and try to refrain from swearing in the beginning. A simple “Hi, how are you? My name is ___ and I would like to get to know you if that’s okay.” will suffice.

Show More Interest In Your Asian Date Rather Than Their Culture

We cannot stress this enough but try to focus your conversations around getting to know each other as people. There are so many topics you can touch on. You don’t have to talk about all things Asian related. If you keep on asking questions about their culture or bragging about how many Asian friends you have, you might turn somebody off. The worst thing you can ever do on an Asian dating site is make your Asian date feel like a zoo attraction.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Many Asians are seeking long term relationships and marriage. If that’s not what you’re looking for, make it clear in the beginning so neither of you waste your time.

Don’t Make Asian Jokes

Asians have a sense of humour, but they do not appreciate Asian jokes. They always have racist undertones so you can end up hurting their feelings by doing this.

Don’t Compliment Their English Skills

Many people don’t know this, but after Europe, Asia has the most non-native English speakers in the world. Countries like Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia all rank quite high when it comes to English proficiency. Praising an Asian’s English out of nowhere suggests that you didn’t expect it to be good in the first place.

Make The First Move If You Have To

Asian women in particular can be reserved at times, so don’t be afraid to initiate conversations with them. Be careful not to come on too strong either. Introduce yourself and take things from there. When the time has come to go on a real date, the man should initiate that too.

Safety While Using Asian Dating Sites

Brunette Asian woman in yellow long-sleeved shirt, sitting at desk and looking at her laptop confused. Plants in background.

Talking to someone online can be an exciting experience, especially if this person has a similar cultural background. However, don’t let excitement cloud your judgement. This is the Internet after all. Here are some tips to help you exercise caution while using Asian dating sites:

Don’t Be Quick To Share Personal Contact Information

Wait until you have a clear understanding of who this person is and what their intentions are before you share personal details such as your number, email address, or social media handles. Additionally, don’t pressure anyone for their contact information if they’re not ready to share it.

Never Hand Out Your Banking Information

As cruel as it sounds, there are people who actually join Asian dating sites to take advantage of Western men who wish to meet Asian women. They pose as Asian women and work to gain people’s trust to eventually ask for credit/debit card numbers. NEVER give your banking details to these people or anyone for that matter.

Confirm That You’re Speaking To The Person In The Photos

After talking for a while, try to arrange a video call to ensure that you’re not being catfished. Plus, it’ll help to strengthen your connection if your Asian date happens to live in another country.

Don’t Ignore The Red Flags

If you connect with a person from the West and all of their previous exes were Asian, that could be very concerning. You don’t want to end up with someone who has an Asian fetish. Also, be mindful of people who complain about their financial situation day in and day out. Silent begging is the oldest trick in the book.

How To Have A Healthy Asian Relationship

Brunette Asian woman and man in front of graffiti wall, touching their foreheads together while laughing together.

After talking for a while and going on a few dates, you two might decide to make things official. However, one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they enter relationships is that they stop dating each other. Don’t do that. Winning over your Asian date might’ve been the hard part, but there are several things you should do to maintain your relationship:

Treat Them Right

Asians look after the people they consider dear to their hearts. Do your best to make your Asian partner feel loved and appreciated.

Foster A Good Relationship With Their Family

When you date an Asian, you’re essentially dating their family too. Respect them and treat them as you would treat your own family.

Be Ready To Commit And Start A Family Of Your Own

Many Asian singles are looking to tie the knot and have kids. Ensure that you want those things too and if you don’t, it’s best that you make that clear at the beginning of the relationship.

Try To Use Words Like “Us”, “We”, And “Our”

Asians don’t like selfish individualistic people. Try to seek your partner’s opinions and include them in any major decisions you’re about to make.

So, Are You Ready To Start Scoring Asian Dates?

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Loving an Asian person can be an exhilarating experience. There isn’t a shortage of Asian dating sites, so it’s easy to connect with an Asian to see if they’re the right fit for you. Asians are a lovely group of people and when they commit, they commit for life. There are tons of Asian singles out there looking for their perfect match and that could be YOU. So, what are you waiting for? The love of your life can be one click or tap away!

Asian Dating FAQ

Which Asian Dating Site Should I Use?

That depends on what you’re looking for. Every Asian dating site has a specific purpose. It’s up to you to find out which one suits you and your intentions.

Am I Welcome On Asian Dating Sites Even Though I’m Not Asian?

Yes, you are. Despite the majority of users being Asian, Asian dating sites are also open to non-Asians who wish to date Asians too.

Are Real People Using Asian Dating Sites?

Yes, they are. There are many Asians all over the world and local to you using these sites to find their perfect match.

What Are The Chances Of Having Success On An Asian Dating Site?

Very high. Be friendly, confident, and respectful and you’re bound to get Asian dates in no time.

Are Asian Dating Sites Safe?

Absolutely. Be sure to exercise the same level of caution you would on any other dating site, though.

What Type Of Username Should I Use?

It’s up to you. You can do a playful spin on your favourite hobby, for example – PrettyFoodie. The choice is yours really. What you shouldn’t do is use usernames like this – HotAsianLover, AsianGirl4Me.

What Makes Asian Dating Sites Different From Mainstream Dating Sites?

Asian dating sites are quite targeted in their approach as they aim to connect Asians with Asians or people who wish to find Asian dates. On mainstream dating sites, you might only have a small selection of Asian users to talk to.